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Adam Hasner: Islamophobe for Congress

Loonwatch has been reporting on Adam Hasner since 2009 when he first came across our radar screen for his alliance with Pamela Geller and endorsement of Geert Wilders. Not long ago he was pontificating about “Civilization Jihad” and other nonsense,

“We are not in a War on Terror,” Hasner said. “This is a civilizational struggle against an ideology of Sharia Islam.”

“It’s not just a threat on foreign soil,” he continued. “It’s also a threat from those who seek to destroy us from within. And we have a problem of domestic terrorism both in the violent form as well as in the civilizational jihad that we’re witnessing here in our own country and our own state.”

Adam Hasner: Islamophobe for Congress


Congress’s anti-Islam caucus will likely grow in November, and Florida’s Adam Hasner may be its worst new member

Rep. Michele Bachmann has gotten a lot of attention lately for her witch hunt against Muslims in the U.S. government, but she’s not alone. In addition to the four lawmakers who signed on to her letters, there are a handful of others who together might be called the Islamophobia Caucus — and their ranks are likely to swell after November, thanks in part to one of the caucus’ most outspoken members, Rep. Allen West.

After redistricting made West’s 22nd Florida congressional district slightly more liberal, he moved to the 18th. Running in his place is Adam Hasner, the former Florida House majority leader who abandoned a previous bid for the Senate. Hasner has already earned top-flight endorsers, including Florida Sen. Marco Rubio, former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, House Majority Leader Eric Cantor and West himself, as well as several major conservative organizations.

But perhaps a bit farther down the list is Pam Geller, the anti-Islam blogger and activist who spearheaded the effort against the so-called ground zero mosque. While she may not have officially endorsed Hasner, they’re clearly comrades in the fight against Shariah law. “Pamela [Geller] and I were on the front lines of that together, fighting to make sure that we kept her safe here,” Hasner told a Fort Lauderdale crowd in June of last year. For her part, Geller has written numerous blog posts praising Hasner, whom she declared to be “my friend.” “So many patriots and elected officials joined us, like Adam Hasner,” she wrote in June of last year. Here’s a photo of them posing together from her blog. (Hasner did not reply to requests for comment.)

As the Florida Independent noted in September of last year, Hasner has been involved in a “long-time crusade against the supposed threat of Sharia in the U.S.” In 2009, he appeared on a panel in D.C. with Geller and Frank Gaffney, the man behind Bachmann’s with hunt, according to a press release unearthed by the liberal research group American Bridge. Robert Spencer, another key figure in the Islamophobia cottage industry, called Hasner a “fearless truth teller” (here’s a photo them posing together via Spencer’s blog, Jihad Watch).

Before that, Hasner invited notorious Dutch parliamentarian Geert Wilders to Florida. “When I invited Geert Wilders to join me for a Free Speech conference in Palm Beach County, not only did the hotel cancel its plans to have him come in, but I was the one who was asked by the Hamas front group, the Council on Arab-Islamic Relations, to resign from the Florida House of Representatives, because I was an Islamophobe and a hater,” he said in the Fort Lauderdale speech. Wilders has made crusading against Islam his top priority. He was under house arrest for hate speech in Holland and is barred from visiting several countries.

When Hasner caught flak for the invitation, he was unperturbed. “These are the same people who have been attacking me all session. This isn’t about being anti-Islam, this is all about the right to free speech and they are trying to stifle it,” he casually told the St. Petersburg Times in April 2009. Wilders personally thanked Hasner in his speech, saying, “We need strong leaders like we have here today, Allen West and Adam Hasner. We need strong men like that.”

Within just a few days of the Wilders speech, it was an event that Hasner did not attend that raised eyebrows. He apparently boycotted an imam’s opening prayers at the state Legislature. The Palm Beach Post reported at the time:

As usual, the Florida House opened session today with a prayer. But for the first time this year (and possibly the first time ever), that prayer was led by an imam, Qasim Ahmed, from the Islamic Learning Institute in Tampa. The prayer was videotaped by Ahmed Bedier, United Voices of America director, who remarked on the absence of House Majority Leader Adam Hasner, R-Boca Raton. Bedier said he was videotaping the “historic” moment. “We did notice Hasner’s empty chair. That’s definitely noticed,” Bedier said… Hasner said he wasn’t on the floor this morning for personal reasons and noted the iman was in the House at the invitation of Rep. Jim Waldman, D-Coconut Creek. “It’s Jim Waldman’s right as a member to invite whomever he wants,” Hasner said.

In 2011, according to a YouTube video of a speech uncovered by American Bridge, Hasner boasted about the real reason for his absence two years earlier. “When the imam who was invited by a state representative who was a Democrat from here in Broward County, when he was invited to give the morning prayer at the Florida House of Representatives, and I boycotted the prayer, I was the one who was ridiculed,” he said.

In 2008, Hasner helped found an anti-Shariah group called Florida Security Council with an activist named Tom Trento. While Hasner was never an official member, he touted his involvement with the organization, which later changed its name to United West. “You cannot fight an enemy when you will not acknowledge that an enemy even exists, and that enemy has a name, and that is Shariah-compliant Islam,” Hasner told a local conservative group in March of last year. “We cannot allow political correctness and multiculturalism or appeasement to cripple our defenses at home or abroad.”

Alex Seitz-Wald is Salon’s political reporter. Email him at, and follow him on Twitter @aseitzwald.

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  • Wanderer

    Solid Snake

    Dude, I’m totally feeling that vibe!

    Hi, I’m Wanderer and I’m a Loonwatch addict. I need my fix daily, and among the side-effects are violent allergy to loon mentality.

    Islamophobes seemed so big and daunting before I found this place. I’m thankful that Islamophobia hasn’t exploded in a big way where I live, but I feel confident in taking it on should it rear its ugly head.

    U guys rock. Thanks.

  • @ Solid Snake

    Im the same way. Anytime i get into a conversation w/ muslims or non muslims about the state of the world today (wars, terrorism, islam, etc) i always start advertising for Loonwatch and im constantly sharing the articles on my facebook page.

    Not sure if you guys ever checked out but its a great website as well. Not exactly the same type of articles as loonwatch but still some really good papers written by very intelligient people. It was started by a couple of muslim doctors in my community and has grown tremendously.

    I check loonwatch almost as much as i check my email. I think its time for a loonwatch conference!

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  • Solid Snake

    @Saladin AKA Big Boss 😉
    I am glad i adopted the cause and gained valuable allies in the fight against lunacy. Loonwatch has also helped me sharpen my debating skills, improve my ‘Troll Awareness’ stat, and gained +5 intelligence 😀

    That is exactly what I did when I joined Loonwatch. I went through the archives and for days I read brilliant article after brilliant article. The second article I read, or series of articles, was the Fathima Rifqa Bary case.
    Oh nice that new BlazBlue looks great. I love the name “BlazBlue: Chronophantasma!” I want to get Persona Arena 4 it looks really good….ugh so many games so little time. The fall semester is gonna start this month, I dont think I will have time 😀

  • corey

    me finding this website was a great thing as well I found this site and saw a breathe of freash air, it was logical, with people who knew what they were talking about and not filled with idiots who think they were experts on subjects of islam because they read spencers book or those who praise geller and her ilk for there “bravery” then I started reading past articles of this site and in ones at spencerwatch especially in articles where idiotic commenters would post bullcrap arguments only to have it shot down with facts and laugh as they lose there minds becuase they kept losing the argument over and over, and speaking on freash air blazblue has a sequel out finaly so no more blazblue continum shift hyper extend gold edition they are finally extending the story with new characters and moves as well

  • Saladin

    or as they say in French(According to Google translate)
    Vive la lutte contre loonacy

  • Saladin

    @Solid Snake
    “For months I surfed the internet aimlessly, a mercenary without a home”

    LOL and now you have taken up the cause of anti-Islamophobia and have new home in the nation of LoonWatch long live anti-loonicey.

  • Solid Snake

    Lol @ Mindy being the least controversial commentator on the Internet! I think Garibaldi is right, it is hard to believe that there are still some polite and civil people like Mindy online. When you do come across such personalities you tend to think they are trolls or spambots!

    Although I understand where Basil is coming from. After crawling out of the trenches of the Youtube comments sections I was pretty jaded. Especially after dealing with islamophobes on every single video that remotely mentioned Arabs, Muslims, or the Middle East. They used to overwhelm me with their now debunked hate-filled arguments. I knew they were wrong, but it was too much. I didn’t have enough knowledge and they kept on coming. I couldn’t fight back with my limited knowledge. In other words, I was shocked and awed by the aggressiveness of their attacks. And so I retreated, I deleted my Youtube account. Like a coward I left the battlefield of Youtube. That was before I found Loonwatch. For months I surfed the internet aimlessly, a mercenary without a home. I wanted to learn, to train. A simple search of the word Islam returned a slew of hate sites. Then that fateful day, I crossed the borders into Loonwatch territory. The first article I read was the now legendary article “All Terrorists are Muslims…Except the 94% that Aren’t”. I was blown away. The arguments presented were logical and airtight, the numbers were there and they surprised me. Then I scrolled down to the comments section, making sure to stay out of sight. through the mist I saw him obliterating his opponents. They came one after the other and were cut down easily. Danios countered all of the Islamophobes with strong arguments. He had supporters. But that article drew in islamophobes from all corners of the web and their reinforcements. Anyway, ever since that day I have been a loyal reader and fan of Loonwatch. In real life I inform people about Loonwatch whether they are Muslim or Non Muslim. I may not contribute much in the comments section but this website has influenced me greatly in many ways.

    lol sorry for being so dramatic.

  • Abbey

    Mindy is a breath of fresh air in this crazy world…wish more people were like her.

  • @Basil

    Yes, Mindy1 is for real. And I like her comments, respect her and look forward to her comments.


    I don’t think you should be insulted. I think you should rest easy knowing you brighten and lighten (double meanings intended) many here on Loonwatch.


    44 year old Eric Allen Bell – Wade Michael Page, the Sikh temple killer, was 40 years old – may not be in the financial pockets of others. He is currently begging for money on his Facebook page. He feels “called” to “tell the truth about Islam.”
    On his Facebook page he claims to be broke, unable to pay his bills and living in a hotel. So he is asking his friends on Facebook to make donations for his cause.

    Seems I read that Wade Michael Page was also having hard times and busy fearing and hating others. Bell did write that he woke up one morning and decided to hate Islam. Will he too someday, like Page, decide in deep frustration, to kill? No one, who knew Page, thought that he would kill. But he did.

    Eric Allen Bell cannot be understood simply as an opportunist. He is a true believer, attached to his own fear and hate. And sadly, fear and hate, like a cancer, grows. May the antidote: kindness and compassion, come to him someday soon!

  • Garibaldi

    @Mindy, you wrote,

    Should I be insulted at what basil said? :/

    No, I believe Basil just can’t countenance the fact that there still are civil folk on the internet. He seems pretty jaded.

    I for one am happy and appreciative that you’ve been one of our most consistent loonwatchers! For those commenters who’ve been around as long as you and are familiar with your history I think we can all agree that you are a super loonwatcher.


  • Basil

    @mindy1: No, no offense intended. It’s just unusual for someone to be so consistently polite on the Internet. Pick any YouTube video and look at the comments to see what I mean. You seem like a very genuinely nice person and usually the first to comment – which just strikes one as odd.

  • mindy1

    Should I be insulted at what basil said? :/

  • Cyrus


    Well, I can tell you one thing about Mr.Bell…He ain’t no Buddhist, regardless of what he claims. Though I admit I personally am no expert on the religion of Buddhism, I have known plenty of folks of that belief, both worked with and as friends. Haters they most certainly were not. Just the opposite. It goes against their very existence. His words and actions have absolutely nothing to do with Buddhism. Perhaps he might someday co-mingle with actual Buddhists, and see how they view the world and live their lives. Perhaps they might be able to help him. As things stand, his current legion of crazy “followers” certainly will not.

  • @Cyrus

    You wrote,
    In other news, Eric “the loser” Allen Bell just banned me from his Facebook page…I made a few rational arguments, without any insults, and “Mr.Free Speech” couldn’t handle it. Woo-Hoow!!!!

    To be damned by the devil, is to be but truly blessed!

    Bell, hypocrisy be thy name! Not surprised really.

  • Basil

    Is mindy1 a real person or some sort of bot to kick off discussions? She must be the least controversial commentator on the Internet. Very sweet, but hard to believe.

    Anyway – this Hasner guy is a nut. Besides, everyone knows that all of these conspiracies about Muslims planning to secretly infiltrate the government to destroy the constitution are only to keep people distracted while the Mormons actually do it.

  • Good on you Cyrus for feeling honored on your banning from commenting on Eric Allen Bell’s Facebook page. Congratulations and join the growing club.
    It is interesting to me that EAB recently referred those who signed “An Open letter From the Buddhist Community on Islamophobia” as ignorant. Just as he claims to understand Islam better than Muslims do, he claimed to understand Buddha better that Buddhists do.
    Now he is busy trying to write off Wade Page, the Oak Creek, Wisconsin Sikh killer as merely a sick, crazy person insinuating that his white supremacist and neo-Nazi associations are inconsequential.
    This makes Bell two-faced as he is very fast to blame Islam for the actions of all Muslims.
    I fear, unless Bell gets the help he needs, that he too, like other white males who can’t deal with their failures, and, instead, blame others: blacks, Mexicans, women, Muslims, the “other” for their failings, will someday commit a horrific act of violence in his sick attempt to “tell the truth.”
    People like Bell have it backwards. Muslims are not like Nazis. Neo-Nazis like Wade Page end up killing themselves just like the number one Nazi, Adolph Hitler did.

  • Cyrus


    I really think he is mentally ill, and I actually feel sorry for him, despite the harm he is doing to create pain in the lives of many innocent people. I really do not believe that he is mentally sane, and that is rather sad. We are dealing with a sick man here, and I only hope that he eventually finds the help he so clearly needs. Money may be a motivation for him, but something far worse is at play with this guy.

    As for whatever he moves on to…That into itself should be interesting to see. He exhibits a rather clear case of extreme black and white thinking. Don’t be shocked if he suddenly once again becomes the defender of all things Muslim. Only this time, I hope everyone sees him for what he is, and sends him on his merry way. Preferably to the nearest psychiatrist on clinical psychologist. Perhaps we can all chip in for the cost of his doctor prescribed anti-psychotic medication. Surely, he needs them.

  • Garibaldi


    That’s been Eric Edborg’s m.o., he can’t take any challenge very well. He’s in it for the money, and once this business dries up he’ll be on to the next thing.

    He occasionally still contacts us with messages like “F**K You!” and other expletive filled rants. He’s a sad man.

  • Cyrus

    In other news, Eric “the loser” Allen Bell just banned me from his Facebook page…I made a few rational arguments, without any insults, and “Mr.Free Speech” couldn’t handle it. Woo-Hoow!!!!

    To be damned by the devil, is to be but truly blessed!

  • ron

    gellers tities are about to drop out, i think judaism doesn’t allow tities to hang out.

  • mindy1

    I would hate to see what types of people would vote for such a nut 😛

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