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Geert Wilders Angry at German ‘Right-wing Populist’ Label

Still my favorite picture of Geert Wilders

Last week, rabid Islamophobe Diane West railed against the The Daily Beast for taking “a swipe” at her fellow anti-Muslim bigot, Dutch far right wing opportunist, Geert Wilders. The article that inspired her rant asked, “Can’t Someone Tell Geert Wilders to Stop His Anti-Muslim Diatribes Before Somebody Gets Hurt?” 

Wilders is a master at capitalizing on real fears and conjuring false ones—and then dodging responsibility if people’s lives are ruined or lost. “I am responsible for my own actions and for nobody else’s actions,” he says. In a wide-ranging interview at the offices of the Dutch Parliament in The Hague, Wilders complained to Newsweek that the “naive” Obama administration wasn’t doing nearly enough to combat what Wilders regards as the Islamic threat. Expanding on his claims that the Quran should be banned, just as Mein Kampf  has been in some countries, he said the United States should be “getting rid of Islamic symbols—no more mosques—and closing down Islamic schools.” Read the rest here.

Wilders and his ilk have grown accustomed to spreading their hatred with impunity, there are welcome signs the climate may be shifting (h/t: eslaporte):

Wilders angry at German ‘right-wing populist’ label

PVV leader Geert Wilders has demanded the German ambassador explain why he and the anti-islam party are mentioned in a 32-page leaflet warning of the dangers posed by far-right political groupings. The brochure, paid for by the German justice ministry, states that right-wing populist and radical parties could be a breeding ground for terrorism. Wilders is mentioned twice by name and one section includes his photograph. The folder also explains how neo-nazi strategists use social networks. Wilders used the microblogging service Twitter to urge the Dutch government to distance itself from this ‘scandalous’ statement and said questions will be asked in parliament. Some 10% of Germans are said to support populist right-wing groupings. Wilders’ anti-Islam party took around 15% of the vote at the June 2010 general election but support has fallen since then.

Last summer, a Dutch court acquitted Wilders of hate speech charges, this was hailed as a “victory for free speech” among his hateful kindred on both sides of the Atlantic; it fed well into their “victimhood” narrative and mentality.

Wilders will no doubt continue to portray himself as a besieged champion of “free speech,” apparently oblivious to the irony of simultaneously lobbying to tax the wearing of the hijab, ban the niqab, ban the Qur’an and all things Islamic from the Western world.

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  • Ray… seriously? Get a life, stop blaming others for your own problems and damn well fix them. Please inform me how:

    – everything in Europe will be magically better if ‘non whites’ are out

    – who’s going to clean your toilets and pick up your rubbish

    Also, what is a ‘white person’ and what is a ‘white country’? Are you a member of Stormfront by any chance? I see a lot of your sorts lurking around on there, unable to face their own problems and thus trying to blame it on someone else.

    My grandparents fought a war against a person with similar ideas. He was short, had a stupid mustache and came from Austria. Didn’t end well for him… and you can count that if he were to rise again persons such as myself (who are numerous) will rise against him. I am happy to say that you people are in a small minority and always will be.

    Also, Mr Wilders is back to his old tricks. My article on it for everyone’s information;


  • ray436

    What’s wrong with what Geert Wilders is saying? Nothing wrong. We,as Europeans, have a right to self determination. Non Europeans,non-Whites, including Muslims, do not belong in Europe and in any other White Country and we don’t want them.
    Eventually, we will remove them all. If this is not done, we will become third world citizens in our own Countries and very soon vanish as distinct, civilized people. The entire Dark work is invading us. We have to fight back because it’s our right.
    Get out.

  • Good ol’ Wilders may have oversteeped this time! He and his “political party” are now attacking East Europeans, mainly Poles. He has set up a site to “take complaints” against East European immigrants in the Netherlands.

    There are now at least two parody sites and a Facebook group to take compliants about the PVV! This could get fun!

    Check out the comments. Usually there is a few Wilders defenders, but not here…

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  • Sir David ( Illuminati membership number 5:32) Warning Contains Irony

    not so sure about Barry though …………………

  • Franczeska

    There’s a future for all of us, hopefully.

  • Alan Kayda

    Franczeska… my that’s a nice name. Do you think there’s a future for you and me, Franczeska?

  • Franczeska

    @”Alan Kayda”: Nice name change, Hopper.

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