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Asra Nomani, Tarek Fatah and Zuhdi Jasser: ‘Please! Pretty Please Spy on Me!’


Tarek Fatah, Zuhdi Jasser, and Peter King

Asra Nomani, Tarek Fatah and Zuhdi Jasser have ridden in on their clown car to rally in support of being “spied on” by the NYPD. Using their “Muslim” cards they have either written in support of, or participated in a rally in solidarity with the NYPD’s secret surveillance. Such endless stupidity knows no bounds, and is not limited to Muslims. Self-hating loons are part of every culture and faith. (We have already written about why the NYPD surveillance is deceptive, wrong-headed, immoral and ineffective, so no need for us to repeat ourselves here.)

The loons agree with each other, being “Muslim” or “Muslim like” is sufficient just cause to infringe on the civil liberties of all Muslims. For these loons, being Muslim is enough of a reason to be accompanied by undercover agents on whitewater rafting trips, to have your mosque infiltrated, to have a who’s-who of ‘Muslamic’ eateries profiled. For these loons the tricky fact that this deceptive surveillance is probably illegal is to be ignored at all cost.

(Have you ever wondered what interesting terroristic tidbits those gum-shoe NYPD infiltrators gathered at, say, Habib Restaurant in Newark? I can just imagine:

Muslim patron of Habib Restaurant: This shawerma sandwhich is the bomb!

NYPD undercover agent jotting down in notebook: “Stealth food Jihad!!??” I saw this on the Third Jihad that we watched in an endless loop for months! Check with Ray Kelly.)

It’s okay they say, go ahead and cast a pal of suspicion over the whole Muslim community. They  are essentially telling Bloomberg, Kelly, etc.:

“Look at us masta’. We da good Mooslims. You spy on us, entrap us, bomb us wid’ yo bombs, it’s otay.”

The loons’ rally attracted 20 or so supporters and…*gasp*…Rep.Peter King. Whodathunkit? The fact that IRA supporting Peter King would stand with the very same non-expert neo-Con witness he called at his McCarthyesque witch-hunt trials and declare, “you are the real face of Islam in America” is so shocking (note: thinly-veiled sarcasm).

Oh yes, Sheikh Peter King is now pontificating on who the “real” Muslims are. You are a real Muslim if you align yourself with the right-wing, agree with your community being spied on, (thereby undermining every citizens civil liberties), agree with the over-exaggerated “homegrown terrorism” threat, agree with entrapment, agree with the Greater Islamophobia of “bombing, invading and occupying” Muslim majority nations.

Lets continue the myth, they say, that Muslims have not cooperated with law enforcement and are not doing enough to condemn terrorism.(Even though over 40% of all tips regarding potential Muslim terrorists come from Muslims). This will finally convince those Tea Partiers that Asra loves at the Tennessee Freedom Coalition that real Islam is in fact a religion that should be afforded the guarantees of “religious freedom,” and not as they say, a 1400 year old political-fascist-totalitarian-cult threatening to overtake Christianity and “Islamize” the USA.

Asra in her Daily Beast article, Why NYPD Monitoring Should Be Welcome News to Muslims didn’t limit herself to attacking and libeling Muslims, in fact her words will comfort Colombians particularly,

“just as we need to track the Colombian community for drug trafficking and the Ku Klux Klan for white extremists, I believe we should monitor the Muslim community”

As one astute commenter on her article noted,

The Colombian community should be just as offended as the Muslims at being directly compared to the KKK which is by definition a gang of white extremists.

Nomani of course sees no problem, Colombians and Muslims are just like the KKK in her mind, and that is the true face of self-hating loons.

The sparse number of pro-surveillance and pro-anti-Muslim indoctrination ralliers indicates that most American Muslims are overwhelmingly opposed to the NYPD’s bigoted indoctrination of its officers as well as the warrantless surveillance of Muslims. An opposition that is born not just out of their recent plight, being cast as “today’s enemy,” but out of a consistency of principal; no one should be profiled based simply on religion or race, no group should endure warrantless surveillance.

One can imagine that in a not too distant future, these very same self-hating loons, eager to be profiled and spied on, will also be saying, “please, please intern me, somebody, please intern me!”

Update I:

Make sure to check out Danios’s article on the same topic: Zuhdi Jasser’s Astroturf Muslim Groups Behind Rally to Support NYPD Spying.

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  • Isa

    “Asra Nomani, Tarek Fatah and Zuhdi Jasser have ridden in on their clown car…”

    LOL. Loonwatch writers come up with the funniest phrases and images. I still can’t get over the picture of Walid Shoebat holding the bucket of chicken.

  • Syed

    Garibaldi – I think the term self-hating ‘label’ should be shelved for good. It assumes a monolithic unity of ideals, culture or practices that do not exist in any community. How about an individual description of the loons themselves?

    Zuhdi Jasser – the favorite go-to counter Muslim for any Islamophobe who needs to camouflage their bigotry.

    Tarek Fatah – the wannabe Zuhdi Jasser of Canada.

    Asra Nomani – the crazy cat lady who wants so much to be part of the Islamic community that she will fight every last Muslim to do it.

  • khushboo

    Anyone who calls for changes to the Quran is not a Muslim. I think we all agree with that.

  • khushboo

    Gari, I thought the reason for calling Muslims “self-hating” loon was to make fun of those who call Jews “self-hating Jews” when they speak out against Israel? I certainly don’t mind that word but you’re right; they are more “selfish, greedy, souless” than anything else.

  • ali

    Tarek fatah sells out the Muslim community here in Canada ALL THE TIME. He US an ignorant bigot, he criticizes the quran and the Prophet Muhammad. He is clueless on Islam.

  • Garibaldi

    Quick question all, should we stop using “self-hating loon” to describe these individuals? A Facebook poster made a comment that I believe bears some rumination, these people aren’t self-haters, they are in fact self-absorbed and doing this out of self-interest. Look forward to your thoughts.

  • Ibn Mikael

    To be fair, Asra Nomani isn’t really a Muslim. She’s openly called for Muslims around the world to get rid of numerous verses from the Qur’an that she dislikes. By no means am I a takfiri, but if such a belief doesn’t make you a kafir, then I don’t know what does.

  • KnowingTheTruth

    I’m starting to really think that Fatah and those guys are not Muslims at all. I’m not trying to say that because they are Muslims that I disagree with they must be fake. No these guys support the scums that ether wants to kill fellow Muslims or kick them out and I’m just not buying that “I’m a Muslim myself” speech from them. That’s like a proud Jew denying the Holocaust and supports the Nazis.

  • NurAlia

    Breitbart Fan…

    If only the indiginous people’s of the Americas had stricter immigration policies…there would have never been a Japanese internment…or you.

  • Sir David ( Illuminati membership number 16.69

    Its $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$. They have no honour .

  • mindy1

    Sheesh, what on earth brought these nuts together 😉

  • Breitbart Fan

    The only good muslim is an ex-muslim. This country made a huge mistake interning the Japanese. And an even bigger mistake by NOT interning/deporting ALL Muslims.

  • Solid Snake

    We should refrain from calling the Muslims. I beleive they have left the fold of Islam already by attacking and planning with others against the Muslim community. They are just right wingers with arabicy-sounding names.

  • DrM

    More proof that T-Fat is a neocon sock puppet.

  • JD

    TAPPS draws renewed criticism for rejection of an Islamic academy

    A Texas private school system that drew national attention for almost keeping a Jewish team on the bench during a state semifinal basketball game last week is facing renewed questions for not allowing an Islamic school in Houston to join the organization.

    Houston’s Iman Academy was denied membership in 2010 to the association after being grilled about the Quran and the proposed mosque at Ground Zero in New York. That decision by the Texas Association of Private and Parochial Schools garnered scant scrutiny until the recent dispute with the Jewish school put a spotlight on TAPPS’ policies.

    A national Islamic group has threatened to revisit possible legal action against TAPPS, and a state senator from Houston is considering legislation that would address concerns raised by the controversies.

    TAPPS ignited a firestorm last week after initially refusing to reschedule a basketball game for the Jewish Orthodox day school Robert M. Beren Academy in Houston, which could not play at the time because the players observed the Sabbath. After parents threatened legal action, Beren was allowed to play its semifinal game.

    Iman Academy principal Cindy Steffens said the school, which has about 500 students, wanted the chance to compete in athletics and academics against other private schools. It applied for membership in 2010 and after an interview process was rejected.

    ‘Loaded’ questions

    Steffens said she had remained discreet about the incident until media outlets contacted her in recent weeks.

    TAPPS, the dominant private school league in the state, arranges for 220 secular and parochial high schools to compete in sports, such as football, soccer and tennis, as well as in academics, art and music. Director Edd Burleson refused to comment for this article.

    Steffens said she almost chose not to move forward with the application after receiving a questionnaire that contained what she called “loaded and provocative” questions from the association.

    The Houston Chronicle obtained the email sent to the school, and the questions included, “Historically, there is nothing in the Koran that fully embraces Christianity or Judaism in the way a Christian and/or Jew understands religion. Why, then, are you interested in joining an association whose basic beliefs your religion condemns?

    “It is our understanding that the Koran tells you not to mix with (and even eliminate) the infidels. Christians and Jews fall into that category. Why do you wish to join an organization whose membership is in disagreement with your beliefs?”

    The questions also asked about celebrating Christmas, whether Muslims believe the Bible is corrupt and about the “spread of Islam in America.”

    Two others withdrew

    In 2004, at least two other Islamic schools withdrew themselves from consideration after receiving the same questionnaire

    Steffens said the apparent prejudice against Muslims was disheartening throughout the interview process.

    “It’s about our children and our generation,” she said. “You know what’s really scary – if this is what we are teaching in our private schools. This is a board representing private schools in Texas. Is this how the majority of private schools think?”

    Iman Academy officials were invited to an interview before the TAPPS board in November 2010, and Steffens said one board member said he wanted to discuss the “elephant in the room.” She said the board asked questions that seemed irrelevant to joining an association to play sports, such as asking her opinion about the Ground Zero mosque.

    Steffens said another board member told her, “I know all Muslims are not terrorists, but all terrorists are Muslims.”

    “We don’t want to change your children,” Steffens said. “Our children are not different. They are Americans. We want to be inclusive and to play ball and compete.”


    Time to let them know how we feel about this . I already wrote to them and let them know how many non-muslims terrorists there are and how racist bigot BS this is ….

    Let’s get to it guys

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  • Aspie and Atheist

    Asra Nomani is a liar and a self-contradicting lunatic.

  • Abdul-Rahman

    The Uncle Tom convention

  • Throughout U.S. history there has always been a scapegoat-some group of people to hate.
    In the beginning it was Native Americans who were disparaged as “savages” when in fact, in many cases, they were far more civilized than those doing the scapegoating and hating.
    Then blacks who were enslaved and written into the Constitution as being 3/5s of a person were scapegoated and hated.
    The Irish were hated, not wanted and different because they were Catholic.
    The list goes on and on right up until today when, very sadly, it is Muslims and their religion, Islam, that is being scapegoated and hated.
    In each group there were and are members of their group who learned to hate themselves because they succumbed to the hatred put upon them or because self-hatred became a coping strategy to “get along” and to ‘be liked.”
    Compassion and kindness are the best responses towards self-haters, along with prayers that they heal from the pain inflicted upon them.
    Violating the Constitution-civil liberties-out of fear and in the name of security is wrong, dangerous and wrought with unintended consequences. It should never ever happen!
    As Founding Father, Ben Franklin suggested, Those who would give up civil liberties in the name of security, deserve neither.
    I feel so strongly about this that I am willing to write, If we give up our Constition-civil liberties-Osama bin Laden won and we lost! Stick steadfastly to our Constitution, civil liberities, freedom and democracy-We win!

  • Saladin

    @Believing Atheist

    “As for Tarek Fatah, I don’t even know why he is here. This is not his country, he is Canadian and has no influence whatsoever amongst American Muslims or a say in American politics.”

    Because he wants them to treat Canadian Muslims the same way and let us not forget Tarek’s lonnyness is all encompassing because according him it is not only Muslim conspiring to take over the world but the non-Muslims are helping Muslims in their plot of world domination and he says The Second Global Conference on World’s Religions has adopted a resolution call for his death and that of any Muslims criticizing Sharia a conference that included the Dali Lama and Tariq Ramadan

    here is his video claiming that the Second Global Conference on World’s Religions has adopted a resolution call for the death of any Muslims criticizing Sharia.

    here is the Second Global Conference on World’s Religions
    resolution I did not get that in fact they said
    “Resolved that the religions of the world should come together to formulate a Universal Declaration of Human Rights by the World’s Religions, which would embody their vision of human flourishing, and which would supplement the UN Declaration.”

  • Hassan

    It seems like she was conflicted over whether the spying should have remained secret or not. The concern for her was never about citizens’ rights, only whether everyone knowing the NYPD is violating our rights gives the scary Muslim hordes some advantage.

    “Yes, I was conflicted after seeing that history film on Internment Camps for the Japanese. On the one hand as a historian, I want everything out in the open. On the other, if people watch this it might be harder to round them up next time.”

  • khushboo

    “make sure they give me a proper Islamic burial… AT SEA! *ka-pow*, *slump* “

    which reminds me to mention that according to wikileaks via Anonymous, OBL was not buried in the sea but instead the body was put in a CIA plane brought in to the US.

  • Believing Atheist

    Asra Nomani admits that she doesn’t know the law when it comes to spying or profiling Muslims in an interview with Village Voice today

    Runnin’ Scared: But even if you made the case for monitoring other communities, how would that address legality?

    Nomani: I don’t know the exact letter of the law, but gathering intelligence is part of law enforcement, and we’re not actually arresting people. But we have to know what’s happening in these specific communities.

    Secondly she admits suffering from cognitive dissonance

    Runnin’ Scared: Do you feel like these tactics might clash with the civil liberties you rely on as a reporter?

    Nomani: I have to be honest, as a journalist, I was conflicted. I like to have things in out in the open. But as a citizen of this country, I was a little bit upset by the investigation. People who are watching this, who have ulterior or nefarious ideas of what they want to do, they now know the level of detail at which law enforcement is operating. I think that as a citizen we have to be careful.

    So she is suffering from cognitive dissonance feeling conflicted.

    This interview was released today by Village Voice. To read the full interview click below:

    As for Tarek Fatah, I don’t even know why he is here. This is not his country, he is Canadian and has no influence whatsoever amongst American Muslims or a say in American politics.

  • Al

    Or better yet: “No, no… shoot me right here… that’s right, in the FACE! No, no… use smaller caliber bullets so the ricochet in my skull a bit and make my untimely death more painful! Thank-you Mr. King for your benevolence in this matter, make sure they give me a proper Islamic burial… AT SEA! *ka-pow*, *slump* “

  • khushboo

    “kuklux klan for white extremists”?

    why not say white Christians for white extremists??

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