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Unease Grows in Sarkozy Party over Rightward Lurch

Sarkozy’s right-ward lurch is supposedly rankling some feathers in his own party (via. Islamophobia-Watch):

Unease grows in Sarkozy party over rightward lurch

Unease is growing in French President Nicolas Sarkozy’s centre-right UMP party a week before a presidential election over his lurch to the right in pursuit of supporters of anti-immigration candidate Marine Le Pen.

Some mainstream conservatives have voiced public dismay at his embrace of the campaign themes, language and even some proposals of Le Pen’s National Front. In private conversations, doubts are widespread about the morality and effectiveness of the strategy.

In the last week, Sarkozy has repeatedly declared that there are too many foreigners in France and vowed to reduce legal immigration. Echoing a Le Pen proposal, he has called for police to be given greater license to shoot fleeing crime suspects. He has accused his Socialist rival Francois Hollande of being backed by Islamists and said Le Pen’s voters are respectable and her party compatible with the French Republic.

“Even though I will vote for Nicolas Sarkozy on the second round, it’s clearly my duty to ring the alarm bell about this strategy,” Etienne Pinte, a UMP lawmaker, told Reuters.

He said former prime ministers Jean-Pierre Raffarin and Alain Juppe, Sarkozy’s foreign minister, had made clear in internal meetings their reticence about the rightward drift. “All through the campaign, we felt there were misgivings among a number of parliamentary colleagues and the two former prime ministers about the exploitation of these extreme-right themes,” Pinte said.

Sarkozy hardened his discourse as soon as the results of last Sunday’s first round showed Le Pen, with nearly 18 percent, had won twice as many votes as centrist Francois Bayrou. The president needs to draw support from both sides to beat Hollande, the clear frontrunner in opinion polls, in the May 6 second-round runoff.

Raffarin hinted at his distaste in an interview with the newspaperLe Monde last week, saying: “If I were to express reservations today, it would weaken my own side … but I remain attached to the humanitarian values of our program.” Asked whether the strategy drawn up by Sarkozy’s political guru Patrick Buisson, a former extreme-right newspaper editor, had not strengthened the far right, Raffarin said the time for analysis would come after May 6. “We are in a battle now, and in a battle, the honorable thing is to be loyal,” he said.

Another former Gaullist prime minister, Dominique de Villepin, deplored what he called “crossing one republican red line after another (in a) shameless seduction of extremist votes”. Without mentioning Sarkozy by name, Villepin warned the mainstream right in an article in Le Monde against betraying its own values.

“One would think there were only National Front voters in France,” he wrote. “As if there were not more important issues than halal meat, legal immigration and (single-sex or mixed) bathing hours in public swimming pools.” Sarkozy has played up each of those issues in his quest to win over Le Pen voters.

Reuters, 29 April 2012

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  • Sir David Illuminati membership number 16.69

    Getting back to the subject .
    In last nights televised debate Francis Holland on live TV called out Sarko for demonising Muslims wtg! At least Holland sees the issue that most French people seem afraid to talk about
    Sarko again sucked up to the supporters of Marine ( i’m not right wing ) Le Pen . No hope as she has already told her supporters not to vote for him because he does not keep his word.
    Pretty obvious who to vote for amis 😉

  • Géji

    @Black Infidel, I know many atheists like to self-appropriate and self-attribute lots of things that many God-believers had a lot to do-with with not only their advancement but lots of creation as well, example like science and the ability to reason and logic ect .. which nowadays by seeming to forget all that, they shamelessly claim that just because someone believes in God they can’t be “compatible” with those, which is as rubbish as full-of-crap it can gets. But what do they mean when those that call themselves “Secular Humanists” by that? Are implying that religious people are not concerned with the interests and welfare of humans? that they are the only one capable of those? Cause that would be sham, actually insulting to human logic.

  • Jan

    @ Alan Kayda.

    That’s very heartening. I just wish there were more of them.

  • mjasghar

    Lol Alan
    Britain was 100% pagan then the Christians came and converted in some cases using force
    Note the implied approval of muslims whether uncle tons or made up
    A sure sign the haters are losing the battle for opinion so seek out native informers – elthaway jasser etc

  • JD

    Yes look at these numbers

    # Total population­­­­­, including non-Christ­ians: 4 million
    # Percent Christian: 34-41%

    ** Ohh My god so few Christians*****


    * Total population­18.1 million
    * Christian: 5-9%

    ****U.S Total population is 313,457,564 muslims make less then 1 % here***

    • Total population: 4 million
    • Greek Orthodox: 35,000
    • Melkite: 30,000

    ******* Under Occupation 40 % unemployment for everyone including muslims they are still there*****************************

    • Total population: 83 million
    • Copts: 7.5 million
    • Greek Orthodox: 350,000

    • Total population: 27 million
    • Greek Orthodox: 100,000

    Isolated incidents and idiot groups running around dont make it a all out attack on christians­­­­­. There are Also Attacks on Muslims here in the USA texi driver stabed and bombing of a mosque in FL

    here are also story like this

    Imam Ashafa and Pastor Wuye led opposing militias in Northern Nigeria. Now the men work together bridging religious conflicts between Christians and Muslims

    Muslim Youths Guard Churches

    Muslim faithful, organised into groups yesterday to guard worshippers in some churches

    Christians Protect Muslims as they Pray in Egypt”

    **Facepalm **** Yes the thing in Tunisia Egypt ,Libya,Yemen, Syria called the ” Arab Spring ” was establish Sharia law

    You know things like

    Libya bans religious parties from politics…/2012425134112668493.htm

    and yes your have nothing against muslims

    “Yes, it would been easier to justify it [if the crime were committed against Muslims], but he would only have been swept aside as the one that killed Muslims because he did not like Islam. Whether you like it or not, that guy was pretty smart…What he did is despicable, but he managed to make people curious.” Tommy Robinson praising Anders

    “9/11 was our fault, 7/7 was our fault, there’s been 17,000 terrorist attacks since September 11th, I guess they’re our fault he said.I guess the last 1,400 years of history, where Islam’s been at war with non-Islam, is our fault. It’s ridiculous.We’re not the cause. The root cause of the problem is the Koran, it’s Islam.” Tommy Robinson

  • JD

    Alan Kayda

    Muslims in France ‘like Nazi occupation’
    Marine Le Pen

    yea we all have our un educated uninformed and our Uncle Toms. Muslims have Uncle Ruckus Jesser. I am sure jews had there also before WW 2 who loved Hitler and nazi party before they got that knock on the door from SS officer but then it was too late .

  • Alan Kayda

    The Irish Republican Army was only operating in Northern Ireland and England, not in two dozen countries. They had a local greivance and were pursuing it in unacceptable violent ways. They were not trying to expand the “Irish Umma.” They were not trying to establish “Irish Sharia” in larger and larger parts of the world.

    I am concerned about the expansionist program of certain Fundamentalist Muslims. They are Imperialists. They want rule by Islam.

    Yesterday in Nigeria they set off pop can bombs in a church and then machined gunned the parishoners when they fled out the front door. They are killing dozens a week in Nigeria. This sort of killing is bleeding from Somalia into Kenya. Christians are fleeing Egypt in the hundreds of thousands. The population of Egypt was 80% Christian now it’s under 10%. There are almost no more Christians left in Lebanon. They are also being cleansed from Iraq, Iran and Pakistan. This is not an isolated tendency. It is a global movement.

    In countries that are already Muslim, governments are growing more and more Fundamentalist. The “Islamocrats” are gaining power throughout the Arab Spring.

    There is also a low-level jihad going on in dozens of other countries. People there are trying to establish Sharia law through legal means. Sharia rule is not pretty.

    Some conservative Muslims are also very concerned about this movement that is going on right now. This does not make us bigots.

    We are not against Muslims. We are against Fundamenalist Muslims who are trying to expand the Islamocratic empire.

    Are you saying that there is no Islamocratic movement going on right now?

    Your quote talks about the creeping loss of freedom. Have you heard of “creeping Sharia”? There is not much freedom under Sharia.

  • JD

    Bomb found in car in garage in north Belfast made safe

    A bomb has been found in north Belfast overnight.

    It was found under a parked car in a garage on the Ballygomartin Road.

    Up to 70 homes were evacuated while Army bomb experts made the device safe. Residents have now been allowed to return.

    Following the discovery of the bomb, Ch Insp Ian Campbell said those responsible had shown callous disregard for members of the public.

    He said elderly people and families with young children had had to be removed from their homes for several hours.

    He said: “The finger of suspicion points towards dissident republican terrorists and I appeal to anyone with information to come to police at Tennent Street.”

    The DUP MLA for the area, William Humphrey said those responsible had no regard for the local community.


    Follow Harris logic next time Colin Farrell and Bono are at the airport they have to profile them they have nothing to do with this and I am sure Colin Farrell lives in LA but we must check them and not be PC

    ohh also

    Bill O’Reilly
    Billy Connolly
    and Peter Griffin

    “Loss of freedom seldom happens overnight. Oppression doesn’t stand on the doorstep with toothbrush moustache and swastika armband — it creeps up insidiously… step by step, and all of a sudden the unfortunate citizen realizes that it is gone.” Lane, Baron

  • JD

    Imagine for a sec if Sh@tface Harris would write a article about Police profile every black man on the freeway you know since ” all crimes are done by black men” .

    He would be blasted as what he is a BIGOT AHOLE but since its about muslims no one cares.

  • JD
  • Alan Kayda

    Here is a different view of the French election from a French Muslim.

    She believes that some French Muslims are not supporting the pluralist, and multi-cultural ideal. She says that some French Muslims are tearing down, not building up:

    ‘I’m Arab, a Muslim, and I vote Marine Le Pen’

    A 33-year-old naturalised French citizen of Moroccan origin, Karima is a mother of three, married to a Frenchman. She arrived in France 15 years ago, and has a diploma in Computer Science from a French university. Now she works as a policewoman in Paris and declined to provide her last name.

    Karima says she started becoming interested in the ideas of Jean-Marie Le Pen, founder of the extreme-right National Front party, in 2002. That was almost a decade before Le Pen handed over the party leadership to his youngest daughter, Marine, in 2011. These days, Karima says she regularly attends party meetings and votes for National Front candidates whenever she can.

    “My vote is an expression of my rejection of certain Muslim Arabs [in France], whom I personally consider ‘thugs’. They’ve destroyed French society.”


  • Black Infidel

    Sam Harris makes us Atheists/Secular Humanists look bad.

  • Bigots & Bombs

    Maybe Sam Harris could give him some pointers on how to discriminate against Muslims given that Harris just posted a blog entry calling for racial profiling of Muslims:

    The stupidity of this man is really hard to match.

  • Sir David Illuminati membership number 16.69

    An interesting other view of what is going on here on the BBC
    Will the UMP fall apart after the election with Le Pen picking up the bits to form a new party?
    Dominique de Villepin is a well known enemy of Sarko over the clearstream affair . Dont ask me to explain its far too complicated and french . 😉

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