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South Yorkshire “Infidels” Group Wants to Kill George Galloway

(via. Islamophobia-Watch)

Infidels threaten George Galloway

Via Expose, here is the response of the South Yorkshire Infidels, a breakaway faction from the EDL, to George Galloway’s by-election victory in Bradford West.

Given that West Yorkshire Police recently arrested and charged a young Muslim over an offensive Facebook comment about British soldiers in Afghanisatan, will their colleagues in South Yorkshire be taking any action over this Facebook post?

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  • George Carty

    It wasn’t white men which killed 110 million Native Americans, but the microbes which they unwittingly introduced into that virgin continent.

  • Sir David ( Illuminati membership number 16.69

    Up Date on this story
    eventually SB got off their butts

    mmmm nothing wrong with Ennglish cooking .
    I am on a mission to convert the french from bread filled air , small portions , inability to make a pie and a weak cold runny custard .
    Plus weaning them off garlic and wine with everything

    As for Churchill not to sure he could have prevented the War as such .
    The generals were behind Hitler until 43 at least and the causes for the war reach back to the end of WW1 . If the germans had more time to develope weapons such as the jet engine who knows what would have happened then.

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