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US to Delist MeK from Terrorist List? Maybe Not

MEK fighters in Iraq. (Credit: AP/Brennan Linsley)

MEK fighters in Iraq. (Credit: AP/Brennan Linsley)

Glenn Greenwald reported on a likely victory for the MeK and its shills in being delisted from the State Department terrorist list. Now CNN is reporting that this may not be the case, though their article leaves much to be desired and doesn’t lend much confidence that they won’t be.

This leaves open more questions than it answers: what will happen with the Dept. of Treasury’s investigation into prominent officials accused of “material support of terrorism?” What about the many officials who have escaped investigation and prosecution for practicing the text-book definition of “material support of terrorism?” Why has the mainstream media been asleep at the wheel as the US government has trained, financed and the MeK?

Iranian dissident group warned delisting from US terror not guaranteed

By Jamie Crawford (CNN)

The United States warned an Iranian dissident group that it may have “over-interpreted” recent events, and should not presume its removal from the U.S. terror list is guaranteed.

The Obama administration has told Mujahedeen-e-Khalq (MEK) an orderly departure from its base Camp Ashraf inside Iraq will be a central condition to any decision regarding the group’s removal from the list.

From Camp Ashraf, the residents travel by convoy under United Nations and Iraqi government auspices to a former U.S. base in Iraq where they can be processed and eventually re-settled to countries in Europe and elsewhere.

Some 2,000 MEK members have left Camp Ashraf since the process began, but none have moved since May 5. Some 1,200 to 1,400 still remain at Camp Ashraf.

“Constructive offers must be met with a constructive spirit, and not with refusals or preconditions to engage in dialogue,” State Department spokesperson Victoria Nuland said in a written statement. “Recent publicly declared conditions for cooperation, including calls for the Department to inspect Camp Ashraf as a precondition for further relocations to Camp Hurriya, are an unnecessary distraction.”

Nuland also called on the Iraqi government to “intensify its efforts to fulfill its commitment to provide for the safety, security, and humanitarian treatment” of Camp Ashraf residents.

“The residents’ request for the US to inspect Camp Ashraf, which Ms. Victoria Nuland has described as unnecessary in her June 18 statement, is to prevent the Iraqi government and the Iranian regime’s operatives in Iraq from stage managing of finding ammunitions and explosives at Camp Ashraf once the residents leave,” said Shahin Gobadi of the National Council of Resistance of Iran, a group that supports the MEK. “For this reason, the representative of the residents of Ashraf wrote to [State Department Special Advisor on Camp Ashraf] Amb. Dan Fried on June 17, 2012 that if no inspection of Ashraf is possible, he should issue a statement as a confidence building measure. He is yet to receive [sic] a response.”

MEK has waged a widespread, well-publicized campaign for enforcement of a 2010 ruling by a federal court ordering the State Department to review the group’s status on the terror list.

Earlier this month, a federal appeals court ordered Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to make a decision by October 1, or the court would issue a so-called writ of mandamus to set aside the designation. The State Department has said it will comply with the ruling.

On a conference call with reporters Monday, a senior administration official said MEK may have “over-interpreted” the court ruling, and may believe that Clinton has no choice now but to de-list the group. The official said that belief would be “quite plainly, wrong.”

Clinton “retains complete discretion on this matter,” the official said. “The court has told her to deliver a decision one way or the other. They have not told her to de-list.”

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  • Dr. Mir

    Simply Th eonly reason they are kept in this list is so that Iranian terrorsit government can have a open conversation with teh USA. Per Ricahrd Murphy the US state department spokesperson at the time of listing, he said the Iranian government requested for this act otherwose they will not talk to them.
    SO much for law and constitutional rights.
    SO as you cna see there is no terrorists with MEK just appeasment from US State department of the terrortists in IRan. Then they wonder why war on terrorism is not successful.

  • @Garibaldi,

    Okay, sorry about the misunderstanding.

  • Garibaldi


    They didn’t. They ordered Hilary Clinton to decide whether or not they should be de-listed by Oct.1, or else they will automatically be de-listed, as for the reason why they would be automatically delisted I can’t tell right now, I’d have to read the order.

  • @Garibaldi,

    Why would the court order them removed from the terror list?

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  • Al

    I for one would like to see the U.S. officials who support the MEK tried for treason and sent to Baghram AFB for an extended period of time…

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