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Kamal Saleem Says U.S. Generals Pledged to ‘Destroy the United States’ and Obama Will ‘Legalize Terrorism’

More from the looniverse of the fake ex-terrorist Kamal Saleem. Have a good laugh:

Kamal Saleem Says U.S. Generals Pledged to ‘Destroy the United States’ and Obama Will ‘Legalize Terrorism’


Kamal Saleem spoke to Janet Parshall yesterday where the phony “ex-terrorist” alleged that radical Muslims are going to “penetrate” every sphere of American society and that there are even United States generals who are secretly trying to “destroy” the country from within:

Saleem: From military, infrastructure to the church and synagogues, also to the banking and the education system, and also to pharmaceutical and medical, every level that there is that they were going to go ahead and penetrate and so far they were able to penetrate every level. Unfortunately, this government has not stopped them from advancing forward, but helped them advance forward to overcome many things. Now there are many generals who swore to destroy the United States of America are generals in the United States.

Seeing that Saleem works frequently with former General and anti-Muslim activist Jerry Boykin, it would be nice of Saleem to offer Boykin and the public at large the names of generals who “swore to destroy the United States.”

Later, Saleem talked to Parshall about his life story. Saleem has implausibly claimed to have worked for the Muslim Brotherhood in Lebanon, the Syrian government, the Palestine Liberation Organization, the Libyan government (even dined with Gaddafi!), Saudi Arabia and terrorists in Tora Bora.

He told Parshall that before going to Tora Bora he worked in Europe in the “culture jihad,” and after training terrorists there he came to America to diminish the conservative Bible Belt’s political and cultural clout!

Saleem also claimed 450,000 illegal immigrants came to America in 2010 to wait for Obama to “legalize terrorism,” even though the border control said the year had exceptionally low rates of crossings.

He insisted that if state legislatures don’t pass laws banning Sharia law then the United Nations throughResolution 16/18, which reaffirms “freedom of religion or belief and freedom of expression” and opposes religious discrimination, will force the church to “go underground.” Then after the church isn’t allowed to write their own sermons or canonize priests, Saleem claims, “our country will become Islamist by default because only Islam can fight back” against the United Nations, or something:

Saleem: This is what’s happening in America right now, the invasion of the United States of America is happening through the borders where in 2010 over 450,000 illegals crossed through Mexican borders and these guys are waiting for amnesty to be citizens as soon as our President changes the immigration law and are granted amnesty, legalizing terrorism will be just the first cut in the United States of America.

Parshall: Wow. So now we’ve got you in the European continent and eventually you make your way to the United States, correct?

Saleem: That’s correct. My last battle was in Tora Bora and from Tora Bora I came to the United States of America and we were in the northern sector, the American people are weaker over there and they are not as the Bible Belt area, they are not as strong. So our stronghold was in Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota, all that region over there, and from there I was sent specifically to the Bible Belt because they asked us to take on this because in order to bring the American culture down we have to overthrow their weight of voting, of power, of everything so we have to penetrate the area and bring about the light of Islam so we can change that culture and change the future of the United States from that area.

Parshall: Wow.

Saleem: If this [anti-Sharia law] bill does not pass and Americans do not support it then UN Resolution 16/18 will take place and that is the hate crime bill which is the American people, simply, the church cannot talk about their belief anymore, the church will have to go underground and they will have to submit their sermon and what so have you, and we are fighting on both area to disable the Islamists from taking over. That’s why the Catholic Church is fighting so hard because how they canonize their priests and what so have you, this will disable them from doing all this, and now our country will become Islamist by default because only Islam can fight back.

Parshall: Wow.

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  • Wow.

    I always find it funny how the audience he is pandering to are the same people that think Muslims are barbaric, stupid and unable to govern themselves. Then claim that they have conceived and are successfully coordinating a complex strategy to destroy the soul of the US. So they are backwards and stupid, while at the same time being brilliant strategists and advanced enough to defeat the most “advanced nation in the world”. I call it Terror by Confusion. Muslims are onions with many layers, and they are periodically possesed by demons. They can only be the army of Satan. The Rapture cometh! Or it cameth?

    It’s Terror by Confusion. Remember that.

  • Nur Alia

    Now it makes sence.

    When scouts spotted Usama bin Laden in Tora Bora, and asked to ‘take the shot’ to kill him, they also told of Kamal Saleem being there.

    Bush then declined to follow through, citing that our purveyor of propaganda is there, and we dont want to hurt him.

    I have a question though. This guy looks like a man who used to be a commentator on the Christian Broadcast Network a while back. He supposedly claimed he was a Muslim who converted to Christianity.

  • Stoned Gremlin

    Hasn’t the U.S government already legalized terrorism?

  • @Sam Seed

    You wrote,
    What a creepy man, way to make money by lies and deceit. Are Americans really that dumb?

    Unfortunately some of us are.

  • mjasghar

    mindy i think there’s a problem with the Us education system – it seems to be just rote learning of set textbooks, no teaching of analysis, of examining sources for bias and reliability. You just don’t seem to get taught to think for yourself – which is what some of your politicians want.
    Also, too many rely on commentators who round up what others say. So some neocon commentator would tidy up Saleem’s comment. If you just read the transcript above, the guy is obviously just trying to throw together every fear americans have and meld them into one, while sucking up to his target audience (saying the north is weak and the south is string etc) and using a bill’s number instead of saying it’s about freedom of religion.
    TBH i think this guy is a conman. He realised he could make a lot of money from saying loony things if he claimed to be a exterrorist exmuslim. Now he seems to be pushing how far he can go. It’s almost AliG. Heck, he even mentioned watching out for the synagogues to play up on antisemitism.

  • @Amago,

    I told you guys about this story via twitter. I’m glad you were able to us it.

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  • sunnishine

    Anyone with half a brain listening to this interview would immediately see how ridiculous it is.

  • mindy1

    @Sam, sadly some of us are 🙁 we are dependent on the expertise of others, and we do not always realise that he is not an expert himself. As for this nutter, I wish he would go away.

  • Sam Seed

    What a creepy man, way to make money by lies and deceit. Are Americans really that dumb?

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