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Anti-Islam Courses Being Taught in the Military

Gen. Martin Dempsey

Whodathunkit? Only the FBI, Department of Homeland Security and the NYPD. So why not the US Military as well:

Military Halts Class Teaching Anti-Islam Material


WASHINGTON — The Pentagon has suspended a course for military officers that officials say contained inflammatory material about Islam.

Defense Department spokesman Capt. John Kirby said Wednesday that among problems with the course taught at Norfolk, Va., was a presentation that asserted the United States is at war with Islam. Kirby noted that officials across two American administrations have stressed that the U.S. is at war with terrorists who have a distorted view of the religion.

Kirby declined to detail what he said were other problems with the course, called “Perspectives on Islam and Islamic Radicalism.”

Gen. Martin Dempsey, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, has ordered all service branches to review their training to ensure other courses don’t use anti-Islamic material.

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  • AJ


    Let us not forget that we, Muslims, sell ourselves examples being Zardari, Karzai, their allies, the translators, the CIA informants in Pakistan – we sell our souls. Were it not for the traitors that have always existed within Muslims and will always exist within Muslims, the US troops would have never reached Afghanistan.

  • Géji

    Irfan Says .. “As the poll showed >60% of USA citizens were agaist Iraq invasion , it did occur . It reflects three things 1 citizens and govt are not in accordance with each other in USA i.e. govt is being run by other forces in USA 2 USA have greed of oil 3 USA govt is global terrorist as it have killed millions of innocent Iraqi peoples .”

    Oh boy! Ilisha, one visitor by the name “Terminator” on another thread, said of you – “Ilisha you like to throw links” – well.. I’ll say, nice throws! it allows to catch unnoticed postings.

    @Irfan, out of the 3 “reflections” you made, I think there’s a great chance your point ‘2’ or ‘3’, or maybe the both of them together to be more realistic than your first one. Yes there are bad Zionist extremists out-there that advocates wars and destruction, some are Jews some are Christians, though in my believe I think some of the radical, Christian Zionists advocates hate and destruction far-worse than any radical, Jewish Zionist. Don’t also forget there are Muslim extremists that advocates the same. Now, I think you may be a Muslim, so if you are, I also like to think that maybe you as Muslim who probably like peace more than conflicts, you wouldn’t like anyone tiding you with those Muslim extremists that are advocating wars and destruction would you? so then in all fairness thus, I don’t think that you should as well tie any other group all together for ills of their extremists, yes even the -“Zionists”. — Beside, even though for sure there are some Zionist extremists that benefits from US wars of terrorism, the notion to think that they “control” the US government that is known anyway to have launched aggressive wars long before the Ideology of Zionism as we know-it today even saw light, its highly ridiculous notion. Dear, maybe time to realize that the US govt has, does, and will do whatever it pleases, why? because I think sadly it had succumbed-to and thus currently is trotting on the Imperialistic horse! sad indeed, cause as far as history tells us, it seemed empires always managed to loose-touch with any realities, whether those of their citizens-(hence the poll showing >60% of USA citizens were agaist Iraq invasion , but it did occur anyway) or those that resides in the territories they’ve tried to expand their powers. But nonetheless, I believe in the American people, I also believe that though not perfect they have a strong and just democracy system in place that’ll help them in the end throw-off their government from that such horse. I also think that the US imperialistic tendencies are not that far-off, and that its not to late for them to change course to finally practice what they like to preach to others – justice and equality for all, which are mind you already in the constitution! so definitely yes there’s a hope there to stop US wars.

  • Irfan

    Israel is not the root cause it is zionism (which started as early as 18th century ) which led to establishment of former .u have urself made the point clear . As the poll showed >60% of USA citizens were agaist Iraq invasion , it did occur . It reflects three things 1 citizens and govt are not in accordance with each other in USA i.e. govt is being run by other forces in USA 2 USA have greed of oil 3 USA govt is global terrorist as it have killed millions of innocent Iraqi peoples .

  • @Ilisha

    Your reply to Irfan is spot on!

  • Irfan

    USA govt. is real terrorist and root cause of proliferation of terrorism in other parts of world . They have killed millions of innocent individuals in Japan , vietnam , afganistan and Iraq among others using every weapons including nuclear bomb for their foul motive of oil or showing supermacy or appeasing zionists . I don’t think that USA citizens are /were in favour of any of these mass bloodshed , as evidenced by public polls . There is somethink very strong and above the citizens majority which is running USA govt as like their puppets . So there is need on the part of USA citizen to bring a revolution to kick of this strong body( perhaps zionists ) , or on the part of other world power to intervene to liberate US citizen from the slavery of zionists .

  • Alms

    It is pity that your oft-repeated cliché that the Qur’an and Islamic teaching sanction violence is an unfortunate indoctrination from loon books or sites which you can help yourself to find soundly refuted in many Muslim scholar’s books and sites and in the Jihad Series on this very site. Your other parrot-style repetition that Muslims give themselves a license to lie is a reference to the popular Islamophobic charge of Taqiyya and Kitman which is soundly refuted here( Anyway, I hope you now realize that your initial contention is incorrect and I am very thankful for the exchanges of ideas and may God bless you.

  • fredrick


    The point is that the violence is sanctioned by the Koran explicitly and all muslims must believe that every word in that book is the word of God. But anyway, how can anyone believe anything you say? Its well know that muslims have given themselves license to lie when they feel their ideology threatened.

  • Reynardine

    Muslim Heritage, it’s odd you should allude to cancer. By now, you’ve doubtless heard about how Mr. Weinstein received a letter containing imprecatory prayers that the women at MRFF and in Mr. Weinstein’s family were all to be afflicted with incurable breast cancer. This is what the Dominionist types’ve degenerated into: a Christian hoodoo circle. If you find a brick in your driveway and Wesson oil smeared around, this is how they think they can compel “the Lord” to blast whoever they don’t like. If He doesn’t do it fast enough for them, they’re not above helping Him out with booby traps.

  • Alms

    @ Fredrick, I mean the number of Muslims who engaged in terrorist attacks since 11/9/2001 (about 45 according to your data above), for obvious reasons pointed out by Ilisha above, compared to more than a billion believing yet peaceful Muslims all over the world whose sacred texts and religious teaching you dogmatically charged as terrorist without shred of evidence! Is the number significant in comparison or negligible? If the sacred texts and teaching of Islam really motivate or make all devout Muslims terrorists, how many millions of these attacks would have been carried out on daily basis? It only then that your ‘loony’ contention be justified.

  • fredrick

    Negligible number Alms?

    Two months ago, yet another devout Muslim, Amine El Khalifi, was arrested wearing a vest full of explosives before he could blow up the U.S. Capitol building. The thwarted homicide bombing marked at least the 45th publicly known attempted Islamic terrorist attack against the United States since 9/11, and it is the sixth such attack targeting Washington, D.C., all motivated by the texts and teachings of Islam. And lord knows how many more in the future. No wonder the military and police of many nations are educated about the threat.

  • Alms

    No peace-loving person would help lamenting over comments such as Fredrick’s above. What cause could serve this soundly refuted claim that Islam teaches violence? And, how could the wrong deeds of a very negligible number of Muslims be the justification to hate let alone declare war against the religion and the whole of more than a billion peaceful beleivers all over the world! Could not the same wrong deeds (in the name of religion) be found in some christians and in others (is there need to cite examples or provide links)?

  • fredrick

    Anti islam courses are very appropriate for military being prepared to protect the west from an ideology that would like to supplant it, violently if necessary. Americans are concerned about Islam because of Naser Abdo, the would-be second Fort Hood jihad mass murderer; and Khalid Aldawsari, the would-be jihad mass murderer in Lubbock, Texas; and Muhammad Hussain, the would-be jihad bomber in Baltimore; and Mohamed Mohamud, the would-be jihad bomber in Portland; and Faisal Shahzad, the would-be Times Square jihad mass-murderer; and Abdulhakim Mujahid Muhammad, the Arkansas military recruiting station jihad murderer; and Naveed Haq, the jihad mass murderer at the Jewish Community Center in Seattle; and Mohammed Reza Taheri-Azar, the would-be jihad mass murderer in Chapel Hill, North Carolina; Ahmed Ferhani and Mohamed Mamdouh, who hatched a jihad plot to blow up a Manhattan synagogue; and Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, the would-be Christmas airplane jihad bomber; and many others like them who have plotted and/or committed mass murder in the name of Islam and motivated by its texts and teachings.

  • Reynardine, spot on, in fact MRFF is about exactly this problem,

    Loon Watch, you may want to sign up to MRFF email list if not already. Mikey Weinstein is one of the best weapons against the Christian Right infiltration of the military.

    This cancer needs to be eradicated, just as they seek to impose their f&**&^^ up theology on the nation, so they seek to impose it on the military. Blackwater was a spin off.

    The military infiltration of these thugs and goons and modern day crusaders doesn’t get nearly as much coverage as it should,

    It’s an uphill struggle, and Weinstein is always getting death threats from these modern day crusaders.

  • corey

    actually I think this is how terrorism should be fought the honor system.

  • Military Religious Freedom Foundation Commends Long-Overdue U.S. Military Order to Eliminate Anti-Islam Training Materials
    Thursday, April 26, 2012

    The Military Religious Freedom Foundation (MRFF: commends and wholeheartedly supports the order given on Tuesday, April 24th, 2012 by General Martin Dempsey, Chairman of the United States Joint Chiefs of Staff. General Dempsey has ordered that all training and educational materials throughout the military be immediately reviewed to ensure that no anti-Muslim or anti-Islam references or content remain. [1] Our nonprofit civil rights foundation, which currently represents well over 27,000 soldiers, sailors, marines, airmen, cadets, midshipmen, and armed forces veteran clients, also represents more than 10% of all Muslim Americans in the armed forces. MRFF has long demanded that the scandalously hateful and bigoted material, which has been allowed to pollute the once-prestigious institutions of higher learning within the U.S. armed forces, be rooted out decisively.


    It is worth noting that Norwegian terrorist Anders Behring Breivik quoted Brigitte Gabriel in his 1,500 page “Manifesto” [12] and emblazoned the Crusader cross on its cover as well as throughout videos supporting his rambling anti-Muslim screed. [13] In fact, Breivik has claimed that his actions are a result of his fighting a crusade against Islam and multiculturalism itself. [14] The U.S. Military must not be allowed to plunge into a fascistic frame of mind steeped in nationalistic Christian supremacy – an ideology shared by such figures as Anders Breivik and Lt. Gen. William G. “Jerry” Boykin.

    Make no mistake – this long-overdue review of the appalling anti-Islam materials used to train our servicemen and servicewomen is a proverbial case of closing the barn door long after the animals have left. However, the old adage “better late then never” applies. The No Establishment Clause and the Free Exercise Clause of the Bill of Rights’ First Amendment have long been denigrated, as is also the case with Clause 3 of Article 6 of the body of our nation’s Constitution, which specifically prohibits any type of ‘religious test’ being used in connection with any government service. Those who allowed for these egregious violations to take place must face stern and swift discipline. By ordering this review, JCS chairman General Martin Dempsey’s statements indicate that within the Department of Defense he is apparently serious about defending American values with words, but it’s yet to be seen as to whether this will be followed, as is rarely the case, with deeds.

  • Alms

    Thanks to sites such the Loon Watch which stand as a neutral check against any religious, political and governmental ideology propelled by bigotry and thus capable of creating unrest. May peace reign throughout the world, ameen.

  • Reynardine

    The “war on Islam” does not stop with Islam. Even Christians who are not “the right kind of Christian” are harassed in an increasingly Dominionized military. My godson, an extremely intelligent young man who is quite skilled at what he does, is under increasing pressure for his Eastern Orthodoxy, and he is not in the Air Force, where officer candidates are openly told they had better make a conspicuous display of the “right kind of Christianity” if they expect to get anywhere. Loyalty to this kind of Christianity is demanded over and above and-in these days- even in contradiction to our elected government and our Constitution. Under these circumstances, the danger of an armed putsch is increasingly real.

  • Sir David : Man on a phone with a french spell check

    The USA is at war with its own citizens
    Look at the lack of healthcare,
    Poor éducation,
    Gun deaths,
    Drug problems
    Tax unfairness
    And the solution Is ,……….

  • NurAlia

    Ameraca IS at war with Islam.

    Let us not lie. If an American soldier can walk into a home in Afganistan, wake, terrorise, murder and then try to burn the evidence of his crime…and was taught by his peers the bigotry and hate it takes to do this…America is at war with Islam.

    If Americans can murder 24 people in Iraq, and all that the criminals get when broght to ‘trial’ is a reduction in pay and 20 days in jail…America is at war with Islam.

    The hate and bigotry is already deeply rooted in the discourse of American (and European) conversationa about Islam. The westerners have been taught, through thier media, religious and political leaders, various organizations with alternative motives, that we are savages, we hate Israel, Jews Christians, and on and on…and we must be ‘saved from ourselves’, or be killed for the good of the rest of the world.

    In the same rhetoric, hate, bigotry, and blind following that…even today, that Americans excuse the purposeful murder of thousands of innocnet people in Hiroshima and Nagasaki…they use to excuse the murder of innocent Iraqis and Afgans, Palsitinians, and possbily soon, Iranians.

    The west is at war with anyone who opposes thier missionary view of the world. So…lets not lie…America IS at war with Islam.

  • Glorfindel

    @Ibn Mikael

    It won’t die down, America fears other competing forms of power – from wherever they may spring. I think it was Brezhenski who wrote in ‘The Grand Chessboard’ that they must stop all forms of power in the world, other than their own, to dominate the world – be that on the continent of Europe, Russia, China, Latin America, Africa or the wider Muslim World.

    Also in this economy fear mongers and rabid anti-Muslim/Islam nutcases will garner a greater voice in the domestic scene and the wider Euro-American context, we have already seen how the crazies seem to inspire one another (Yaxley-Lennon, Geller, Spencer and their effect on Breivik) to murderous consequences, the only difference between them all is that Breivik was unhinged enough to make good on all his threats – he is not the first and certainly wont be the last to see themselves as some kind of awakened soldier defending his civilisation from dying and being murdered by brown people from across the sea.

    All this hatred feeds off of each other, the Military has the same kind of unhinged anti-Muslim/Islam people as Geller and Co. in terms of the bare facts of Islamic Terrorism and how to deal with it, a sustained police investigation could deal with these things, treating nations as partners instead of potential enemies and removing the element of conventional military warfare from the whole paradigm would do wonders for the whole situation, but so long as America is willing to spend billions of dollars to kill poor on the other side of the world you will have nutters cheering it on, by whatever means necessary…


  • mindy1

    Well, at least they are looking into it…

  • Ibn Mikael

    This shouldn’t come as a surprise. Not only do we have ample evidence that the FBI and local law enforcement agencies are frequently taught that Islam is evil and that it’s their duty to harass Muslims, but we also have stuff like the RAND report that demonstrates a desire on the part of US officials to destroy traditional forms of Islam. People seem to assume that when government officials/law enforcement get into office, they’ll shed their nutty Evangelical hatred towards Islam, but they don’t. One can only hope that when he hopefully pull out of Afghanistan, this whole anti-Islam sentiment will die down.

  • Hakeem

    The US might as well be in a war against Islam. I am not suggesting it is, but look around.

    It is funny and ironic that even those who get their motivation from “religious teachings” don’t claim to be fighting Christianity. They all claim to want to get the US out, or defeat it, while saying nothing about Christianity. At least publicly.

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