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Stephen Yaxley Lennon, aka Tommy Robinson: EDL Leader Praises Terrorist Anders Breivik

Anders Breivik did what many anti-Muslim bigots and hate-mongers only dream of doing, killing Muzzies and the so-called enablers of “Islamization,” the leftists. They idealize and dream of restarting the Crusades and following in the footsteps of the anti-Muslim Serb officers eager to carry out orders to ethnically cleanse Bosnian Muslim villages.

Breivik terrorized on a far greater and more spectacular scale than we had hitherto seen from the anti-Muslim bigots, who were usually content with bombing and burning mosques, vandalizing cemeteries, or at worst cowardly murdering Muslim cabdrivers, shopkeepers, etc.

Breivik’s murderous actions were justified by many in the Islamophobic looniverse. It was even revealed that Pamela Geller likely had foreknowledge of a planned terrorist attack in Norway before Breivik went on his rampage.

Breivik himself has admitted ties to anti-Muslim leaders and organizations both in Europe and the US. He explicitly stated that he met with the violent anti-Muslim organisation the English Defence League, and stated that there are Knights Templar terrorist cells across Europe.

Now we have Stephen Lennon, a founding member of the EDL dropping the faux mask of condemnation against Breivik and explicitly praising Breivik and his actions, thereby giving more credence to Breivik’s claims (H/T: Jai):

Tommy Robinson, leader of the English Defence League, has spoken positively about Anders Behring Breivik’s approach to his twin attacks.

In an interview with Dagbladet he said justifying the attack on Utøya, which some conspiracy theory supporters allege was a place designed to support Fatah, would have been easier to justify if it was directed against Muslims.

“Nevertheless, he would only then have been brushed off as the one that killed Muslims because he did not like Islam. Whether you like it or not, that person was quite shrewd. What he did is despicable, but he managed to make people curious.”

Robinson, who has previously claimed Breivik was rather tough as “he dared to come forward with his opinions”, also cites the terrorist’s manifesto, major parts of which are comprised of blogs and books.

“The blogs are full of facts. You cannot yell at people because they tell the truth. You may find that the truth hurts, but it is still the truth. I read the blogs themselves – they contain facts about Islam,” he alleged.

Robinson denies that the English Defence League extols violence, “but we will defend ourselves if we must. The EDL isn’t made up of medical doctors and professors; it’s the boys from the street.”

The Independent contacted Lennon and challenged him about his statements in praise of Breivik. Lennon has been forced into a position where he is denying that he ever made the remarks. Unfortunately for him his statements were quite clear and as Loonwatch commenter Jai noted,

“The most revealing statement of all is Yaxley-Lennon’s claim that Breivik’s terrorist attack on Utoya would have been easier to justify if it had been perpetrated against Muslims.”

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  • DaMan

    This is good news. Time for Euro Muslims to get their act together, and a threat will help them improve.

  • Solid Snake


    I am so mad right now! We dropped 8 of the last 10 games! And we spent all that money on Fielder! 🙁 At least the Lions will have a great season for sure!! I hope lol

  • Just Stopping By

    @Solid Snake: I have to update my prior answer: “…when the BETTER team wins two out of three!” 😀

  • Just Stopping By

    @Solid Snake says, “I might drop by when the Detroit Tigers go to New York for a couple of games. We can talk about anything and everything er…right after the game that is.”

    Hope you’re not too depressed right now! 🙂 Anyway, you can’t complain when the BETTER team wins!

  • Jai

    Some breaking news:

    According to a joint investigation by the British anti-racism organisation “Hope Not Hate” and “EDL News”, English Defence League leader Stephen Yaxley-Lennon (aka “Tommy Robinson”) is formally entering British politics and is to become the deputy leader of the extreme Far-Right “British Freedom Party”.

    An initial short article by HnH’s Nick Lowles is available here: A longer article with more detailed information is available here:

    Along with the BFP’s hypocritical claim that one of their policies is “Promote Christian values”, you will note that a large number of the BFP’s policies target the entire British Muslim population for persecution, not just the extremist minority. Also, as Nick Lowles mentioned in his own article, a series of the BFP’s key policies are identical to those of the BNP.

    Main extracts from the second article:

    The British Freedom Party are to appoint the English Defence League leader, Stephen Yaxley Lennon aka Tommy Robinson as deputy leader of the party according to sources within the Party.

    An alliance between the EDL and the BFP was announced in November last year but this is the first evidence we have seen that Lennon, also known as Tommy Robinson, will be taking a political platform within the party.
    In an joint venture, Hope not Hate and EDL News have been conducting a investigation into a shadowy meeting held at the Icon Hotel in Luton on the 14th February, 2012.

    According to documents seen by us, those present at the meeting were Chairman, Paul Weston, National Nomination Officer George Whale and their Communications Officer Lee Cooper. Present from the English Defence League were EDL leader Stephen Yaxley Lennon and second in charge, Kevin Carroll.
    Also Present at the meeting was Ann Marchini who was understood to have been at the 2009 founding meeting of the EDL and has close links to Alan Ayling aka Alan Lake, the EDL’s financial bankroller.

    In the meeting, Lennon confirmed that he was interested in the role. There was also interest from Kevin Carroll and Guramit Singh for other positions within the party.

    The documents states that the Executive Committee will vote on the proposal of Lennon becoming the party’s Deputy Leader. It went on to state that it will be a formality and will be unanimously passed. Lennon will remain as the leader of the EDL after he joins British Freedom.

    In another document we have seen, senior members of the BFP are discussing policies which the English Defence League wish to push. These suggest to us that Muslims are the target and not just Muslim extremists.

    One of their demands is to focus on “non-Islamic” population, not “white/black” population which further suggests they want to further drive a wedge between the Muslim community and the rest of the population.

    Other key demands of the EDL are to ban the Burka, Ban Muslims from building places of worship and the creation of a dubious website article which heavily suggests that they have a donor who is willing to give them £50,000. This is justified to get to donations rolling in.

    Among the policies are:

    – Ban the Burqa / Niqab
    – Stop the development of all new mosques
    – Stop the development of all new madrassas (Islamic School)
    – Outlaw all forms of Sharia, including Sharia courts, Sharia finance
    – Focus on “non-Islamic” population, not “white/black” population
    – Have a system in place to regulate all mosques & madrassas
    – End to mass immigration, except for vital (highly qualified positions).
    – Immigrants must undergo health check, have a sponsor, have sufficient funds to support them and their families and must be able to speak/write English.
    – Creation of a website article to confirm that “potential donor donates £50k to British Freedom” to get funding started. Must stress potential.
    – No mention of the initials “BFP” or the name “British Freedom Party” as too closely sounding to BNP. British Freedom should ensure they are only ever referred to as “British Freedom”. “Party” word must be dropped from everywhere.
    – Leave the European Union.
    – Promote Christian values.
    – Ban polygamy.

    The announcement was due to be made at the Luton Icon Hotel, at 10am on Saturday 5th May, three hours before the EDL’s demonstration in the town that day. The strict dress code for senior members is suit, tie and clean shaven.

    After the press conference, Tommy Robinson is due to make a speech to EDL members gathered at the demonstration, followed by a speech from Paul Weston.

    Last week we published a story on founding member and south west organiser of the BFP, Michael Wood when he took to Twitter to support Norwegian killer, Anders Behring Breivik.

    To get the full picture, it’s worth reading the following article written by British Freedom Party leader Paul Weston, titled “The ethnic cleansing of the English” and published on the virulently anti-Muslim website “Gates of Vienna”: The article is openly racist; Weston also repeatedly implies that anyone non-white is automatically “Muslim”, whom Weston then proceeds to caricature & demonise in the worst possible terms. Weston has regularly written articles for “Gates of Vienna”. The website was of course one of the most heavily cited sources of “information” in Anders Breivik’s manifesto.

    There’s an American connection too. The EDL & BFP have also recently formed a transatlantic alliance with the US-based “Christian Action Network” (“CAN”), an influential extremist (and homophobic) Christian fundamentalist organisation:

    —— More info via Richard Bartholomew’s “Notes on Religion” website:
    —— Details on CAN:,

    Paul Weston recently spoke at a meeting in New York co-hosted by the influential “ACT! for America” organisation and other extreme Far-Right figures: It’s a very detailed article and includes embedded URL links for the full transcript of Weston’s speech.

    —— Details on “ACT! for America” are available here: The organisation has hundreds of chapters in the US and members in 20 countries outside the US. The New York Times has described the organisation’s founder as a “radical Islamophobe” who portrays Islam as “thoroughly bent on destruction and domination”; she has also been condemned by numerous figures for exhibiting extreme bigotry, engaging in factual distortions and in some instances outright lies.
    —– “ACT! for America” has also been identified as being directly involved in the core US-based multimilliondollar anti-Muslim network (see:; the organisation directly promotes anti-Muslim propaganda via its 573 chapters in the US and via its 170,000 members worldwide.

  • Solid Snake

    @JSB Likewise my internet buddy 🙂

    Aww come on..Detroit isn’t that bad, dont believe all the things you hear in the media. Well it is really bad in some parts but downtown is really nice they have plenty of good places to eat and entertainment is around every corner. Dont forget Michigan is under control by us Muslims so I tell the Dark Overlord Sultan to spare you 😀

  • Just Stopping By

    @Solid Snake:

    I have enjoyed interacting with you here, so I definitely consider you one of my online Muslim buddies and would be very happy to meet you in person if you are ever in New York and I’m around. Just don’t expect me to ever go to Detroit! 😀

  • Solid Snake


    I might drop by when the Detroit Tigers go to New York for a couple of games 🙂 We can talk about anything and everything er…right after the game that is. Then we plan our Judeo-Muslim world takeover!!!

  • revenge

    @David I’ll have a chat with my “Muslim buddies” when right-wingers sit down with their Christian buddies and talk to them about ending their war on: contraceptives, abortion, homosexuality, gay marriage, evolution, science, reason, etc.

    You knows, things that ACTUALLY AFFECT ME right HERE.;-)

  • Just Stopping By

    @David asks, “Do Islam-supporting leftists ever sit down with their Muslim buddies and have a chat about gay-rights & women’s rights? I think they should.”

    Muslim buddies: let me know if you’re in or visiting New York so we can sit down and have a chat! But, we have to add the silliness of comments like the one I quote to the agenda.

  • Sir David ( Illuminati membership number 16.69

    Not so there have been bombs in gay pubs in London by right wing nutters people killed . People arrested with bombs in the north east ( combat88 look them up )


    I have done .

    What positave thing did you do today 😉

  • David

    Do Islam-supporting leftists ever sit down with their Muslim buddies and have a chat about gay-rights & women’s rights? I think they should. 🙂

  • Franczeska

    @”tony”: Engaging in a bit of Psychological Projection again, are you?

  • tony

    Hi Reynardine you are quite right I am not in the United States but in the U.K. and over here muslims have attacked the tubewhen packed with innocent passengers,buses airport and have attempted to attack a night club.No doubt other attacks have been foiled by the police or other agencies..Todate no right wing so call nuts have committed acts of the same level of violence in the U.K.So yes I and many others over here are wary of muslims and fear another outrage by muslim nutters

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