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Geert Wilders: Asks Muslims to Leave Islam, When Will He Leave America?

Non-shocking tidbit of the day from the moronic fascist corner of Euro politics: Geert Wilders wants Muslims to leave Islam.

What we should ask Wilders is when will he leave the US? Or are we now the prime choice for washed-up, has-been Euro anti-Islam/Muslim propagandists?

PVV leader Geert Wilders has called on Muslims throughout the world to leave Islam. He made his call in a speech in New York, to promote his English-language book Marked for Death.

Wilders claims that his book explains that Islam is a “totalitarian ideology” and is an encouragement to freedom-loving Muslims to turn their back on Islam. “I support those who fight for freedom in the Islamic world completely. The Arab, Turkish, Iranian, Pakistani and Indonesian peoples have enormous potential. If they could free themselves of the yoke of Islam, if they could stop seeing Mohamed as their role model and if they could break away from the rancorous Koran, then they could achieve amazing things,” Wilders said in his speech.

With reporters, Wilders went into the political situation in the Netherlands last week when he caused the collapse of government by pulling out of the budget negotiations with the conservatives (VVD) and Christian democrats (CDA). Wilders calls this a difficult decision, but says he had no other choice.

”We are now concentrating on elections on 12 September. Our campaign will be on the need to revive our national sovereignty, as without this we cannot defend our identity and fight against Islamisation.” Wilders said he was not planning to move to the United States. “I am really staying in the Netherlands and will campaign for the elections with very much enthusiasm and very much good sense,” he said yesterday on Radio 1.

A number of media suggested last week that Wilders might be considering an international career because his role in the Loer Hose appears to have been played out for the coming period. Former VVD MP Ayaan Hirsi Ali, also a fighter against Islam, moved to the US in 2005 and was subsequently named by Time Magazine as one of the 100 most influential persons.

NIS News Bulletin, 2 May 2012


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  • workingstiff, in fact I’m rather disappointed in you since I asked you for a clear definition before I gave my answer. Define ‘Sharia’ and then we can talk. Until then you’re just blabbing and going to push out Hudd as ‘Sharia’ so you can ‘catch’ me and say what an evil Muslim I am, I won’t give you that satisfaction. Do I want to see ‘Sharia’ adopted? We already by and large have it, there is an article on my site on the topic that you are welcome to read.

    As for my comments on Mr Wilder’s ‘book’ (phase used with regret), which of my points was wrong exactly? How is my unwillingness to play kiddy games with you detrimental to my ability to make comments on Mr Wilder’s populist propaganda?

    I probably wont check this thread for answers, if your serious about any of the above I suggest contacting me via my email. Otherwise please do keep the door bolted because Mr Wilders warns that we scary Muslims are going to come ans Sharia your arse. Or something like that.

  • workingstiff

    @ Jack Cope

    Oh Jack, I’m disappointed. You couldn’t bring yourself to give a yes or no above as to whether you would like to see Sharia law adopted worldwide. Of course its clear why, you would like to see it adopted but are loath to admit it publicly. As to your verdict on Geert Wilders book before you bothered to read it, well frankly it doesn’t speak very well on your ability to comment on Mr. Wilders, his book or anything else.

  • Good luck teaching him Geji… this particular missionary is nearly on my naughty boys list for failing to provide evidence for his assertion of what Jihad, Taqiyya and so on is.

    Regardless, such groups have already been told (some of them by myself for one, not sure they read emails but they never got back to me) and I can point you to many a Fatwa and ruling on the subject from qualified scholars, unlike the leaders of said groups. Sorry matey, you’re going no where.

  • Géji

    @A_Hakbar troll, Jihad means simply to struggle, including to struggle in defense of your country, your sacred life and that of your family and countrymen against oppressor/aggressor occupiers that came to your land armed-to-the-teeth to destroy everything you own.

  • A_Hakbar

    ‘Jihad does not mean what you think it means’

    Please make that known to these Jihadists : Hamas, Hezbollah, The Taliban, El Quada, The Muslim Brotherhood, North Nigeria, Jemen, Pakistan, Somalia, (North) Sudan, Iran, Irak, Sharia4Whoever, a list without end. Good Luck

  • roqherpoejrq; I can already predict exactly what Mr Wilders is going to say without paying him money to read it, he’s a one trick pony as well as a phoney. If you lack the capacity to do that then please, by all means, keep bankrolling the fool.

    And yes, I can explain, because you certainly haven’t ‘heard it all before’, rather you have ignored all the comments addressed to you on the subject. I suggest reading them first.

    As for ‘Sharia’, what do you mean by Sharia? Because I suspect by Sharia you actually mean Hudd. I won’t give an answer you can misquote until we have cleared that one up. And since when was there a danger of ‘Sharia’ as you see it becoming worldwide anyway?

  • roqherpoejrq

    @ Jack Cope

    Western culture – democracy rather than theocracy advocated by islam. Full rights for women rather than their subjugation as advocated in islam (a woman should be subservient to her husband. Don’t bother to explain Jack, we’ve heard it all before).

    Would you like to see Sharia law adopted world wide Jack? A simple yes or no would do nicely.

    Read the book Jack. Then come back and predictably tell us what a cheap phoney Mr. Wilders is.

  • A_Hakbar

    Jihad does not mean what you think it means

    Dare I say “Jihad”?

  • A_Hakbar; please tell me when ‘Jihad’, a word you clearly don’t understand the meaning of, effected you and why it is such a big deal to yourself. No, Muslims aren’t going to leave Islam, nor would all violence in the world stop if they did. Sorry to burst your bubble.

  • A_Hakbar

    If all Muslims would leave Islam, that would mean the end of Jihad, wouldn,t that be nice!

  • Géji

    @Marty Says: “I am going to read his book.”

    Fine then, if you’re found of reading confused rambling rants, then certainly Wilders delivers, but don’t come back to us Muslims in hope we’ll explain away such rubbish, it has nothing to do with us, and if you decide to get yourself into such rubbish, then be prepared to figure a way out on your own, after all you seem to be a big girl.

    > “I think it is the sensible thing to do because I want to see both sides of the coin.”

    The side I know-of is the side of the 1.5 Billion adherents. I’ll let you go figure-out whether is the other “side” you’re looking for. But most definitely, neither ‘sides of the coin’ has anything to do with hate-filled Hitlerian Wilders.

    > “To read most of your comments one would think freedom to speak out against Islam is not tolerated.”

    I do not see what you’re speaking-of, perhaps you need to develop better skills at reading and comprehending people’s posts. And phrases like “to speak out against Islam”? are not helpful at all. If you have something smart to ask about our religion then go ahead. If it’s the usual spewed nonsense that has been answered billion times before, then I’ll suggest you per-favor to take a grand tour first at reading LoonWatch many articles, I’m sure you’ll find whatever refutations there to your satisfaction.

    > “Freedom to think and speak in the west helps all religions including Islam, which is just a religion, not truth.”

    First of all, I too thought at point there were much freedom to think and speak in the “west”, though not so much anymore. As for you deeming my religion “not truth”, that’s according to your own blindness to the possibility of various truth, it has nothing to do with us.

    > “To get to the truth we need to investigate! I will keep you guys informed.”

    To get the truth about what? If by any chance you’re referring to “the truth” of my own faith, thanks but no thanks, we’ve already investigated, 1400+ years worth and find out, but if it’s you that need to be informed, then you’re welcome to ask us Muslims.

  • Marty, I agree that one should do their best to look at both sides of the coin but when the other side is the ramblings of someone like Mr Wilders, written mostly to spin some last trickles of life and money out of a dead campaign, excuse me if I pass 😉

    I do read more ‘scholarly’ criticism of Islam, it for one thing strengthens my faith. And I’ve always been ready to admit that the Muslim world and Muslims in general have major issues, any reader of mine knows that. However I will refuse to read blatant propaganda, other than to maybe have a quiet chuckle to myself at it. Reading the twisted and distorted world spun out by these tall tales gives me a headache at times…

  • Anticipated Serendipity

    Actually, I think it was Turkey’s semi-military regime form of government that kept it out of the EU and I bet they’re glad they didn’t become a part of that mess now, good for them 🙂
    Geert Wilders appears to be spending an awful lot of time in the US lately, why? And what’s with all these nasty politicians coming out of the Netherlands? Ayaan Hirsi Ali, this cretin and I’ve read about an Iranian anti-Muslim/Islam one too. Sheesh. Like Sir David said, how can one be Muslim after leaving Islam? The only good Muslim is an ex-Muslim?

    LOL @ “Taliban” and Ilisha’s response, what an utter idiot.

  • Marty

    I am going to read his book. I think it is the sensible thing to do because I want to see both sides of the coin. To read most of your comments one would think freedom to speak out against Islam is not tolerated. Freedom to think and speak in the west helps all religions including Islam, which is just a religion, not truth. To get to the truth we need to investigate! I will keep you guys informed.

  • roqherpoejrq; exactly when did Islam become a threat to ‘western culture’ and ‘democracy’? And what exactly is ‘western culture’ anyway? Not that you’ll respond to any of those points but I get bored of seeing little kiddy two liner ‘posts’ that mean nothing. Does it make you feel big?

  • roqherpoejrq

    Fantastic that Wilders is here in the US promote his great new book and shine a light on the reality of the threat of islam to western culture and democracy.

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