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The Daily Show with Jon Stewart: Lockup Everyone

The Daily Show with Jon Stewart: Lockup Everyone 

The last thing Barack Obama did in 2011 was sign a bill that eliminates due process for anyone suspected of terrorism in America.

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  • Truth Seeker

    At least one good thing Hussein Obama has done during his presidency is to sign NDAA.It could make the Terrorists think twice before they embark on their evil ventures to attain 7 star Brothel called Jannat.

  • khushboo

    Here’s another one from Colbert:

    Republicans via Fox News complain about the pettiest things when it comes to anything OBAMA yet they don’t complain about him signing the NDAA which gets in the way of our civil rights, one of the most disturbing things Obama’s ever done.

    I’m still waiting for CNN to discuss this….

  • Bernt

    I watch this videos in Norway, have no problem with that..

  • Young & Free

    Anyone know how to watch these vids outside of the US? They always say “unavailable” for me. <_<

  • Amago,

    That’s funny. Puppets don’t deserved to be locked up. LOL!

  • mindy1

    Ahh, good ole Jon Stewart-always on point.

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