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EDL Summit in Denmark Humiliated by Low Attendance

EDL Aarhus demo

EDL Aarhus demo

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EDL summit in Denmark humiliated by low attendance

Anti-fascist demonstrators outnumbered far-right supporters more than 20 to one in Denmark as an English Defence League-led attempt to form a pan-European movement was humiliated.

Estimates suggested as few as 160 defence league members from several countries gathered at the inaugural far-right summit in Aarhus for the European counter-jihad meeting, devised to “send a clear message to the leaders of Europe” that Islamism would not be tolerated.

EDL leader Tommy Robinson admitted only 15 supporters from England made the trip, despite earlier speculation that hundreds might attend. In comparison, an anti-fascist demonstration in the same city to protest against the arrival of the EDL attracted up to 4,000 people.

Fears of violence had seen local police mount their biggest operation on the Jutland peninsula with the tense atmosphere amplified by the start of the trial this month of Anders Behring Breivik, the far-right extremist and anti-Islamist who confessed to the murder of 77 people in Norway last July.

A cohort of the Norwegian Defence League travelled to Aarhus. Although none condoned Breivik’s actions, some said they shared his frustrations. One, who would be named only as Simon, from eastern Norway, said: “He had some important points. There are people who share his thinking, if not his methods.”

The low turnout in Aarhus is in fact the second time the EDL has travelled abroad to try to forge alliances. Its first attempt, in Amsterdam in 2010, was widely dismissed as a “damp squib” attracting about 60 supporters who were met with fierce opposition from Ajax football fans and anti-racist supporters. Robinson, the main attraction at the Aarhus summit, was unrepentant despite even fewer of his followers appearing, saying: “Just wait until there are hundreds of us coming in.”

Observer, 1 April 2012

Picture: EDL leader Stephen Lennon addresses the rather thin ranks of the European “counter-jihad” movement. EDL second-in-command Kevin Carroll is on the left wearing the T-shirt proclaiming that the EDL hates Nazis – a message just ever so slightly undermined by the fact that the individual on the right is former BNP organiser and bodyguard to Nick Griffin, Stuart Bates.

Update:  See also “Far right militants fail to strike blow against Islam on their Danish awayday”, Observer, 1 April 2012

Update 2:  And “Antifascists humiliate EDL’s cronies in Aarhus, Denmark”, UAF news report, 31 March 2012

Update 3:  Over at Atlas Shrugs mad Pamela Geller has reproduced the speech delivered by Anders Gravers of Stop Islamisation of Europe at the Aarhus rally. Some excerpts:

Most of us here today know we are in a war. A war that has been fought for centuries. Even those who have not yet realised that we are in a war know we face a big enemy that plans to rule the world. This enemy of freedom is called Islam and Muslims are its soldiers….

Islam is not a religion. It is the world’s biggest hate group. Muslims choose to be members of this hate group….

Islam is in reality a political party because it has its own manifesto to rule the world. Islam is a dictatorship. Its manifesto crushes all freedom. It dictates how people should behave for every second of the day.

Islam is the opposite of freedom, just as communism is. But Islam is worse than communism. It is communism with a vicious, violent god attached. This so-called god commands Muslims to make war on the Kuffar who live around them….

The Koran should be banned for being a manual of hate, just as some European countries have banned Mein Kampf. Mein Kampf means “My struggle”. Jihad also means “My struggle”. The difference is for Muslims, the struggle is to make Islam rule the world.

Both Mein Kampf and the Koran are full of Jew-hating…. Recently we saw in Toulouse just what Islam’s Jew-hatred brings to Europe. 70% of attacks on Jews in France are done by Muslims. And this is being repeated across Europe….

Every mosque being built must be protested against. Not only must protests be held outside mosques, but also the building companies making the mosques. Also the councils allowing mosques to be built.

Whenever a woman, or even worse, a child is raped, we must protest outside the mosque closest to where it happened…. The media must be challenged to report our protests or we will accuse them of supporting the violence of the world’s biggest hate group. Islam.

All anti-Islam groups must work together to defeat our enemy and to win this war.

Victory is ours. NO SURRENDER.

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  • Sir David ( Illuminati membership number 16.69

    Winston Churchill was a man of his times , brought up in a very conservative old fashioned manner. Very victorian values including the belief in the superiority of the white race and britains above all others . I suggest you read his history of the English speaking peoples .
    In WW2 it has been suggested he ignored a serious Famine in India to concentrate resourses on fighting the Japanese. Although how india would have fared under Japanese occupation begs a question they should ask the chinese . A man who could make those hard desisions that had to be made some would say .
    The same man who ordered the sinking of most of the french navy after france fell to the germans , yes that correct the french fleet thousands of french soliers died . The same man who during the general stike in the depression ordered British soldiers on British soil to fire at striking welsh miners.
    A complex flawed person but then ar’n’t we all 😉

  • Black Infidel

    @Sir David: Who was Winston Churchill racist toward? What did he do in India?

  • Sir David ( Illuminati membership number 16.69

    Black Infidel
    Whinston Churchill was certainly Racist but he knew a Nazi when he saw one and hated the lot of them. I am sure he would have condemmed the EDL.
    Genocidal ? not sure maybe referring to his actions in India
    Colonialist : at times yet he also oversaw much of the end of British colonianism
    Thief ? er how?
    Bricklayer ; yup a qualified bricklayer
    American mother : yup

    As I said a complex person

    toodle pip
    Sir David
    Vice President mooslim leftwing alliance
    Anjou branch

  • Géji

    > “That one dumbass wearing the “EDL hates Nazis and Islamists” is (along with being a racist himself and also likely pro-Nazi secretly as well!)”

    @Abdul-Rahman, we all know how many people fighting Islamophobia came to realize that the ideology of Muslim/Islam Western haters of today, are in perfect line with the old ideology of Jewish/Judaism Western haters of yesterday, no big difference there, similar in their felling of hate and in the uttered poisonous rhetoric that comes through whenever they’re expressing those “fellings”, not one iota of difference there, so it is not like they’re fooling anyone when they’re using nonsensical “catch” phrases like – “EDL hate Nazi”- said phrase is obviously in total contradiction with their ideological script … “EDL hate Nazi”, if we look at what EDL represent, is fundamentally nonsensical. — Can it be possible that the new Nazi guideline “hate” the old Nazi guideline? well, logically no, maybe we may say they have a bit of difference in the course of actions or procedures(yet) on how to deal with their new targeted group, but a Nazi “hate” a Nazi? it’s a bit thick to swallow. — What’s most funny to see is when an obvious Nazi ideologue sells-out his fellow Nazi buddies, by using the beloved ideology-(Nazism) he adheres-to, on others that are in opposition of him, which is what most Muslims haters of today do, while it is apparent to everyone that their ideology of hating Western Muslims are same as that of yesterday haters of Western Jews, and this moron with T-shirt is the perfect example. By the way, is there anything called self-hating Nazi? lol, that would be a good one. But I’ll bet everything I have and put my hand in fire, that had the haters of Muslims today lived during Hitler era? they’ll be the first to join his movement, so in all sense they are none but his ideological descendants, period. Not “secretly pro-Nazi”, but openly Nazis. Lets call a spade a spade.

  • Black Infidel
  • Black Infidel

    @Abdul-Rahman: Winston Churchill was actually racist, genocidal, colonialist pig and thief? What’s the connection between Winston and Christopher Columbus? Wasn’t Columbus from Spain?

  • Al

    LOL what losers

  • Abdul-Rahman

    That one dumbass wearing the “EDL hates Nazis and Islamists” is (along with being a racist himself and also likely pro-Nazi secretly as well!) surely a “fan” of that racist, genocidal, colonialist pig (that is disgustingly “honored” in England today much as the US “honors” that genocidal rapist and thief Christopher Columbus) Winston Churchill.

    and I could go on.

  • Jai

    Presumably some filter problems have resulted in my original post not appearing on the thread. I will try to re-submit it:

    There have been a series of further developments involving the EDL.

    Firstly, EDL leader Stephen Yaxley-Lennon (aka “Tommy Robinson”) was one of the guests on the BBC discussion programme The Big Questions yesterday. The discussion was supposed to focus on the question of whether Britain is too complacent about the Far-Right. This edition of the programme is currently available on BBC iPlayer:

    Let’s just say that that matters didn’t exactly go well for Yaxley-Lennon.

    Right at the start of the show, the host of The Big Questions, Nicky Campbell, confronted Yaxley-Lennon with an extract from the latter’s speech at the EDL demonstration in London in September 2011 when Yaxley-Lennon directly accused “every single Muslim” of collective guilt and then made a direct threat of EDL-led retribution against the entire British Muslim population. Here’s the relevant extract, which Campbell also read out:

    “EVERY SINGLE MUSLIM watching this on Youtube, on 7/7 you got away with killing and maiming British citizens, you got away with it. You had better understand that we have built a network from one end of this country to the other end, and we will not tolerate it, and the Islamic community will feel the full force of the English Defence League if we see any of our citizens killed, maimed or hurt on British soil ever again.”

    You can watch this part of Yaxley-Lennon’s speech on Youtube here: The full 10-minute speech is available here:

    It’s worth watching Yaxley-Lennon’s reaction after Nicky Campbell read out that extract. Yaxley-Lennon’s lame, disingenuous “explanation” wasn’t exactly convincing either.

  • Bonkerz

    LMFAO… she’s ranting about the “Jew hating, Neo-Nazi Leftists” who [according to her] are self hating white people.

  • Jai

    There have been some more developments during the past 24 hours. One of the main participants on The Big Questions yesterday was Dr Matthew Goodwin, an academic at a major British university who specialises in the Far-Right.

    Due to Dr Goodwin’s very effective counterarguments against EDL leader Stephen Yaxley-Lennon yesterday, the EDL leadership have subsequently attempted to discredit Dr Goodwin by posting a message on the EDL’s official Twitter account promoting a certain website containing defamatory material about Dr Goodwin. Full details, including a screenshot of the EDL leadership’s Twitter message:

    As the article discusses, despite Yaxley-Lennon’s “we’re not Nazis” claims on The Big Questions yesterday, the website containing the aforementioned material denigrating Dr Goodwin is actually “Metapedia”, a white supremacist neo-Nazi website (see: The Metapedia webpage on Hitler is, shall we say, particularly revealing.

    Furthermore, during The Big Questions, Yaxley-Lennon falsely accused Dr Goodwin of listing his political views on his Facebook profile as “Left. Way way left. No more left!”. This false claim is actually made on the Metapedia page on Dr Goodwin. So, Yaxley-Lennon was quoting material from a Hitler-supporting neo-Nazi website live on air.

  • Black Infidel

    Well said revenge. Hypocrisy indeed.

  • revenge

    So they call Islam the enemy of freedom, yet the last I looked at the news, it was Christianity that’s trying to take away freedom (like banning abortion, no gays rights, banning contraceptives, etc…)

    They say Islam wants to rule the world, yet the last I looked it was the Christian nations of Europe that had world-spanning empires and was shoving Christianity down everyone else’s throat.

    They say the Qu’ran is a manual of hate, yet the Bible contains commands of genocide and hate far worse.

    They say the Islamic God is vicious and violent, yet it was the Christian God that has murdered countless people (like Sodom and Gomorrah, the first-borns of Egypt, Noah’s flood, etc…)

    They say the Qu’ran is filled with Jew-hating stuff like Mein Kampf yet the Bible is the book that refers to Jews as members of the Synagogue of Satan, not to mention that Mein Kampf was written by a Christian who thought he was “saving” Europe from another non-existent “take-over”.

    Sounds like good old hypocrisy to me. 😉

  • Sulayman


    So they did not even recoup their air tickets? Tch Tch

  • mindy1

    BAHAHAHA they could barely get enough people for a Jewish Minyon-such losers they are 😛

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