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France: Muslim Section of Cemetery in Carros Desecrated by Vandals


A Muslim section in a Carre cemetery was desecrated

This is a report from the French website, Al-Kanz which does a good job in covering anti-Islam and anti-Muslim trends and attacks, they also alerted us to this story. Here is an approximate translation via. Google:

Desecrated Muslim section near Nice

Hatred of the living led some to attack the dead. The Muslim section of a cemetery in Carros, near Nice, has been desecrated, as reported by France Soir .

The brave Snatchers drew swastikas in reverse and inscribed “Vive Le Pen” and “Arab dehor” outside without s. The UMP proposed a few days ago to reform the spelling. Utility is measured. Like drawing classes with swastikas in place?

Here is the original in French:

La haine des vivants conduit certains à s’en prendre aux morts. Le carré musulman d’un cimetière à Carros, près de Nice, a été profané, comme le rapporte France Soir.

Les courageux profanateurs ont dessiné des croix gammées à l’envers et inscrit « Vive Le Pen » et « Arabe dehor », dehors sans s. L’UMP proposait il y a quelques jours de réformer l’orthographe. On mesure l’utilité. Tout comme des cours de dessin de croix gammées à l’endroit ?

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  • corey

    here is what the idiot brigade over at bni have to say about this no if you will excuse me I might have to bleach my brain of the memory of the disgusting comments at that poor fart joke of a website.

  • desecration of a cemetery is evil whether a muslim cemetery in France desecrated by nonmuslims or the British Commonwealth war graves cemetery desecrated by muslims in Libya earlier this year.

  • Thanks Sir David, it looks to me like it says profaners of courage. lol. I guess that would be “cowardly scum.”

  • Sir David : Man on a phone with a french spell check

    The Google translation is a bit ….wonky
    Les courageux profanateurs – is a bit of irony they mean cowardly scum
    I love the idea that they could not get the swastiker correct after président sarko suggested the reform of french spelling the other day

  • Sumaya


  • mindy1

    Sad-the dead should be allowed to rest in peace 🙁

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