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France: MP Serge Letchimy Questions Claude Guéant Statement, “Not All Civilizations are of Equal Value”

French government is pretty sensitive. It doesn’t like being called out when it flirts with fascists:

French cabinet walks out of parliament over Nazi claim


The French prime minister and his cabinet have stormed out of parliament after an opposition MP accused the rightwing interior minister of flirting with Nazi ideology.

The Socialist Serge Letchimy, from Martinique, questioned the interior minister and close Sarkozy ally, Claude Guéant, over his controversial comments this weekend that “not all civilisations are of equal value”, and his assertion that some civilisations, namely France’s, are worth more than others.

Letchimy said Guéant was “day by day leading us back to these European ideologies that gave birth to concentration camps”. After a loud interruption of protests, he added: “Mr Guéant, the Nazi regime, which was so concerned about purity, was that a civilization?”

In a rare move, the entire French government stormed out of the question-time session.

The French political class has been at each other’s throats this week over the latest stance by Guéant, who was once Sarkozy’s most senior adviser and is seen as the president’s mouthpiece for rightwing views to court voters from Marine Le Pen’s far-right Front National.

Over the past year Guéant has been accused of deliberate anti-immigrant and anti-Muslim rhetoric after saying the number of Muslims in France was a “problem”, linking immigrants to crime and unemployment, saying the French wanted their country to “remain French”, and that Sarkozy’s drive for military intervention in Libya was a “crusade”.

This weekend he told a meeting with students: “Contrary to the leftwing relativist ideology, for us, not all civilisations are equal. Those who defend humanity seem more advanced to us than those who deny it. Those who defend freedom, equality and brotherhood seem to us superior to those that accept tyranny, subjugation of women and social or ethnic hatred.”

Muslim groups in France sought assurances that Guéant, who is in charge of immigration and religion in the French cabinet, was not referring to Islam and French Muslims. He replied that he had not been targeting any civilisation in particular.

Sarkozy backed Guéant’s comments as “common sense” and dismissed the “ridiculous controversy”.

The French prime minister François Fillon demanded an apology from the Socialist party for the “indecent” and “shameful” Nazi analogy in parliament. The head of the ruling rightwing UMP party’s parliament group, Christian Jacob, said an analogy of this kind was a first in the history of parliament.

The Socialist Letchimy said that as the son of a slave, he refused to apologise. Jean-Marc Ayrault, head of the Socialist parliamentary group, said Guéant’s “repeated provocations” had damaged the political climate.

Some in Sarkozy’s own camp had distanced themselves from Guéant in recent days. “He makes a better minister than ethnologist,” said the former prime minister Jean-Pierre Raffarin.

Guardian, 7 February 2012

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  • Sir David ( Illuminati membership number 5:32) Warning Contains Irony

    Just to warn folks there is likely to be more of this sort of guff and stuff coming out of france as the presidential election gets closer . According to the French newspapers Sarko is trying to out flank Marine Le Pen for the right wing git vote …. sorry, right leaning conservitave voter and using Serge as his staking horse .
    Interesting support for christian values here
    Wonder what the loons think of that ?

  • Abdul-Rahman

    @ Steve

    Oh yeah the West really cares about “defending” people after they raped entire continents and any claim to care about “defending” any human rights today is a farce and charade to get access to exploiting other nation’s sovereign resources i.e. imperialism. Which is why the US imperialists go on and on about “women’s rights” in Afghanistan as an excuse for that genocidal American neocolonialist war and illegal occupation but then says nothing about the shocking fact that American female soldiers are thousands of times more likely to be raped by one of their male American soldier counterparts then they are to ever even get hurt in battle. Oh yeah and “good job” defending “women’s rights” as you blow them up and murder millions in your illegal wars of conquest.

  • Rajesh

    Tyranny, subjugation of women, ethnic cleansing and numerous other crimes were committed by the French, and the rest of Europe. Their lip service towards human rights is a sham to dominate the world. Mahatma Gandhi didn’t believe there was such a thing as a civilization in the West, and he was right. Non-western nations have some justification in anti-immigrant attitudes given centuries of European invasions, terrorism and colonization.

  • Steve

    “Those who defend freedom, equality and brotherhood seem to us superior to those that accept tyranny, subjugation of women and social or ethnic hatred.”

    He is right. Unless of course you believe tyranny, subjugation of women and social or ethnic hatred are noble ideals.

  • Steve

    “Those who defend freedom, equality and brotherhood seem to us superior to those that accept tyranny, subjugation of women and social or ethnic hatred”

    He is right

  • Lo

    “Those who defend freedom, equality and brotherhood seem to us superior to those that accept tyranny, subjugation of women and social or ethnic hatred.”

    It sounds to me like to Guéant, civilisations are only judged by the actions of the male sex. It’s hypocritical but not surprising, coming from an interior minister of a country that defends laws that tell women what they can and cannot wear. Talk about subjugation of women…

  • deccal

    Abdul-Rahman, funny how you presume opposition to multiculturalism is racist. Do you see any nonwestern nations engaging in multiculturalism? You will find that immigration laws many times more strict in East Asia and the middle east than they are in the US, just ask any Pakistani who’s worked in the UAE or Saudi Arabia.

  • Abdul-Rahman

    Oh the vile racists, these are the same people who try to claim they are not racist they just oppose multiculturalism i.e. these right wingers are the same racist scumbags as usual.

  • Sir David ( Illuminati membership number 5:32) Warning Contains Irony

    Sorry to disagree with all the other posters here , but this is a french internal thing and NOT just against Islam . Its all about saying france is the best ie more civilzed country in the world and everyone else sucks. Its part of the Fench presidential election and as such should be treated with a pinch of salt and a few cloves of garlic and a bottle of St Emillion 1998 😉

  • QualifiedAgnostic


    I don’t know if it is zionist controlled (completely)….but yes, what the French government has been doing against Muslims is wrong.

  • Zain

    What do people expect from a Zionist controlled government …

  • QualifiedAgnostic

    The bannings of public hijab, burqa and niqab ban, ban on praying in the streets-all caused by an aggressive Islamophobia all sound like elements of nazi ideology to me.

    France’s Islamophobia and Xenophobia are disgusting, and Sarkozy’s support of this depraved statement made by Claude Gueant is only more appalling.

  • mindy1

    Ahh zee french, such bastions of open mindedness 😛

  • Al

    From where I sit the French parliament oft conduct themselves like Nazis

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