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German Far-right Party Plans to Demonstrate Outside Mosques

anti-Mosque protests

This seems to be the strategy for the foreseeable future amongst far-right groups in Germany:

German far-right party plans to demonstrate outside mosques

A far-right party on the campaign trial in Germany’s most populous state is threatening to put caricatures of Mohammed outside mosques in a string of cities.

The “Pro NRW” party in the western state of North Rhine-Westphalia has already shown anti-Islamic caricatures in Essen and Gelsenkirchen, though the police prevented demonstrations taking place directly outside mosques.

Police have also banned “Pro NRW”, which is campaigning on an Islamophobic platform, from using the Danish cartoons that caused massive protests in the Islamic world in 2005.

But “Pro NRW” intends to send activists to 25 mosques throughout the state in the run-up to the election on May 13, staging protests in Cologne, Bonn, Düsseldorf, Aachen, Wuppertal and Solingen. Areport in Die Welt newspaper on Sunday said the far-right party intended to post around 100 what it called “Islam-critical” drawings outside the mosques.

Interior Minister in state Ralf Jäger condemned the campaign and expressed support for planned counter-demonstrations. “Pro NRW is committing spiritual arson,” he told the paper. “The party is consciously taking into account that Muslims will feel provoked and upset. The authorities will exhaust all legal avenues to prevent a xenophobic hate campaign.”

The federal Interior Minister Hans-Peter Friedrich is reportedly worried about violent confrontations with the Salafists, the fundamentalist Muslims who began distributing free copies of the Koran in Germany three weeks ago. A report in Der Spiegelmagazine over the weekend said his ministry had been in contact with the North Rhine-Westphalia state government in recent weeks to find a way to de-escalate the situation. The election there is on May 13.

“Pro NRW” campaign manager Lars Seidensticker says he did not understand the outrage over the campaign, and says his party would bear no responsibility for any violence.

“If the situation is so tense that you can’t do a campaign like this against Islamist influences any more, then the politicians are responsible for doing away with Germany,” he said, alluding to the title of a 2010 book by banker Thilo Sarrazin (“Germany Does Away with Itself”), which criticized Islamic immigrants in Germany.

“Mosques are potential centres of a new civil war that we have to prevent,” said Seidensticker. “That’s why we have to pull out the Islamist evil by its roots.”

“Pro NRW”, which boasts 250 members, is also planning to award a cash prize for the “best” anti-Islamic caricature, named after Danish cartoonist Kurt Westergaard, who was responsible for the 2005 images. Westergaard has distanced himself from the competition and is reportedly considering legal action against the party for using his name.

The Local, 30 April 2012

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  • Proverb

    mjasghar Says: “And what a surprise the federal minister is more concerned with possible Muslim violence”

    Clearly the minister was right, as it was the Muslims who resorted to violence – yet again. During the protest, German police were attacked by Muslims and about 30 Muslims were arrested.

    The “far-right” did not engage in any violence.

  • crow

    Why was that snipped? Just because whatever its name was cried about it? Like its not true?

    [You were given wide latitude to make your point, but calling a specific public figure a Nazi is inflammatory. Ilisha]

  • Crow

    First of all hoppy, zionism is a genocidal political ideology just like nazism (look at fat spensers site or fascist republic and see all the good zionist christians calling for the extermination of Muslim. Remind me what German group was into genocide? Thats right it was the nazis!) so to recap [snipped]. Glad I could clear that up for you.

  • E L


    What do Zionists or Zionism have to do with this. Loonwatch you are a pathetic bunch my comments are censored and Crow can imply Zionists to Nazis as well as a Jew.

    And you scum want self-determination for the “Palestinians” but demonize Jewish self-determination – fucking hypocrites!

  • E L

    Its a democracy get over yourselves!

  • mjasghar

    They are attention seekers nothing more

  • Solid Snake


    LOL I did not know what ‘ZZ Top’ was until I googled it!

    Anyway, in my personal opinion, those Muslims shouldn’t have protested the conference esp with the signs about ‘ol Hitch (not that I like him or anything). To me these kinds of things seem counterproductive. I mean what was the purpose of the protest?

  • PerpetuallyConfused

    A muslim group protested outside the 2012 Atheist Conference in Melbourne.
    In response to the placards held by bearded men saying “Christopher Hitchens Burn In Hell” the atheists chanted “ZZ Top, ZZ Top”.

    Too many beards for them I suppose ….. 🙂

  • William Burns

    German far rightists rally against religious minority! Yeah, no way this will turn out badly.

  • Crow

    I Wonder how many zionists will stand with their nazi brothers? Netanhitler couldnt have done better himself

  • mjasghar

    And what a surprise the federal minister is more concerned with possible Muslim violence
    I thought merkel said they had learned from the murders of turkish buisnessmen?

  • Dehnus

    Very simple, the underdog role, where they can act :”see we have forbidden knowledge that nobody wants you to know!”, which is the forbidden fruit thing.

    And ontop of that, if any of the Muslims react the “OMG BOOHOOOHOO His eyes looked like he wanted to stone me!?”. Like all bulies best thing you can do is ignore them, they live on the attention.

  • Sir David Illuminati membership number 16.69

    Publisity seekers
    At least the pôlice can photograph them all so they know where to call after the next act of vandalism etc

  • mindy1

    What are they going to accomplish by doing this??

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