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Anti-Muslim Rhetoric in the USA is Noticed in the Middle East

Hillary Clinton Muncif Marzouk Tunisia

The Right-Wing will add this to there lists of grievances and examples of “appeasement” to the Muslamic-overlord-beast-monster, when in reality it is a face saving statement by Clinton downplaying the very real and viral Islamophobia infecting the USA:

Clinton tells Muslims to disregard campaign talk

TUNIS, Tunisia (AP) — U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton advised an audience in Tunisia on Saturday to “not pay attention” to the comments made by candidates vying for the Republican presidential nomination, saying the often overheatedrhetoric of the campaign doesn’t reflect U.S. policy.

Speaking at a town-hall style event in Tunisia, the North African nation that sparked the “Arab Spring” revolts, Clinton said the partisan remarks made during campaign events “certainly don’t reflect the United States, don’t reflect our foreign policy, don’t reflect who we are as a people.”

Clinton’s remarks came in response to a question from a member of her audience who said he was troubled by some of the comments, which he considered anti-Muslim, made by candidates running for president.

“If you go to the United States, you see mosques everywhere, you see Muslim-Americans everywhere. That’s the fact. So I would not pay attention to the rhetoric,” she said.

Instead, she advised people to listen instead to President Barack Obama.

“I think that will be a very clear signal to the entire world as to what our values are,” Clinton said.

She added that she is sometimes surprised that people around the world pay more attention to what’s said in U.S. political campaigns than do most Americans.

“I think you have to shut out some of the rhetoric and just focus on what we’re doing and what we stand for and particularly what our president represents,” Clinton said.

Obama has come under fierce criticism from Republicans for apologizing for the burning of Qurans at a military base in Afghanistan.

GOP hopeful Newt Gingrich said while campaigning that the apology was “astonishing” and that Obama “has gone so far at appeasing radical Islamists that he is failing in his duty as commander in chief,”

American military officials say the burning of the Muslim holy books was a mistake, but it has sparked days of violent protests across Afghanistan.

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  • racing

    Good stuff, good blogs are hard to find!

  • DawahFilms

    The “enlightened world” can’t even govern themselves and yet they want to export their ‘enlightened values’ and systems overseas to the ‘uncultured, uneducated barbarians’?


  • Abdul-Rahman

    We all know that Obama and company are secretly out to help their “radical” Muslim Brotherhood (putting aside all the relations this political party has with the West and even Western businesses allies re-establish the Caliphate (what “horrors” an Arab and Muslim world united, that would be bad for outside imperialist powers that feed on divide and conquer now wouldn’t it!).

    Obama may have pulled the wool over some people’s eyes by killing Osama bin Laden, carpet bombing Libya ( in a move that clearly supported Western corporations interest in the region regarding oil and NATO’s power and a conflict that turned out to be largely based on misinformation and war propaganda in a country now rife with 100s of different militias running wild, up to 30,000 dead citizens mostly from indiscriminate aerial bombardment by NATO, and a country with near completely destroyed infrastructure in certain cities like Sirte, and Obama drone bombs Somalia, Yemen, Pakistan and elsewhere killing many civilians but he will never fool the likes of Pamela Geller, Robert Spencer, and political hacks like Newt Gingrich who see him for the Muslim Brotherhood “agent” he is!!! Sarcasm of course lol.

  • HGG

    That’s sound advice.

    In fact, I think everyone, not just Muslims, should just stop paying attention to the Clown Car that is the Republican Primary race.

  • NurAlia

    I know this is off the topic, but I think we should be aware of something here.

    I read this story in the Chinese news outlet that I trust. I am not going to post from a western news source, I will let you all do that on your own going to a source you trust.

    I am not taking to ‘loon side’ here, and being very delicate in how I present this. I think this is very important as a part of humanity, regardless of what religion you are or are not.

    Youcef Nadarkhani is a Christian who leads a congregation of people in Iran. He was arrested in 2009 for ‘unknown reasons’, and has been in prison sence then. It is believed that he is being percecuted because of his faith. He (according to some Iranian source) has been sentanced to death by hanging last week.

    The Chinese news source says that as of this time, the man is still alive and in jail, and that the Iranian ‘offical posistion’ is, he has never been sentanced to death.

    The reason I bring this up to the forum is…we should be concerned for anyone presecuted for thier faith, whether we belive the way they do or not.

    We have seen many incidences where Christians and Jews have come together to support Muslims as we walk the stone path with worn sandals.

    It is time for us to step up and see what we can to to help this man and his family, and his congregation.

    As I say, I am not a loon. I am not posting this for a political reason. I am posting it so that maybe someone will hear my little voice and help me shout that this is wrong.

    It is the right thing.

  • Steve

    JD, I am no supporter of western military intervention in these places

  • JD

    also getting rid of Sadaam WMD

  • JD

    Steve=Barry Sommer

    Yes They love us for spreading democracy in Iraq and Afgan

  • Franczeska

    “Steve”=Barry Sommer

  • JD

    NYPD Police Commissioner Ray Kelly Not Sorry About NJ Muslim Surveillance

    NEW YORK — New York City Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly has no plans to apologize for an intelligence program that has been keeping tabs on Muslims.

    He said Monday that the NYPD won’t let up, despite criticism by some lawmakers in New Jersey who are upset that the department monitored communities in the Garden State. He says Gov. Chris Christie, Sen. Robert Menendez and Newark Mayor Cory Booker were wrong to question the NYPD.

    They were responding to the disclosure that NYPD officers devoted several months in 2007 to surveillance of Muslim communities in Newark. The result was a 60-page guide on Muslims in New Jersey’s largest city, which was obtained by The Associated Press.

    Kelly says he and Mayor Michael Bloomberg are committed to doing what is necessary to protect the city, as long as it’s lawful.

  • Al

    I wouldn’t trust Barry Sotero, Hillary Clinton, or any of the other trash from Capitol Hill!

  • JD

    3rd world country worried about muslims here in America the home of democracy freedom and all of that

    That should tell us alot

  • Steve

    I take it the rhetoric in the middle east is entirely positive about America

  • The problem with this “nationalist” Islamophobic ilk, like Geert Wilders and the PVV “political party” is that they think that nobody sees or cares the domestic politics of “Holland.”

    But – nations of the world watch each other, plan foreign and security policies in relation to each other – and also assess the domestic politics to plan foreign policy and relations with other nations.

    Well – they do see and there are reactions. This is what played out over the so-called “Polish immigrant hotline.” This is true in other aspects of Dutch foreign policy in the so-called “Dutch brand.” Note how when there is violence in Egypt and Egyptians are run over by tanks, trucks, shot by snipers, violently arrested, attacked in beatings — the Dutch Foreign Ministry checks what the religious background of the victims are before making a statement of condemnation.

    QUOTE: In short, the current leadership of foreign policy is dismantling the Dutch brand, piece by piece, norm by norm, value by value. This is not totally down to Geert Wilders either – Rosenthal has long been an Israel supporter and does not need heat from the PVV to follow that line. The promotion of economic interests relies on maintaining positive relations with your partners. Demanding results for oneself while ignoring the standpoints of others is a rapid way to de-friend yourself. As the Belgian ambassador put it – the Dutch could start by listening to others more (listening is not a Dutch strong point). Having spent the past decade nurturing a brand of international repute, the Dutch Foreign Ministry is now reducing everything to simplistic chauvinism.”

    Do other nations see this? You bet they do..! Expect relations between the Dutch and especially the rest of Europe (as i predicted before) to get rocky as the Dutch get more involved in “Clash” thesis as the basis of their foreign policy.

    What is probably also being noticed by especially China is how the Republicans supported by the Koch Brothers ideology are attack and dismantling the American middle class – but notably the American educational system. Defunding of education, including colleges, is probably the most wonderful thing that the Chinese could hope for Republicans to do to the American nation.

    The problem is that “nationalists” like Wilders and the Republicans is that they have not the foggiest notion that their are actually putting their countries security and prosperity at great risk. We cannot go back to the world relations of the 1800s. Like it or not – we live in a global age and relations are seen, Islamophobia, ill-treatment of others, human rights activism that favors one group, dismantling of your own educational system, hate politics against Poles, Muslims, Progressives – are all seen and are all hurtful to our nations!

  • Steve

    “some of the comments, which he considered anti-Muslim”

    Ared there any examples of these?

  • Biggums Tyrone

    hmm american politician went from anti islamic actions to anti islamic retorics, to me it means that the politician finaly became honest

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