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Volker Kauder: Merkel Ally Says Islam Not Part of Germany


In America, if someone were passing out Qurans it would not be controversial, except in maybe Tennessee or the like, but in Germany it has caused a ridiculous firestorm of controversy. More so you have Chancellor Merkel’s ally, Volker Kauder saying while “Muslim do belong in Germany…Islam does not.” How do you have Islam without Muslims in a country?

Merkel ally says Islam not part of Germany


A leading conservative politician said on Thursday that Islam did not belong in Germany, fuelling tension at a conference on integrating Muslims that also debated a controversial Salafist campaign to hand out copies of the Koran across the country.

“Islam is not part of our tradition and identity in Germany and so does not belong in Germany,” Volker Kauder, head of Chancellor Angela Merkel’s conservatives in parliament, told the Passauer Neue Presse.

“But Muslims do belong in Germany. As state citizens, of course, they enjoy their full rights,” he added.

His remarks added to a highly charged nationwide debate about a campaign by an ultra-conservative Salafist Muslim group to hand out millions of free German translations of the Koran to non-Muslims.

The conference was one of a series hosted by the government to improve the integration of the four million Muslims living in Germany, about half of whom have German citizenship.

Kauder’s comments quickly drew fire. “Volker Kauder is the last crusader for the conservatives. He is putting a bomb in the Islam conference,” said senior opposition Social Democrat (SPD) lawmaker Thomas Oppermann.

Two years ago a painful row erupted over a bestseller by former central banker Thilo Sarrazin, who said Turkish and Arab immigrants sponged off the state and threatened German culture.

Soon after, Germany’s then-President Christian Wulff won wide praise from Muslims by saying that Islam was part of Germany.

Reuters, 19 April 2012

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  • Khalid

    Nobody should take political advice from morally decadent Eurocrats…after all, their “United States of Europe” fantasy has launched the region into a steep economic downfall, particularly Greece Portugal,Ireland and Greece.

    Islam (by which he obviously means “Moozelems” and their supposed “Shureeuh” law implementation) might not be historically tied to the area, but him, Merkel and the rest of the Euro-facist who have taken the Euro-zone economy hostage and the destructive and pathetic currency they’re forcing on the land makes THEM the invaders here…

    ALL Europeans should agree with me.

  • Zakariya Ali Sher

    The Melkites are Catholics who define themselves as both ‘Eastern’ and ‘Arabic.’ Nor are they particularly oppressed. At least not as much as other denominations (the persecution of the Assyrians and Armenians was probably the worst, and certainly the most well documented and familiar to westerners). Historically Middle Eastern Christians could do quite well for themselves.

    But its a very minor point since Spencer is not Middle Eastern nor was he born into the Melkite Church. He is a convert, as was his mentor and a growing number of formerly Protestant/Evangelical Anglo-American Conservatives. It’s something of a dirty little secret but Spencer sells himself as being Middle Eastern and some sort of persecuted minority. Never mind that Spencer isn’t an Arab surname, nor a Greek, Armenian or Assyrian one either…

  • mjasghar

    I thought spencer was a Maronite?

  • AJ

    Once the “persecuted Melkite Catholicism” of the Spencer dude is exposed as were the ex-terrorism of Ergun Caner and Walid Shoebat, this guy is going to fizzle pronto. One liar at a time!

  • From the wastelands….

    Deccal… A variation on the pronunciation Dajjal… Just saying….

  • Deccal

    Robert Spencer was born into Eastern Catholicism (Melkite), a rite muslims would not be unfamiliar with. The Melkites have suffered much persecution throughout muslim lands.

  • Isa

    I would hope that most Germans have learned that xenophobic kulturekampf tends to achieve really horrible results.

  • AJ

    I think as well that Catholics have close affinity to Muslims, generally speaking. Robert Spencer was not born into Catholicism in the same manner as Harry Reid was not born into Mormonism but that’s a discussion for another day.

  • Informer

    Similarly, we can argue “Christianity is not part of the Middle East (so doesn’t BELONG there), however, Americans may live in Saudi Arabia and Dubai”. Yes, the Middle East was Christian before Islam, but Europe was PAGAN before Christianity. IF the Islamic Faith doesn’t belong in the Middle East because it was “originally Christian” than Christianity doesn’t belong in Europe because it was originally PAGAN.

  • Ibn Mikael


    1. First off, he didn’t say anything about all Catholics hating Muslims. He simply said that–within Europe and America–many of the most prominent Islamophobes happen to be Catholic/part of the Catholic hierarchy. It’s like if I say, the Catholic hierarchy protects pedophile, child-raping priests. Not all Catholics protect them, but the church certainly does and there’s plenty of judicial evidence PROVING it. The Catholic Church knew its priests were raping little kids, and instead of removing them from the priesthood and alerting authorities, they simply kept it hushed up and shipped them around to different countries/parts of the country.

    2. Have you ever actually read or heard any of the current pope’s comments about Islam? His comments have made it very clear that he thinks Islam has no place in Europe and many of his proteges within the Catholic Church have endorsed similar positions. It’s the exact same reason he opposes Turkish membership in the EU. In fact, some of the most vile Islamophobes within Europe are Catholic bishops. Don’t get me wrong, in America Catholic leaders have been relatively tolerant, but this isn’t the case within Europe where they don’t have to watch what they say, because it’s not as if they’re gonna lose parishioners they don’t even have.

    3. Within Germany, it IS primarily leaders from Catholic-based political parties that have made such comments.

  • Sir David : Man on a phone with a french spell check

    Mmm does Germany have any history for this sort of thing?
    Maybe with another religion?;-)

  • Muezzin

    Could people try to post more to educate the ignorant msghar. His comments on Catholics are astonishingly ignorant

  • Muezzin


    I cannot believe how ignorant your comment is. You have a lot of learning to do.

    You are wrong about the Church being one homogonous unit.

    The Catholic Church in Europe is very different the Protestant Church. The Protestant American Churches (Evangelical) are at the forefront of Islamophobia, they are allied to neo conservatives (Jewish Zionist fascists)

    The Catholic Church has actually reformed now, and is not promoting Islamophobia.

    The book you are talking about was not written by a Catholic. It was written by Bat Yeor, a Jewish neo con allied to American fascists, neo nazis and not Christians.

    She pretends a sympathy for Christians because she tries to convince them that Islam is their enemy.

    Please learn the differrence between Christian Churches, the Catholics are actually the good guys today. So are Protestants in all fairness, the problem lies with American Christian right, neoconservatives, and Euroepan far right neo nazi’s. All of these are linked, even though they don’t like each other, in fact, they hate each other, they make frenemies of themsevles against a common cause.

  • Michael

    I don’t think the Salafis belong in Germany or anywhere actually, they are a cancer on the body of islam.

  • Volker Kauder is not a part of Germany…and it’s Catholics that are a bit uncomfortable with the whole idea of democracy and freedom without the Church.

    This is the crisis in Christian Democratic parties in Europe, who have left behind the traditional social justice and family values (meaning social economic well being of families) for American conservative “values” including bigotry. Christian Democratic political parties came out of Catholic social activism of the late 1800s and was a way for Catholics to participate in democracy.

    There are a few reasons why Catholic in the Netherlands would be uncomfortable with traditional Dutch nationalism build on the symbols of the House of Orange, a Protestant royal house. This goes back to the Dutch revolt against Spanish Catholics of the late 1500s. There appears to me to be an unease about Catholics in Protestant nations. It’s actually Catholics who should have integrated into Dutch society after the “end” of the pillar system.

  • mjasghar

    i’m not saying all catholics, but certainly the church hierarchy.
    interesting to note: that book on ‘eurabia’ had an image of italy with a cross surrounded by crescents. also theres a growing number of converts to islam in the one place the church thought was its for eternity : south america. the Church really does seem to be pushing clash of civilisations and the idea that to be european (and indeed white) means to be chrisitan, and by implication catholic.
    this maybe a response to people leaving christianity for atheism/ agnosticism. so they use the one ism left to them – nationalism and semi-racism.

  • Omar

    That’s fair enough but they shouldn’t shed fake crocodile tears on the christian minority in the ME.. “Christianity is not part of Egypt’s culture and identity”. You would expect to hear such statement from the evil anti-freedom Muslim brotherhood, but they actually didn’t. You only hear such absurd statements from the same idiots who want to teach the backward muzzis freedom and tolerance..

  • Vas

    yet, the wife of the German rep to UN says she is worried about Syrian Muslims, has pleaded with Assad wife Asma to make the violence stop vs Syrian opposition, crocodile tears aplenty..

  • I think it is unfair to lump all Catholics together; some of the greatest ‘defenders’ of Muslims I have known have been Catholic. But of course, we don’t do that here, unlike the ‘phobes we try and treat people as individuals, not monoliths.

  • Ibn Mikael


    The current pope has shown incredible animosity towards Muslims during his reign and should not be trusted in any way, shape, or form. He’s been one of the most ardent opponents of Turkish membership in the EU (he wants it to be a Christian club); he was one of Saddam Hussein’s most ardent supporters in the West, all because he felt Saddam protected Christians (never mind that he murdered Shiites with impunity–they’re inconsequential to the pope); he’s made a bunch of incredibly inane, divisive comments trashing Islam. Not to be trusted and why anyone would even think he could be trusted is beyond me.

    Don’t be surprised when, in a few years, wikileaks releases documents showing that the pope also supported Bashar al-Assad. It would be in line with his support of other child-murdering Middle-Eastern dictators.

    I also find it highly amusing that the moron would focus so heavily on Islam and Muslims, even though, week after week, we hear about some new child-rape scandal involving a priest/bishop/or cardinal. It’s gotten so bad that the only people who even follow Catholicism anymore are poor peasants in Africa and South America who don’t have access to the worldwide media. The educated populaces of the world have grown so disgusted with the systemic, rapist-coddling behavior of the Catholic Church that they can’t bear to be apart of it and who can blame them? Who would want to attend a place of worship where you’re children have a higher probability of being molested than inspired!?

  • Averroe’s Ghost

    This seems like a recurring ting,

    It’s all German populism of the worse kind

  • mjasghar

    I’m noticing a disturbing trend.
    Prominenet Catholics leading the hate of Islam. This nutter (BTW he had made statements amounting to German dominionism of the EU) is president of the CDP, a heavily Catholic party. And not just any Catholics. Oh no.
    These were the same south german catholics who share ties with austria, big influence on Adolf, and they really push the whole European idea as a continuation of the Holy Roman Empire. And Ratzinger, who is now the Pope, is one of that lot.
    Ratzinger’s made some comments and then shut up when he got criticised for ramping th anti-islam rhethoric. It’s very likely orders are being given out for the loewr levels to do it instead. I’ve seen US ‘deabtes’ bashing Islam in which Catholic priests feature heavily.
    Why? Is this an attempt to throw the focus of the Church’s raping of children? (it’s not abuse, don’t try to use softer words).
    Umm, now if there were other Catholic islamophobes… OH wait, what denomination is Spencer?
    Yep, a Catholic.

  • mindy1

    Ugh,what is going on with people??? I am getting frustrated with humanity sometimes.

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