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Melbourne: Man Goes on Rampage in Mosque Attack, Ripping Qurans and Flushing Them Down the Toilet


The mosque that was attacked

It wasn’t too long ago that Robert Spencer went on a speaking tour in Australia. Did he inspire the Aussie “gentleman” below? What we do know is that this guy is a creep who hates Islam and Muslims and is willing to use violence to make his point, including intimidating elderly women. Of course, in the feverish minds of the Islamophobes this man was just practicing “free speech.”(H/T: Nasser AlK):

Bosnian Mosque in Melbourne under attack, 04.02.2012


VIC Melbourne, 04.02.2012: The Bosnian mosque in Deer Park has been attacked, a man went on a rampage ripping the Qur’ans (around 50) and flushing them down the toilet.

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  • Sam Seed

    @Shezi, exactly..Muslims do repect all holy books by not burning them.

  • shezi


    Thank you for correction.. what i need to give a message,, we should respect the holy book.. you never see anywhere muslims burn any religious book to make the follower hurt.

  • Sam Seed


    Just for clarification, Allah did not reveal the Bible. He revelaed the Torat(Torah) to Moses(pbuh), Zaboor(Psalms) to David(pbuh), Injeel(Gospels)to Jesus(pbuh)and finally Quran to Muhammad(pbuh).

  • Shezi

    All holy books( Bible, Torat, zaboor and Quran) are been sent by ALLAH for guidence of mankind in different eras, Quran is the last holy book..
    Muslims respect all books so everyone respects all books..
    Holy Quran is almost 1400 years old book but no one can make even one word changing in it… you know why…. Allah Says in Quran” whe have send this book and we will protect this book”
    Hence this man should read this quran and try to understand what is this book saying… so everyone above pls find sometime and study it..

  • Franczeska

    Another name change for you, Barry Sommer? This time calling yourself “Ayesha Mohammad”. Don’t you have an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting to attend? And Andrew: We condemn Anti-Semitism, too.

  • Andrew

    Khushboo. You don’t know me. So how could you know who my “friends” are? Who do think they are btw? Do you have esp.

    Yes, I did think about “white supremacists”. Sorry, we don’t have many of them here. And their targets here ain’t Jews or muslims. Its asians. Did you think about that?

    I suppose you think 9/11 was an inside job as well.

    I live near the Preston Mosque and it dosent have 24/7 security. What makes you think it needs it. And who is this “friend” of mine”.

  • khushboo

    Andrew, did your friends draw those graffitis to blame it on Muslims?? or perhaps they were white supremacists?? Did you think about that? No, ofcourse you didn’t!

    Looks like mosques will need 24/7 security too or perhaps you and your friend should confess and clean the toilets.

  • Andrew

    I live in Melbourne. About 2 kms from the Mosque in Preston. I have noticed graffiti drawn at public places like tramstops nearby, such as swastikas with phrases such as F… Israel. etc.

    Hmmm. Wonder who is responsible for that. I also wonder why Jewish institutions here need 24/7 security?

  • Believing Atheist

    There is a reason I tend to ignore you, I hope you figure out why very soon.

    You just proved above that you don’t ignore me, anyway you cannot post in a forum and ignore people.

    If you do, i’ll provoke a response out of you 🙂

  • Believing Atheist


    Don’t put words in my mouth. Did I say CAIR was a problem? Please quote me in saying that if you can’t don’t make hasty assumptions about me. There is a reason I tend to ignore you, I hope you figure out why very soon.

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