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BFP Organiser Who Said ‘Muslims are Bearded Scum’ Claims Party is ‘Centre Right’

More intriguing info. on Stephen Lennon’s British “Freedom” Party:

BFP organiser claims party is ‘centre right’

Lynn News has published an update on the controversy over the proposed conversion of a disused King’s Lynn pub into an Islamic community centre.

They interview Stephen Tweed of the British Freedom Party who has been organising a campaign against the development. Tweed claims that his objections to the mosque are concerned only with noise and parking. He states that he is not a racist and that his party is “centre right”.

This from a man who describes King’s Lynn’s Muslim community as “bearded scum”, denounces “complacent, wishy-washy liberal governments” for having “let Muslim immigrants flood in”, calls for “the banning of the Koran” and “an immediate stop to the building of mosques anywhere”, has a photo of a burning mosque as hisprofile picture on Facebook, and is the Norfolk organiser of a party launched by former prominent figures in the fascist British National Party, one of whom recently commented that he “couldn’t care less” about the young people killed by Anders Breivik because they were “leftist youths” who would “grow up to betray Norway”.

Tweed will be raising his concerns about “noise and parking” on Monday at a meeting of West Norfolk Council’s planning committee, which has been recommended to approve the application to convert the pub into a community centre. Hopefully the committee will take into consideration Tweed’s repulsive political beliefs and treat his arguments accordingly.

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  • Sir David Illuminati membership number 16.69

    wow so many !
    thats in ten years
    1882 a year
    5 a day wow
    but why have they not been in the news every day ?
    It must be that Muslims control the press including Fox News and the Daily Mail.

    I will reply in more detail after I have found the Pray times in the Daily Mail .

    Toodle Pip

    Sir David

    Vice President Leftwing Muslim Alliance
    West Anjou Branch

  • aysha

    It’s all made easy for people like you who can’t see beyond their own noses because they don’t want to.

    [Snipped. Link replaced: ]

    18819 documented islamic terrorist attacks since 9/11

  • Sir David Illuminati membership number 16.69

    It does ?
    I had not noticed

  • aysha

    Yes and islam surpasses all other religions in it’s cruelty to man.

  • Sir David Illuminati membership number 16.69

    Unfortunetly Reynardine , thats not a new Idea .
    Dogs have been used to blow up Tanks ( Germany I think or maybe )Dolphins and Pilot Whales to Blow up submarines ( USSR and USA) and the USA even experimented with trained Bats and Pigions during WWII.
    Mans cruelty to animals is only supassed by his cruelty to man.

  • Reynardine

    My cats rather enjoy creeping into bags and playing pouncie through them-photographing that is easy. The bomb belt bothers me: I could picture him strapping a live one to some luckless cat and turning it loose in a mosque of equally luckless worshippers.

  • Hamurabi
  • Hamurabi
  • Hamurabi

    His newest profile pic has a cat in a burka(?) strapped with a bomb belt:

  • mindy1

    If he’s center right, then bacon is kosher 😉

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