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WhatIfTheyWereMuslim?: Hindus Riot Over University ‘Beef Festival’

Hardline, right-wing Hindus have rioted over a ‘Beef festival’ put together by Dalit students at Osmania University in Hyderabad, India.(h/t: JD)

Shall we now blame all of Hinduism for their violent response, and remark that Hinduism is innately, uniquely incapable of dealing with ‘offense’ to their religion? Of course not, it is not Hinduism, but the interpretation of a specific group of Hindus with a specific approach to their religious texts that has caused this:

Osmania University Beef Festival Leads To Violence


beef festival organized by Dalit students at Osmania University in Hyderabad, India on April 15th erupted into violence, the BBC reports. About 100 members of the Hindu right wing Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarti Parishad(ABVP) protested the festival, leading to five injuries according to The Hindureport.

ABVP protested the beef festival on the ground that consumption of beef is against Hindu culture. Ramkrishna, senior ABVP leader told BBC, “Today they are asking for beef, tomorrow they will want alcohol.”

The purpose of the festival was to oppose “food fascism” in university hostels, reports NDTV. The festival organizers demanded beef be included in the university canteen menu as it is part of their “cultural identity.”

“The festival was intended to make the point that upper caste diktats over food habits need to be resisted, however another group of students opposed the idea on the grounds that it is against Indian culture,” a police official said in a quote reported by the NDTV.

More than 1500 students attended the beef festival and consumed various dishes made of beef according to the BBC report.

The beef festival was organized by the Telangana Students Association, Progressive Democratic Student Union, Student Federation of India and student groups from English and Foreign Languages University.

S. Satyanarayana, Osmania University vice-chancellor announced yesterday that there would be no change in the hostel menu, reports NewsWala.

Despite the violence, the organizers of the beef festival were generally pleased with the large turnout and aim to make this an annual event, reportsDeccan Chronicle.

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  • Solid Snake

    @Heinz and Saladin

    Ahem! *puts on glasses*

    I, Dr. Snake, partnered up with team of Harvard scientists and Medical doctors from the University of Tokyo for a decade long project and research. We needed to answer a simple question. What made Muslims inherently violent? Once we found our answer, which will follow shortly, another dilemma arose. How about the converts who were not born Muslims? Well in the following pages we will present our findings.

    **This research was funded by the Horowitz Freedom Center, Robert Spencer, and SIOA/SIOE. They in no way influenced our findings and we are confident to say we conducted all experiments absent of their influence.**

    For the first conducted experiment we set up three (3)groups.

    The control group consisted of Non Muslim Westerners living in a relatively comfortable environment. They were in a democratic environment, absent of war or anarchy. Levels of economic and educational opportunities were high compared to the other two groups.

    Group 1 was composed of dark skinned Muslims living in an environment called Afghanistan. Comfort level was low. The environment was harsh. War and Anarchy levels were high. levels of economic and educational opportunities were minuscule.

    Group 2 was composed of fair skinned Muslims living in an environment called Iraq. The environment was oppressive to some the specimen but overall war and anarchy remained at a consistently low level. The level of economic and educational opportunities were moderate to low, but still higher than the Afghanistan group.

    Temperature remained approximately the same throughout the trials.

    The observation was that The Western model did not exhibit chaotic and violent periods of time like the 2 Muslim test groups.

    The Question was What made the groups with Muslims living in an ‘Islamic’ environment so violent compared to the relatively peaceful Western Model?

    Our hypothesis was that the Muslim specimen possessed an unmapped gene that made them inherently violent. The absence of such gene in the Western Non Muslim model is what accounts for the peace.

    While we did not introduce the same conditions to all groups, our methods are consistent with the Islamophobic Standard Of Scientific Inquiry. We thought that measuring everything as is without using the same standard would give us a better understanding of how the world works.

    There were two trials.

    Trial 1:
    we cultured a rare colony of Muslim specimen who were more prone to radicalism and violence. We then introduced them to the already unstable Afghanistan group in order to bait in a powerful and dangerous virus called USSr1989. We wanted to observe the reaction of the Muslim specimen to the encroachment of the USSr1989 virus.

    Result: The result was extreme expression of violent tendencies on part of the Afghanistan group. Many individual specimens gave their lives in an attempt to destroy or drive out the virus. The many peaceful Muslim specimen suddenly began exhibiting violent tendencies as the USSr1989 virus approached, killing many other specimen. We wanted to know what caused the sudden switch,

    Trial 2:
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    Result: Extreme violent characteristics were expressed by the Muslims specimen due to the presence of the rapidly dividing foreign Western Non Muslim specimen. They were so violent that some of the cell specimen went into voluntary apoptosis while near the foreign cells, sometimes successfully triggering apoptosis in the foreign cell due to chemical signals. Again many of the Muslim Specimen suddenly changed in the presence of foreign Non Muslim cells.

    We knew that there must be a mechanism that accounted for such a violent change. We took two samples. One Muslim sample that did not show violent traits and one that did. What we discovered after careful research was that on the violent Muslim sample there was a site on chromosome 16 that was active. It was not active in the unharmful strain of Muslim.

    We have designated the site SJS, “Sudden Jihad Site”.

    So what are the reasons that this specific gene site becomes active? One can make a case that many factors can force the site to activate like the presence of danger or foreign cells. After serious research we have concluded that the activation of the SJS site is completely spontaneous. Once that site is active it cannot be deactivated. We recommend complete termination of all cells exhibiting activity at this gene site.

    Our next report is the case of SJS transformations involving converted specimens lacking any SJS sites.



    (If you have reas this far into my rambling you win a prize!……………………..a rock.)

  • Saladin

    @Solid Snake

    Wow I did not know that this mean any could be a carries but from the evil you describe it sounds like something beyond human science maybe this Muslim virus was created by aliens as part of there nefarious world domination plot but then that means anyone could a carrier even *Gasp* ME!!! quick someone get some Islamophobic films to detoxify me my god I said I said Islamophobia like it was real It has already started. I think these Muslim Cells are a mutation from the Dark Gundam cells that come from the Dark Gundam

    Quick we need Domon Kasshu to the rescue for I fear that outer space will soon be infected as NASA was given a mission to reach out to the Muslims this could only mean one thing Muslims have teamed up with NASA to rule Earth and Outer Space LOL!!!

    @Heinz Catsup yes you could be indoctrinated for years and not know then one day you wake BAM!! you want Sharia Law LOL!!!

  • corey

    actually did you know pat robertson did write an end times novel that was probably written before left behind that was quite inflammatory towards hinduism called the end of the age an example of the books anti hindu rants would basicly be the part about saying something about hindus bathing in a river that he says is and I quote the “sperm of shiva” no I am not kidding, and this part is telling about the anti christs origin and how he rose to power to be shivas represenative but considering this is a christian end times novel shiva is really lucifer pulling the strings, oh and the two characters in the novel who are first learning about how much christianity is right and all other religions are wrong are pretty much gone by the latter half of the novel so dont get to invested in them, but all in all this is a pat robertson novel so expect alot of batshit crazy in it especially about hinduism because it seems the novlel to take bits of its time to say how evil it is.

  • dreamdayz01

    Read this excellent piece on the trend of “Manufacturing riots” in India (by Ram Puniyani)

  • Heinz Catsup

    @Solid Snake
    So basically even the most simple, non-sexual actions as Handshakes & Hugging cause Islamic Indoctrination, eh? :p But then again, how long does it take, roughly? Like does it take days, weeks or even years? & would the symptoms be anything like eyes glowing blue along with things such as tubing and whatnot around the body of the indoctrinated? 😉

  • mindy1

    Wow, someone other than Muslims being offended/sarcasm

  • Solid Snake


    Thats impossible! We know that it is hard wired into the genes of Muslims to be violent and hateful. What about those who convert to Islam? Well haven’t you heard of transformation whereby the cells of a relatively peaceful person uptakes the ‘violent’ DNA of a Muslim and immediately expresses those violent traits. This occurs upon the initial contact when they, in a seemingly unharmful and friendly fashion, shake each others hands and hug. At that moment the dastardly Muslim latches on to the unsuspecting new convert and the process occurs. Its ALL SCIENCE BABY!

  • Actually I should have more specifically said demonize Hinduism because of this.

  • @Emperor

    Actually while the Robert Spencers and Pamella Gellers of the world may ignore this, the Pat Robertsons of the world may well blame this on Hinduism.

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  • Arab Atheist – ملحد عربي

    So you are saying followers of other religions could be violent once offended? How dare you!

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