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IKEA-sponsored Masjid Causes Outrage Among Islamophobes

Islamophobes don’t get satire.:

IKEA-sponsored masjid causes outrage among Islamophobes

The Islamophobic blogosphere continues to set new standards in craziness. This poses some problems for those of us dedicated to combating it. The traditional reference to Melanie Phillips as “Mad Mel” now seems outdated since, compared with Pamela Geller, Phillips appears almost balanced and rational. And Geller, in turn, is outbid in the competition for sheer lunacy by Bonni Benstock-Intall of Bare Naked Islam. As quick scroll through her blog will confirm, “Bonkers Bonni” doesn’t even begin to cover it.

A couple of weeks back the Maniac Muslim website posted a spoof article titled “IKEA Sponsors Masjid”. Anyone with half a brain could spot that it was satirical. But that obviously excludes Bonni Benstock-Intall. In a post at The American Muslim (“The Maniac Muslim, Masjid IKEA, and Bare Naked Islamophobia”) Sheila Musaji draws our attention to a truly demented post at Bare Naked Islam in which Benstock-Intall swallowed whole the story about the IKEA-sponsored masjid. (“Well, IKEA IS Swedish and we know how happy the Swedes are about the dramatic spike in rapes of Swedish women by Muslim men.”)

“At this point”, Shelia Musaji wrote yesterday, “her article has 33 comments from her devoted readers – all of them fitting this profile – I’ll never shop at IKEA again, Florida Family Association should set up a boycott, corporations like this are ‘betraying’ America and are ‘vile freedom-HATERS who are joining other corporations to DESTROY our freedom and human rights’.”

Benstock-Intall did subsequently add a warning to her readers that “as I have not been able to verify this story, it may be a satire” (well, duh, yes – just possibly) followed by an announcement that comments were closed. The entire post has now been deleted. However, it can still be found over at a site rejoicing in the name of the Infidel News Network and screenshots of the original post at Bare Naked Islam, along with the comments it provoked, can be viewed here.

As Sheila Musaji points out, it is revealing that “even something as ludicrous as this stirs up the Islamophobic base to a hysterical pitch”. These people really have taken leave of their senses.

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  • schmoepooh

    There is a current cause célèbre in Dunedin, New Zealand arising from a young woman Yuet Ngor Rappard beligerently confronting a female foreign student wearing a hijab in a supermarket. She was censured and fined by a local magistrate. Her defence appealed to free speech. I have since found her bigoted obnoxious views in BNI and in tune with the sentiments expressed by their correspondents described them as
    “bigoted thickoes”. Needless to say they declined to print my comment. So much for their claim to free speech!

  • Géji

    Jack, I forgot to switch the user-name of one of my relative that had posted here recently, she uses my computer whenever she comes over, she reads a lot this site (shes the one that introduced it to me) but she rarely post here, though she posts on several other sites, so that why I didn’t notice. So in case its me Géji! and darn the only unfortunate problem with LW is that they don’t have a button to recall posts for correction puposes, once submitted, its gone..

  • Shayss

    @Jack Cope

    Sorry for the late reply, I was a bit busy lately so I didn’t get the chance to visited LW for few days. But thanks for your very informative reply, it was an interesting read indeed. And unfortunately I’ve heard much before how the Malaysian political parties use Islam for political gains, but in doing such I’m sure they aren’t that different from other political parties of this world isn’t, whether Eastern or Western, anything that’ll give them access to power is good for usage. Just take a look at the Western neo-cons and how they use Christianity to cast aside non-Christian citizens or to advance whatever bigoted agendas they may have.

    As for the supposed missionary purpose that may have driven Malaysian Christians to use the Arabic word “Allah” for God (instead of the Malay word) in their hope to get ‘converts’, well, to simply put that doesn’t hold one bit of relevancy here, at all. Though there are well known facts about Christian missionaries use of deceitful tactics in order to get ‘converts’ all over the world, and most especially when in dealing with Muslims, for which they are known to constantly distort and lie about Islam and its scriptures in hope to convert the less educated, less fortunate Muslims that lives in poor or war-torn areas of this world. But at the end of the day, if Muslims know at the very least what is the simple foundation that their religion stands upon – i.e., The One and Only indivisible Allah, that begets not, nor never begotten – then I certainly believe no deceitful trick can never withstand on its own! — Its not whatever words we uses to call Him that counts one bit anyway, but the concepts we hold about Him, which when one speaks of monotheism, Islam advocates in its purest form. — But anyway as I say, thanks for the reply, and it wasn’t me that emailed you, so it must have been some else. — Salaam.

  • Géji;

    Three days late, sorry :-S Anyway, I think you emailed me about this, might have been someone else so I’ll type out here.

    Yes, its Malaysia these days but you’d not be surprised how many of the loons seem to want to ‘rollback the boarders of Islam’ (also notice how they use the old ‘anti-commie’ term… yep doesn’t surprise me either). But on the Malaysian nuts… well its complicated. Sadly over here religion is very much a political matter, as is race, and often the two are combined.

    The loons of course exploit this. I was on Jihad Watch the other day and they have their own pet ‘Malaysian infidel’ who spams them out of context shite from the local news here. The one that I saw was the attempted demolition of a temple which was stopped at the 11th hour after the temple had had its status changed to an ‘Islamic place of worship’. Thing is while it looks like an ‘Islamic Domination’ thingy, it really wasn’t and the Malaysians commenting on the local news story spotted it for what it was; vote winning for the coming elections with a bit of shady real estate development tacked on.

    Why? Because the city official who is up to election and desperately needs votes within the Indian community managed to phone up the minister in charge and, in 15 minutes, get him to reverse the decision and ‘save’ the temple, becoming the hero of the local community. *ANYONE* in Malaysia will tell you that it is damn impossible to get anyone in government to even respond to you in a month, let alone a minister whom might I add is a Muslim (but a closet supremacist I’m sure…). Set up or what 😉 And not to forget that the temple is sited on some very valuable real estate… someone is trying to get condos built in the area so no doubt that has something to do with the demolition and the ‘status change’.

    Of course, JW also neglected to quote the whole story, including the fact that the minister was a Muslim or that the decision was reversed or anything about the whole political situation in Malaysia and the upcoming and extremely close run elections (we will sadly see a lot more of this shite over the coming year). Their pet infidel is just there to tout the ‘Muslim bad’ line.

    Anyway, if you weren’t the guy who emailed me do so and I’ll forward you some of my articles in the local press on the matter of the ‘Allah’ thing… as I said its complicated as hell but boils down to Islam being used for control and to get the next elections won for the ruling party. In a nutshell, there is another word for ‘God’ in Malay and it was suspected that the use of ‘Allah’ was in fact for missionary work which, due to race issues, is a big no no here. Race is tied to religion, Malays are ‘Muslim’ by law (the constitution defines them as such) so certain people get in a fuss if anyone tries to ‘convert’ Malays who also happen to be the ruling parties vote base (which might I add is another story).

    Plus it was taking place in Sabah and Sarawak… West Malaysians tend to view people in East Malaysia as simple country folk (perhaps how Southerners are viewed in the US) who need ‘protecting’, East Malaysians tend to get pissed off for being ignored all the time until they are needed to vote (during which period the ruling party pumps huge amounts of money into the area then proceeds to ignore them for the next 4 years).

    Then add to the fact that both main parties, to appeal to the majority ‘Muslim’ Malays, have both declared themselves ‘Islamic’ (BN nominally using secular ‘Civilisation Islam’, PAS in opposition has outright declared itself the ‘Pan Islamic Party’) and thus you get some pretty funny and distressing to watch attempts to ‘out Islam’ each other. The whole ‘Hudd Law’ debate last year was an example of this with PAS putting BN into a pretty tight corner by stating that they would ‘declare Hudd law’ if they got into power (of course we know they wouldn’t), causing BN to try and ‘out Islam’ them by saying they also would. Hilarity ensured as BN then realised that its Indian/Chinese voters (plus a lot of Malays) were not too keen on this…

    I think, given the general circus I have outlined, you wouldn’t be surprised to hear that most Malaysians have pretty much given up on their government, it is not really fair to reflect the thoughts of the Muslim majority here in the actions of the nuts in nominal charge.

    And of course, none of this will be transferred to JW or any other sites because remember… its in our Muslamic nature 😉

  • Géji

    @Jack Cope – “Well the Ikea where I live does have a small mosque inside …”

    Jack, if I remember correctly that would be in Malaysia right? I don’t think the Euro-American looniverse would go as far as to try and mess-up with the Malaysian Ikeas. Or else, they would have to deal with their counterpart in the Malaysian looniverse, you know, those that sought to ban Malaysian Christians to used the word “Allah” for God ?! I’m loling already just at the perspective imagining such battle taking place between the loons, leaving us out of it for once! and settling down their contention among themselves over which extremist interpretation of Christianity/Islam is better and “wins”! — By the way, I admit I did not closely followed the whole controversy surrounding the word “Allah” in Malaysia, but I’ve heard the government reversed the “ban” of its use on Malaysia Christians. Though very shameful on the part of the Malaysian government to even consider such ban, I never really understood all about the controversy, what was the reason behind, or what started it in the first place. Isn’t there a word in Malay language for “God” or “Allah”? and if yes, though there’s nothing wrong for Malaysian Christians to use it anyway, but if there is a Malay word for God, then why do the Malaysian Christians opted for the Arabic word “Allah” in this case?

  • Hahaha

    Bare Naked Boni

  • Also on a side note, I notice that these fools were complaining that Ikea dared issue a ‘branded’ hijab for their employees. I think these peeps need to get jobs and hobbies.

  • Well the Ikea where I live does have a small mosque inside and… it uses Ikea furniture as does some of the other mosques I go to! ARGH!!!! Run away!

  • Ali

    How to find out which stores sell halal food in USA? Easy, just visit any Islamophobic website, they compiled article after article about stores and halal products. I didn’t know whole foods sell some halal cooked food until the Islamophobes advertised it.

  • HGG

    No, she doesn’t. She focuses on Muslims, true, but she has more than enough hate for gays and other minorities.

  • @Benjamin Taghiov,

    By the way, thanks for the link to that disgusting article on that disgusting anti Muslim hate site, Bare Naked Islam. I just alerted the Southern Poverty Law Center and Islamophobia today to it. Thanks. These people really need to be defeated. The more you examine the facts, and the more you look at what they endorse, the more obvious it becomes that they are fascists regardless of whether they embrace the label or not.

  • @Benjamin Taghiov

    You Wrote
    Bare Naked Islam sees abuse of women as someting good and applauds Golden Dawn MP for hitting a ‘leftist and communist who have allowed some 2 million mostly illegal Muslim invaders into Greece from North Africa and Turkey’.

    Well, BNI is called a hate site for a reason, and it looks like its not just Muslims that they hate.

  • @DawahFilms

    You wrote,
    Its obvious that the Ikea article is a joke. The diagram is completely being facetious. I can’t believe how demented these people are to take it seriously.

    I agree.

  • These people are hopeless. How badly can life be going for them that they live off hate of others? They are so consumed by irrational hate, that they cannot use simple analytical skills decipher what is real and what was meant to be a joke.

  • Benjamin Taghiov

    Bare Naked Islam sees abuse of women as someting good and applauds Golden Dawn MP for hitting a ‘leftist and communist who have allowed some 2 million mostly illegal Muslim invaders into Greece from North Africa and Turkey’.

  • Steve

    Excellent, hung by their own petard

  • JT

    Wow, this must be really embarrassing. I think they bought it because their other conspiracy theories like stealth jihad, demographic jihad, taqiyya etc. are so ridiculous that by comparison this story actually made complete sense to them. Like Breivik, they believe everyone is looking to favour Muslims.

    But an IKEA-funded mosque is not a bad idea. I wouldn’t mind if my local mosque had some groovy shoe racks and a lifetime supply of little pencils.

  • Its obvious that the Ikea article is a joke. The diagram is completely being facetious. I can’t believe how demented these people are to take it seriously.

  • corey

    while facepalm compilation is appropriate I think this is a better

  • Nabeel

    This is hilarious

  • @Emperor

    It looks like BNI took the page down. I guess Benstock was really embarrassed when she realized that she had fallen the equivalent of an obvious April Fools Day prank

  • mindy1

    If that were a real article, that would be a very comfortable and relaxed Mosque 😉 but it’s so pathetic that people can’t even recognize satire 🙁

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