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CNN: Newt Gingrich Supports the Bachmann Five’s Crusade for “Muslim Brotherhood Inquiry”

Newt Gingrich

Newt Gingrich

The “Muslim Brotherhood Infiltration” conspiracy theory still has life. Anderson Cooper discusses the ongoing saga and how the likes of Newt Gingrich and Mitt Romney’s Islamophobic adviser, John Bolton are voicing their support for the Bachmann five:

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  • Abdul-Rahman

    *Bachmann and company’s xenophobia

  • Abdul-Rahman

    As other people have already commented here it is pathetic, scary, and absurd that Bachmann and company’s open xenophobe and attempts to try to disenfranchise Muslim Americans is not being condemned more strongly and is even gaining some “supporters” (but with the likes of that cheating scumbag Gingrich, the brain-dead supposed “history teacher” lol, we see the low “quality” of Bachmann’s “supporters” to start with!) And also as others have noted it is also humorous and disturbing that people are trying to act like the Muslim Brotherhood organization is some sort of alleged “extremist” organization or something.

    This of course yet again shows even more hypocrisy as the US government continues to maintain strong ties and in fact back rabid Zionist freaks like Avigdor Lieberman and Philly Netanyahu who are true extremists and criminals and who put thousands of Americans in danger due to the AIPAC controlled US government supporting Zionist occupation crimes committed against Palestinians; that in turn make Americans a target for revenge actions.

  • Damn, when is parts of America going to stop repeating the bigoted mistakes of those who came before them. You would think , that in this day and time,where we have plenty examples to look back on, like the mistreatment of Native Americans, racism against African Americans, Mistreatment of Japanese Americans and the communist witch hunts. You would think people would be smart enough to not repeat the same bigoted and racist ideas again.

  • Common Sense

    Newt Gingrich ALSO thinks that Huma Abedin is a member of the Muslim Brotherhood? Am I supposed to be surprised? This isn’t even news.

  • Octane

    Al Jazeera and RT need to be part of the standard cable pack to really open dialogue in the US. Otherwise it is dominated by the who can ‘hate loudest’ media types.

  • Jinn

    Yeah I agree with Khushboo, I’m not sure how they get away with calling Muslim Brotherhood Islamist/radical and Taliban the same thing. Makes no sense and is never really clarified in AC or even the Daily show by Jon Stewart.

  • khushboo

    AC did a good job but I don’t like his implication that the Muslim Brotherhood are “radical Jihadists”. Yes they had a bad history in the 50s and 60s but they have evolved over time with thousands of new members who are not radicals/extremists.

  • mindy1

    Oh FFS, THIS is why we are going to hell, because our representatives are waisting time on crap like this rather than figuring out what do do aout our problems 🙄

  • MC

    AC does a great job covering this. What’s a bit sad is he seems like the ONLY guy covering this…

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