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Bachmann: Muslim Brotherhood Has ‘Penetrated’ The U.S. Government

Michelle Bachmann is following the conspiracy theory trail. The concept that the Muslim Brotherhood plans to take over the US government and has already infiltrated its various branches is a staple of the Islamophobic right; they’ve been pushing the idea for several years now. Paul Sperry was one of the earliest proponents of the kooky theory (since 2007) which has also influenced Congressmen/women, the most recent example is former GOP presidential candidate hopeful Michelle Bachmann:

Bachmann: Muslim Brotherhood Has ‘Penetrated’ The U.S. Government

by Eli Clifton (ThinkProgress)

Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-MN) is no stranger to outlandish conspiracy theories but the former GOP presidential primary candidate took her theories to a new height in an interview earlier this week with the American Family Assocation’s Sandy Rios. Bachmann claimed that the Muslim Brotherhood has infiltrated various department of the U.S. government.

Bachmann told Rios (HT RightWingWatch):

It appears that there has been deep penetration in the halls of our United States government by the Muslim Brotherhood. The Muslim Brotherhood has been found to be an unindicted co-conspirator on terrorism cases and yet it appears that there are individuals who are associated with the Muslim Brotherhood who have positions, very sensitive positions, in our Department of Justice, our Department of Homeland Security, potentially even in the National Intelligence Agency. I am calling upon the Justice Department and these various departments to investigate through the Inspector General to see who these people are and what access they have to our information.

Listen to her (HT RightWingWatch):



Bachmann’s bizarre conspiracy theorizing about a “penetration” of the U.S. government matches closely with the conspiracy theories espoused by Center for Security Policy (CSP) President Frank Gaffney who in recent months has found himself ostracized by mainstream Republicans for his accusations about a Muslim Brotherhood infiltration of the George W. Bush and Obama administrations as well as the American Conservative Union.

Gaffney’s role in advising Bachmann’s presidential campaign on foreign policy matters was noted by The New Republic last year and her ties to the CSP president were reaffirmed in a letter sent from her — as well as Reps. Trent Franks (R-AZ), Louie Gohmert (R-TX), Thomas Rooney (R-FL), and Lynn Westmoreland (R-GA) — to the Office of the Director of National Intelligence, the Department of Defense, the Department of Homeland Security, the Department of Justice and the Department of State. The letter, which cites Gaffney’s Muslim Brotherhood In America website,dated June 13, reads [PDF]:

We deem it imperative that your office conduct an investigation of the extent to which [Muslim Brotherhood] influence operations may have contributed to a fundamental misunderstanding of the Muslim Brotherhood by U.S. intelligence — which could, in turn, have contributed to the policy community’s susceptibility to subverstion at the hands of the Brothers and their allies.

In her radio interview, Bachmann went on to charge that such influence has been used to “blacklist” FBI and military trainers who have been accused of espousing deeply Islamophobic views. Indeed, the FBI and Joint Chiefs of Staff appear to have decided that Islamophobic teaching materials — for example, one recently suspended teacher at the Joint Forces Staff College called for a “total war” on Islam — should hold no place in government counterterrorrism training. While anti-Muslim advocates like Gaffney have fewer allies in government, they appear to have a steadfast ally in Rep. Michele Bachmann.

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  • Abdul-Rahman

    Yeah the Muslim Brotherhood has supposedly “penetrated” the US government, that is why the US Congress and Senate go to dutifully grovel at the feet of the Brotherhood every year right? Oh wait, in reality they actually do that for the Zionists at AIPAC all the time!!!

  • Peter Hockley

    Well hello Mr Mcarthy.

  • @Garibaldi

    Thanks for dropping by and letting us know about that. Hopefully, you won’t have to do too much more of that for awhile.

  • Garibaldi


    Actually we have been doing some long awaited maintenance work which has prevented us from updating the very many stories that are actually out there.

    There may be a moment when the site will be down for maintenance as well, but we will, of course give loonwatchers a heads up about that!

  • Sean

    Michelle Bachman’s sole purpose is to make the other fascist whores running for office look sane in comparison. She is just a distraction.

  • Pamela

    She needs to take her pills.

  • @mindy1

    Hopefully the widespread Islamophobia in the Republican part will lead to widespread losses for them come next election, and hopefully it will be the ones who are clearly Islamophobic who will loose the most. At the very least that might lead them away from it. If it become clear enough that this kind of talk will loose elections for them. It will also be kind of hard for them to even try to implement many anti Muslim policies without revealing their anti Muslim bigotry, so in the long run that may help put a stop to it.

  • Abbey

    I didn’t realise the brotherhood has mostly taken over the american government. It defo shows to be the case by judging american foreign policy. I am really pleased to see that at least someone is doing something about it. LOL!

    (america sure is producing some big time hatred – I wonder where all this is gonna lead to?)

  • @Emperor

    Is this the only story you guys are going to post today? I guess so. Slow news day, as far as Islamophobia is concerned. Maybe that’s a good thing, but I find it oddd that I haven’t even seen any new tweets on the Loon Watch Twitter account.

  • Rubie

    The degree of insanity exhibited by the right in this country is off the international spectrum. It is something unprecedented. The republican party is literally beyond insane- with the democrats closely following behind.

    The republican arty gets a lot of its support from religious groups, such as the Christian right, Jewish right, etc. but the fact is, religion has more in common with progressive/left values than those of the right. Look closely at the major religions of America- Christianity, Islam, Judaism, etc. and you will see that these religions do not advocate political wars on women, imperialist policies, healthcare that only works for the rich, or a system which puts profits before people, etc.

    These religions preach equality for human beings, their belief in an all-merciful and benevolent creator stands in deep support of things like reproductive rights, universal healthcare, equal pay for women and men, marriage equality, and the crucial democratic principle of people coming before profits/corporations.

    Our nation’s religions and its adherents should recognize these truths within their own teachings and should work together also with all others who strive to bring progress to this nation, for it is inherent within the teachings of these great religions, and that would be what the Creator would want…

  • mindy1

    I wonder if they WANT to lose the election, nutter talk is not good for their image…

  • Sir David ( still spain1 France 0

    Oh dear I thought it was the capitalist system , how could I have been so blind!
    The Muslim brotherhood is to blame , for everything , even the death of Plato and the brake up of the Beatles

  • Hur hur… did she say penetrated? But yes, another person trying to get their voice heard from the already crowded bandwagon… I wonder when it will end.

    “That is why the American legislative body is not working on getting the American economy back on track, or jobs, or inferstructure.”

    Don’t tell ’em Nur 😉

  • She is pathetic. And in need of attention.
    I’m thinking that the Southern Poverty Law Center’s 30 to watch Intelligence report needs to start including some members of Congress. After all, she’s standing with Frank Gaffney who is on the list.

  • crow

    Why would anyone listen to her? She was funny for awhile but now shes pathetic

  • CentristAmericanMuslim

    She graduated with a law degree from the university (or is it “looniversity”?) Pat Robertson founded-Regent University.

    Does anyone wonder why she’s such a loon?

  • @Emperor

    Rightwing Watch and ThinkProgress are such valuable resources for exposing people like this.

    Also the “experts” she mentions are anything but. I hope more and more people come to realize that. n Keep up the good work here at Loon Watch.

  • NurAlia


    That is why the American legislative body is not working on getting the American economy back on track, or jobs, or inferstructure.

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