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Racist Thugs Spat On Four-year-old Girl and Beat up Her Mother in a Sickening Attack in Her Corner Shop


Mother Saly Chowdhury and her daughter Ousha outside the shop where they were attacked

No Islamophobia to see here, no racism. These racist thugs must have appeared out of no where.

It’s also interesting that the Daily Mail chose to highlight the fact that the victim of the racist attack, store owner Saly Chowdhury “refuses to sell alcohol in her store.” Why is that important:

Racist thugs spat on four-year-old girl and beat up her mother in a sickening attack in her corner shop

by Leon Watson (Daily Mail)

Racist thugs spat on a four-year-old girl and brutally beat her mother in a 
sickening attack.

Saly Chowdhury was left with a black eye and facial injuries after two men and a woman tried to steal two boxes of crisps from her shop, the Hendon Valley Stores in Sunderland.

The incident took place on last Friday at 4.40pm when the mother-of-four ran out of the shop after the thieves and accidentally locked herself outside.

When the trio started hurling racist abuse at her, she fled to her home nearby. 

But they caught up with her and spat on her four-year-old daughter Ousha, shoved her seven-year-old daughter against the wall and thumped her 13-year-old daughter in the face.

The gang then turned their attentions to Saly, 31, punching her in the face, tearing out chunks of her hair and choking her with her scarf.

Saly, who also has a nine-year-old daughter, managed to free herself and get herself and her children inside to safety. 

And just 12 hours later the mum-of-four was back behind the shop counter, determined not to let the vicious thugs get the better of her. 

Saly, who refuses to sell alcohol in her store, said: ‘I had to close my shop 
on Friday and I lost business.

‘I’m not letting them do that to me again. It was scary and it’s worrying going back to work but there is no need for this behaviour.

‘I have many great customers who know me and I know them. If this is all about stealing, then please speak to me first and we can see if something can be sorted out.

‘The problem of people coming in here and stealing things is getting worse and worse.’

Northumbria Police yesterday said the incident ‘simply won’t be tolerated’.

An investigation into the attack has been launched and is being treated as
racially aggravated.

Sergeant Tom Connor, who covers the area, said: ‘This type of behaviour is despicable.’

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  • Reynardine

    I do assume they are Hindu. Usha/Ousha is a Hindu name. And her not selling liquor could have been taken as a sign she was Muslim, or they could have been a bunch of mean drunk die-hard lowlives, who just hate w*gs.

  • Helen

    I hope the attackers are caught and appropriately punished. By the way, there’s no mention anywhere in the article that she and her children are Muslim. You’ve all just assumed that. They could be Hindu.

  • Ali
  • Blabla

    It’s hardly just europeans who get crap. Try being american in Vienna, with long dark hair and great grandparents from the czech republic…. They assume i am turkish. They don’t even wait for me to speak. And then i get angry looks. And they refuse to be at all acomedating. Not all of them mind you. Some are very kind… But many. They just assume because of my dark hair and darker complexion that i am from Turkey living off of their government funding. I spend trust fund money here, I put in to their economy. I also pay for health insurance back home. I get NOTHING from these people but often a nasty attitude. This kind of crap is intolerable and what happened to this poor muslim woman is dreadful. I don’t worry about my safety, still there are other ways to make a person’s life problematic and i have met plenty who do their part here for me. And a small wonderful handful that have shown me the absolute best that humanity can be. It is a tragedy Europe is like this. Though to be fair the USA is no better. I was not as sensitive to it till… I moved here and had to face it myself every day. It’s time for the world to grow up. No child should witness this crap or be spit on. And no woman should be attacked in her home, or be made to feel unwelcome due to the fdirty looks she receives simply for existing.

  • Aspie and Atheist

    The Daily Mail must stop it’s Islamophobia, and Europe must awaken to the threat of right-wing extremism.

    I am so sorry to hear of the horrible attack upon this lady and for the resulting trauma the child has experienced.

  • Bonkerz


    The Evil Mooslim, she deserved it because she refuses to sell Alcohol.

  • Ali
  • Christian-friend

    who is really the savage here?

  • mindy1

    Oh real manly, beating up a mother and child/end sarcasm

  • Omar

    Hey guys! Look at this article

    The Egyptian Coptic Pope Senouda III has died (God bless him)

    “Shenuda’s death is “a grave calamity that has afflicted all Egypt and its noble people, Muslims and Christians,” the country’s mufti, Ali Gomaa, said in a statement.”

    It would be cool to have this news featured on Loonwatch to rid the loons away. Peace.

  • John

    talking about that since today is St. Patrick’s Day anyone want to guess what would happened if today was to if muslims ask for a

    Abdul Waahid Bin Zaid Day


    Thameemul Ansari Day

    I bet Pam Geller would poop her pants

  • [sarcasm] Why – these ‘attackers’ are fighting back against Islamisation! This mother is an Islamic radical, along with her kids, who she hopes will grow up to be suicide bombers. This is freedom of expression to to oppose Islamofascism in your community. This is not a hate crime! This is free expression and self defense! [/sarcasm]

    It’s good that the reaction of the police is that this type of “freedom of expression” will not be tolerated – and neither should the silence and bigotry that allows these people to decide to commit such a horrible action.
    Hate crime it is – lock um up and throw away the key!

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