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French PM Calls on Muslims and Jews to Renounce Halal and Kosher Slaughter

More French loonieness:

French PM calls on Muslims and Jews to renounce halal and kosher slaughter

France’s prime minister urged Muslims and Jews to consider scrapping their halal and kosher slaughter laws on Monday as President Nicolas Sarkozy and his allies stepped up their efforts to woo far-right voters.

Prime Minister Francois Fillon made the suggestion after Sarkozy called at the weekend for butchers to clearly label meat slaughtered according to religious laws and his allies warned immigrants might impose halal meat on French schoolchildren.

Fillon and other conservative leaders linked this tough stand on ritually prepared meat to issues such as immigration and French identity that the far-right National Front uses to tap into resentment against Europe’s largest Muslim minority.

“Religions should think about keeping traditions that don’t have much in common with today’s state of science, technology and health problems,” Fillon told Europe 1 radio while discussing the two-round presidential election ending May 6. The “ancestral traditions” of ritual slaughter were justified for hygienic reasons in the past but were now outdated, he said. “We live in a modern society.”

Mohammad Moussaoui, head of France’s Muslim Council, said ritual slaughter was no more painful than modern methods and labelling meat as being prepared “without stunning” would feed resentment against the two minority religions using it. “It will stigmatise Muslims and Jews as people who don’t respect the interests of animals,” he said. “That will raise tensions in society.”

Reuters, 5 March 2012

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  • Snoman

    @Geji, I don’t know how you made any sense of that

  • Géji

    Peace Says: ‘Stupid Muslims and Jews if pork is dirty or poison that will no more others faith people in the world. This halal food create a lot of problem among human relationship. Don’t trust this stupid teaching all human are equal only religious make human difference.’

    Okey, we get you paired “stupid Muslims and Jews” for stating pork is dirty or “poison”, we get you paired them for their “stupid teaching”. But first, what do not wanting to eat pork got to do with “all human are equal”? is somehow me not eating pork making you “less equal”? Second, why -“halal food create a lot of problem among human relationship”- but none-halal is not? Third, why this time halal is singled and not paired with it’s “stupid” brethren kosher?

  • Glorfindel

    I’ll bet that ‘Eurabia’ High Command will do something about this, you know since Muslims/Arabs rule Europe…Nothing to do with the fact that France is (and Europe in General) is moving more and more to the right because national identities are being eroded, regional politics are in disarray and the economy is fucked- those Moozlims are at fault for all this, and they are so insidious that you can’t really see them doing it, because national identities are being eroded because of the EU and the relinquishing of sovereignty to the EU (ask the Italians and Greeks), a two tier Europe where the strong dictate to the weaker, poorer nations how they should run their countries (Germany’s Fourth Reich) and the unbridled fools who frittered away wealth on short term bets, aping the Americans – see you can’t even see the hand of the Moozlims in all this, see how evil they are – must stop their halal foods (and we’ll include the Jews in this as well, who cares there’s less then half a million of them anyway) as that is what causes them to be so segregated, but wait they could eat vegetables – next we must ban vegetables!

  • Mohammed k Islam

    The French language is the most distasteful language in modern history. Their Football team is a joke (even though there are Muslim brothers in the team), and not mention their coffee, absolutely crap. In the other words, the French are W******.

    Thought I mention this as I’m British……

  • Sir David ( Illuminati membership number 16.69

    More French loony stuff
    One does wonder if the president is talking about the estimated 750000+ brits 🙂

  • Franczeska

    @”Peace”: There’s this thing known as proper grammar; please do look into it.

  • Yusuf

    ilfdinar, well the doubt is why it is often not considered Halal to do so. Most studies will show that the cow does not die from it though. The reason some of these people don’t like halal and kosher slaughter, other than the obvious hate of Muslims and Jews, is the videos of halal slaughter, which are often not done in any halal kind of way and the meat would be haram to eat if that is how the animal is actually slaughtered.

  • Sumbowdy

    The French. Just when you think a country can’t stoop low enough.

  • Yusuf
    so if a cow is stunned how do you know if the cow is stunned or dead

  • I must start by saying that the slaughtering of an animal to many is distastful and wrong.

    That said, even though there are so-called “modern” ways of slaughtering an animal, the Halal, Kosher and Native American (virtually identical) methods are the kindest, most respectful, most compassionate and the healthiest that I have ever seen. These methods should be accommodated, respected and supported.

  • Lilly

    Peace – I avoid Pork and pig products anyway… I’ve seen enough gross things come out of a pig that can kill a human faster than anything… not counting the obvious… to even stomach the thought.

  • Sir David ( Illuminati membership number 16.69

    Just stopping by
    That may be so but I was advised that most New Zealand Lamb is Halal and they dont advertise this much in europe , Maybe its a dig at none produced french meat .It may be a sop to the farmers as well as animal right supporters . The electon is soon expect more Loon stupidity from france before May .
    Good news Madam LePen still not got enough support may be barred from election 🙂 only 10 days left to find 50 more suckers … sorry thats elected representatives to support her 😉

  • Peace

    Stupid Muslims and Jews if pork is dirty or poison that will no more others faith people in the world. This halal food create a lot of problem among human relationship. Don’t trust this stupid teaching all human are equal only religious make human difference.

  • Just Stopping By

    @Sir David says, “Since Halal and Kosher meat cost more than the usual french meat why would any butcher hide its origin.”

    If there are enough people out there who won’t eat halal/kosher meat, then it would pay to hide its origin. This is particularly true if the halal/kosher meat is handled with other meat in a way that the butcher can’t be sure of the origin of any particular piece. The butcher then can’t sell the meat to a halal/kosher market and so makes no gains by labeling it as possibly the result of halal/kosher slaughter.

  • Yusuf

    I know someone who works in a slaughter house in Kansas. He told me that many times he has had to kill the cow because it was still alive when it got to his station, which is about 4 people down from where the cow was supposed to be killed. By that time the stun has worn off and the cow is alive and cut open just suffering. This is against FDA regulations but it happens often in Slaughter houses in America and I’m sure Europe. Halal slaughter doesn’t actually say stunning isn’t allowed it just can’t be used to kill the cows, which it may do sometimes. I wouldn’t say any form of slaughter is better but I definitely wouldn’t say halal or kosher slaughter is any worse than what they do in slaughter houses.

  • Sir David ( Illuminati membership number 5:32) Warning Contains Irony

    Very silly comment from the prime minister.
    Since Halal and Kosher meat cost more than the usual french meat why would any butcher hide its origin .

  • Pamela

    Non Halal and Kosher butchers want more business.

  • mjasghar

    BTW why does the Catholic church – still powerful in France – never condemn these restrictions of religion?

  • mjasghar

    if you get the votes of 90% you dont need the rest – heck if you get 50.1 % even. In most democracies 50 to 60 % voter turnout is a good turnout.
    So, effectively, you only need 30% of the vote.
    From what I read/ hear French Muslims are extremely ghettoised into sink-estates and high-rises : those areas ANYWHERE tend to crime. I also don’t see the sort of involvement in politics as in the UK – where we have Muslim MPs and certainly local councillors.
    Can someone explain this? Are the French Muslims apathetic about getting involved? Is this a colonial hangover or a lack of willigness to admit to themselves they have to make a go of things in France?

  • badboo

    dictatorship of modernity and technological science.

  • RDS

    Politics are dirty

    ’nuff said.

  • mindy1

    WTF is with the french?? People should be allowed to practise their faith how they want to.

  • Ibn Mikael

    I thought Muslims make up 10% of the French population!? Do they not have the right to vote or something? Why are all these French politicians demonizing Muslims instead of trying to woo their votes? Get up and go vote French Muslims! That’s the only way you’re going to get rid of these Islamophobic morons that seem to plague French politics.

  • JD

    I think this is a contest in who can be a bigger retard and make the biggest hateful bigoted comment …

  • what is the difference between chickens and cows.
    many people do not know how to even prepare their own food.
    and when that person says that muslim and jewish food preparation is outdated.
    read the Jungle which was all about how to prepare the animal the fastest way and the most profitable way over sanitary conditions and workers health

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