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EDL Leader Tommy Robinson Outed as Child Sex Pest

Turns out EDL leader Tommy Robinson likes to abuse young 15 year old Muslim on Twitter. What a hypocritical scumbag:

EDL Leader Tommy Robinson outed as child sex pest

(EDL News)

With the current obsession with paedophiles which seems to occupy the EDL’s every waking minute, you would think that English Defence League leader and deputy leader of the British Freedom Party, Tommy Robinson would try and avoid Tweeting fifteen year old girls and telling them they are ‘pretty fit for a Muslim’.

After realising that he had made a ‘mistake’ you would have thought that Tommy would apologise immediately instead of attacking the schoolgirl by calling her scum and setting his vile followers, the EDL casuals including EDL Twitter attack dog, Becky Marsh, on her.

Did Tommy’s need to make racist mysogynistic remarks to a Muslim cloud his judgement or is there something he is not telling us?

Maybe all that time spent with Richard Price has rubbed off on him but we at EDL News feel Tommy has some explaining to do to CEOPs.

What we can guarantee is EDL members will be extremely quiet about this and a stark contrast to how they would foam if a Muslim had Tweeted that.

We await a demo outside Tommy’s house but will not be holding our breath, because the average EDL member have proven time and time again that they have little interest in white paedophiles.

(We have obfuscated the girl’s name, photo and Twitter address because of her age)


Clearly panicking Robinson went on to claim the schoolgirl was not 15, even though her date of birth was on her profile. Robinson then went on to delete the Tweet.

Not content with shaming himself enough on one day and despite knowing her age, Robinson goes on to accuse the schoolgirl of flirting with him.  Being a ballsy young Asian women who is not going to put up with sex pests, she went on to kick him from one end of Twitter to the other and the #tommyisapaedo hashtag started trending.

Tommy’s response got more and more vile:

As did the response from many of his supporters including Becki Marsh, cheerleader for the EDL’s football hooligan division, The casuals.

These would be the people who would be calling for the hanging of Muslims if they make sexual advances towards a schoolgirl on Twitter.

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  • sajda

    as soon as he said something to her on twitter she rang me and told me lol! peado

  • sajda

    lol shes my cousin

  • Jake Armistead

    He says the words no one else, nobody forces someone to be like that. Pathetic excuse from a moron protecting a fellow moron.

  • When I called Tommy Robinson a paedophile I used his own definition, which is also mainstream. When I said pimping isn’t paedophilia I used the definition as it should.

  • Steve

    “but the pimping isn’t paedophilia”

    So forced pimping of teenage girls isn’t paedophilia but saying “your (sic) pretty fit” to somebody you don’t know the age of is paedophilia?

    That’s an odd definition

  • Tommy Robinson is a paedophile and a hypocrite, that is a paedocrite. I oppose forced pimping of teenage women by twenty-somethings, but the pimping isn’t paedophilia.

    Also: Harmful to Minors by Judith Levine.

  • Rob

    I always find it amusing that all these people quote obesity statistics “based on” WHO reports. The WHO only collect statistics for recognized countries, so any figures for “West Bank and Gaza” are bogus (unless Palestine has been recognized as a nation while I wasn’t looking). Oddly enough the folk peddling these fake statistics are the ones who try to show that the Israel blockade isn’t hurting anyone by showing pictures of a fancy Gazan restaurant, but who are so dumb they use pictures showing Mohammed Abbas eating there (ie before Cast Lead and the blockade).

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  • Sarah Brown

    Is there a *particular* intersection between friends of Israel and being racist in SA? Do you perhaps share the views of Bongani Masuku?

  • Say What?

    With regard to apparent “obesity” >

    Can one imagine what the racist white South African (friends of Israel) would have done with pics of kwashiorkor & the internet?

    I have read that in Britain, the poorer working class communities are generally comparatively unhealthy thanks to their diet (no pun intended ;-)) & lack of exercise.

  • Say What?

    Deccal’s comment sadly highlights the ignorance prevalent among typical Islamophobes.

    Repeat : “Fit” = Sexually attractive

    For those who don’t know the lingo over there. (courtesy of MC)

    Got it now?

  • Jack

    I’ve seen the twitter profile of the girl, and she does look very attractive in that picture, more like nineteen than fifteen. But hey, looks can be deceiving. (That being said, Robinson is 29 years old, so what is he hitting on girls ten years younger for?)

    So as soon as she replied that she was fifteen, he should have admitted his mistake, made a self-deprecating joke like “Oh my god, I feel like a total perv now” or something like that, and that would have been the end of it.

    But no, he had to go on an badger her with insults to her religious beliefs because she dissed him. And now he looks like a perfect wanker.

  • Steve


    I have no plans to marry a muslim woman but who knows what is around the corner?

  • Franczeska

    Why, Barry? Are you wanting to marry a Muslim woman?

  • Franczeska

    A country can be very poor and still have a high number of obese people in it. A diet that is too high in carbohydrates and lacking in sufficient protein can cause people to balloon up pretty easily.

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