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Geert Wilders’ War Against Islam

Geert Wilders book in review (via.

Wilders’ war against Islam

By the end of Marked for Death, we see what Wilders is leading up to – a horrifying vision of a fortress Europe, defending “freedom” through the deployment of totalitarian state powers to expunge Islam from the continent. His recommendations are reminiscent of the discriminatory social control measures taken against Jews and other minorities under Nazi Germany in the 1930s.

Wilders, of course, is careful to disavow violence and reiterate he hates Islam, not Muslims. But it is difficult to deny the implicitly violent subtext of his sweeping proposals, including a halt to all Muslim immigration, payments to settled immigrants to leave, cessation of building of mosques, and taxation of Muslim religious practices such as the headscarf. Most disturbing is his endorsement of Israeli-style “administrative detention” (indefinite internment without trial on security grounds) in Europe as part of criminal operations in Muslim communities; not to mention the forcible deportation of tens of millions of Muslims from Europe for “thinking” about “crime” or “Shari’ah”.

Yasmin Qureshi and Nafeez Ahmed examine the political programme presented in Geert Wilders’ Marked for Death: Islam’s War Against the West and Me.

Independent, 4 June 2012


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  • Jai

    It’s ridiculous for anyone to attempt to single out Islam for denying Christianity’s “central tenets” such as the trinity and so on, because actually no other major world religion supports those “central tenets” either. It’s certainly not unique to Islam, despite the efforts of some anti-Muslim propagandists to paint it as such. As others on this thread have correctly stated, one could therefore make the equally ridiculous claim that every major religion on the planet “insults” Christianity.

    Similarly, it’s also ridiculous to attempt to single out Islam as allegedly the only major world faith that mentions other religions and explicitly contradicts major aspects of those religions. Again, this is not actually unique to Islam, particularly in the case of Sikhism and Buddhism, so making such claims is a completely false assertion. In fact, it’s an example of gross theological & historical ignorance at best and outright, disingenuous lying at worst.

  • Sam Seed

    @Steve, “I am happy for you to believe that. I have read various pieces about it and none of them are remotely convincing for me”.

    Yes, indeed but you can’t argue with science, I was talking in scientific terms in what the Quran has to say about life and creation.

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