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Many Muslims Join US Military to Kill Fellow Soldiers, Says ‘Terrorism Expert’

David Gaubatz

The racist, kooky conspiracy theorist David Gaubatz, who has been milking the Islamophobia industry for all he can is now claiming that most “friendly fire” incidents in which US soldiers die are perpepetrated by Muslims. Gaubatz’s so-called “research” has led him to the conclusion that many Muslims “join the military to kill fellow soldiers,” while the reality is that if you join the US military the people you are most likely going to kill, if you get an opportunity, are Muslims (Islamophobia-Watch):

Many Muslims join US military to kill fellow soldiers, says ‘terrorism expert’

A terrorism expert and author is warning of what he perceives as a threat to the U.S. military, and suggesting to lower that danger, Muslims not be allowed to enlist in the ranks.

Muslim Mafia” co-author David Gaubatz said on a recent edition of his counterterrorism radio program that because of a Muslim’s first allegiance to Shariah law, they are ill-fitted for the U.S. armed forces.

Gaubatz said a mosque leader in Knoxville, Tenn., reported many Muslims in the military believe that their fellow soldiers are the “enemy.”

“An Islamic leader at a mosque in Knoxville, Tenn., told me that many of the ‘friendly fire’ incidents were actually murders. He advised many Muslims are joining the military for outstanding training and to fight the enemy (their fellow troops),” Gaubatz said.

He said this alarming trend is the result of a reality that he has uncovered in his research: There are no “moderate” Muslims.

“The simple answer is, Islam itself (through Shariah law) mandates a Muslim to follow Shariah law 100 percent, and no man-made law can be placed before Shariah law,” Gaubatz said. “If a person does not follow Shariah law then they are a non-practicing Muslim and essentially an apostate of Islam.”

“That leaves only ‘true’ Muslims who follow Islam as dictated by prophet Mohammed 1400 years ago. A ‘true’ Muslim cannot put the U.S. Constitution ahead of Shariah law, and therefore one can’t faithfully serve in the U.S. military if the U.S. Constitution is not their number one priority,” Gaubatz said.

WND, 10 July 2012

Update:  See “Gaubatz repeats claim that US Muslim soldiers are murdering fellow troops and claiming ‘friendly fire'”, Bartholomew’s Notes on Religion, 10 July 2012

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  • Okay, even if true, that an American Muslim soldier was convicted of murder his fellow soldiers and he believed it was his religious duty to do so to avenge the deaths of Iraqi and Afghan civilians for whatever reason, it doesn’t prove the claim that a significant number of Muslims are joining the US armed forces just so that can turn on their fellow soldiers. Anyway, care to site a source for that claim?

  • kaina pittbull

    Muslim soldier convicted of plot to kill fellow US troops

    A Muslim soldier has been convicted of plotting to blow up a Texas
    restaurant packed with American troops in the hope fulfilling his religious
    mission to get “justice” for civilians killed in Iraq and Afghanistan

  • Reynardine

    Moody, take your lithium. You’ll be considerably less Moody overnight.

  • Anthony DiMattei

    Ask him who killed Pat Tillman

  • Omar

    What Muslim leader? Care to divulge a name? Of course not, because he doesn’t exist.

  • HGG

    “Seems fair enough, don’t you agree”

    Fair would include asking Christians, Jews and every member of other religions to do the same with their holy books, dont you agree?

  • Moody

    What he also says:

    “Based on the words of Islamic scholars I believe a person who says they are Muslim should be asked before they are sworn in to the U.S. military if they swear to put the U.S. Constitution ahead of their beliefs of Shariah law. If they say no then they should not be allowed to be the first line defenders of our country. If they agree then they are apostates and apostates of Islam should be allowed,” Gaubatz said.

    – Seems fair enough, don’t you agree !?

  • JD

    I take great offense too the jerks here . I have family in the military and trust me they did not join for the great military pay check. There are over 10,000 Us Muslims in the military according to the stats and many have also died serving there country . If you want to question someone royalty go ahead and ask the family of Kareem R. Khan, a Muslim-American soldier. Khan died when an improvised explosive device blew up on August 6, 2007 in Baqubah or Capt. Humayun Khan was killed after a terrorist vehicle packed with explosives drove into the gate of his compound while he was inspecting soldiers on guard duty.

    Hasan Akbar was Mental ill
    Nidal Hasan Did not want to go to Iraq /Afgan

    and these weren’t the only cases

    Last September, Sgt. Joseph Bozicevich, 39, of Minneapolis was detained after allegedly killing two members of his unit south of Baghdad. The case remains under investigation.
    • In June 2005, an Army captain and lieutenant were killed when an anti-personnel mine detonated in the window of their room at the U.S. base in Tikrit. National Guard Staff Sgt. Alberto Martinez was acquitted in the blast.
    • Spc. Chris Rolan, an Army medic, was sentenced to 33 years in prison in 2007 for killing a fellow soldier after a night of heavy drinking in Iraq.
    • In 2008, Army Cpl. Timothy Ayers was sentenced to two years and four months in prison after pleading guilty to involuntary manslaughter in the fatal 2007 shooting of his platoon sergeant in Iraq.

    Are we also going to go around ask there relgion and start people that are the same

    and Rocky what unit were you in again?

  • Reynardine

    Dragon: tell them.

    One psychiatrist going off his rocker in an army the size of ours is the only real incident. The rest of this is the exact same scheiss that Nazis were saying about the (frequently quite valorous) Jewish soldiers in the Kaiser’s army in WW I. The aim, too, is the same. Mr. Gobscheiss should be ashamed of himself.

  • Moody

    Surprise, surprise ( really !? > Which Noble Muslim is willing to kill those Noble Jihad-Fighters of the Taliban !? )

    The US administration should be wiser by now, too many examples already. To Muslims serving the army, is like collaborating with the enemy, you can’t blame them for ceazing the opportunity.

  • Sir David Illuminati membership number 16.69

    In the first Gulf War more British troops were killed by Americans than Iraq’s . Does that make the USA Army all muslim?

    Sir David

  • Rocky Lore

    Explain Hasan Akbar and Nidal Hasan.

  • mindy1

    @Pamela thanks for serving 😀 😀

  • Pamela

    As a Muslim woman and a vet this fool is off his rocker.

  • crow

    I saw some Jews saying the only law they have to obey is Torah law…no natural or manmade law is above Torah law

  • @Emperor

    We seriously need to do all we can to discredit these “experts.” Does the Southern Poverty Law Center know about him?

  • Miguel

    what an ignoramous

  • mindy1

    Friendly fire incidents, sadly happen in every war 🙁 🙁 it’s inevitable-fog of war, mistaken intellegence, etc can lead to tragic incidents 🙁

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