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Czech Police Accuse Man of Plotting Norway-like Copycat Terrorist Attack

Anders Breivik, viewed sympathetically and admiringly by the Far-Right and Neo-Nazi groups across Europe is inspiring copycats, as we predicted he would. Czech police arrested a 29-year-old man who was stockpiling weapons and wanted to repeat Breivik’s terrorist attacks. His bombs were “functional” and his plans seemed to have reached a very sophisticated stage.

A special thank you to all who tipped us to this story.

Czech police accuse man of plotting Norway-like copycat terrorist attack

(NBC News)

Czech authorities say a 29-year-old man suspected of plotting a terrorist bombing was an admirer of Anders Behring Breivik, the man accused of killing 77 people in Norway last year.

The man, who hasn’t been identified, was arrested Aug. 10, but the case wasn’t made public until Saturday. Police said he has multiple previous convictions for making illegal explosives, at least one of which was used to blow up a small structure.

The man drew the attention of police by using the nickname “Breivik” in posts on Internet sites, authorities said Saturday, the Prague newspaper Czechia Today reported. When they searched his home in Ostrava, they disarmed a booby trap before discovering firearms, ammunition, gas masks and improvised explosive devices, as well as police uniforms, Ostrava Police Chief Radovan Vojta said.

Police evacuated about 80 people from a block of residences around the building on Aug. 10 without giving any details, the newspaper Ostrava Idnes reported at the time. Neighbors told reporters that they believed the 29-year-old man in the apartment was dangerous.

Investigators said Saturday that now they believed the man was planning to detonate a high-power bomb by remote control. Vojta told Radio Praha that the man was carrying a remote-control detonator when he was arrested and that tests on the presumed bomb showed that it was “functional.”

Tomas Tuhy, head of the regional office of national police, said at a news conference Saturday that investigators believed the man “admires the known murderer Anders Breivik of Norway.”

Breivik is on trial in Norway after having admitted carrying out two attacks in July 2011 that killed 77 people in Oslo and Utoya. He has drawn sympathy from far-right and neo-Nazi groups across Europe, including in the Czech Republic, where he is believed to have visited to buy weapons.

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  • @Mihra

    First off, how do you know guy knew nothing about Islam? How do you know he didn’t want to stop the “Islamization” of his country, much like a certain someone else? Given the fact that its not clearly exactly what his motive was yet, or even who the guy they arrested was yet, how do you know?

    Also, How about the fact that Even if Muhammad was as bad you think he was, it wouldn’t be a good reason to attack Muslims or excuse evil done in the name of stopping some fictional “creeping sharia/Stealth Jihad” conspiracy? I don’t care how Muslims view him today. He’s dead, and its not like Muslims today won’t reinterpret his message, just like Christians do when comes to Jesus, Buddhists do when it comes to the Buddha and people do who follow any other religion after their founder dies. Whatever kind of Person Muhammad was, or was not, its not relevant to this discussion, but it says nothing about how most Muslims think and act today, not to mention it doesn’t do anything to change the fact that there’s a lot of genuine anti Muslim bigotry in places the US and Europe. People also reinterpret their sacred text all the time, and ignore the parts they don’t like. Its true for the Bible, and its true for the Qur’an. So even if the Qur’an was as bad as you probably think it is, and its not, so what?

    Now why don’t we talk about Anders Brevik shell we? What is it that motivated him? Why did he murder so many innocent people?

  • Mihra

    mindy1: Dangerous hater? the man was current idiot-collector of weapons who was looking for “fantastic nickname” – that is why he had choosen nickname “Breivik”. He knew nothing about islam. But what about you? What do you know about islam, Muhammad? Who of you does still believe that Muhammad was (as example for all muslims) no killer, no crime-doer?

  • @mindy1

    You wrote, “Who could admire such a dangerous hater???”

    A very sick or depraved individual. Most likely someone else who shares his irrational fear and hatred.

  • @Emperor

    How many more “Breviks” are we going to have to deal with? And how long until we have an American “Brevik” on our hands?

  • mindy1

    🙁 Who could admire such a dangerous hater???

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