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English Defence League Protesters Confront Police in Keighley

During this demonstration the EDL tried to surge through police barriers, “and someone let off a firework.” If these were anti-Fascists protesters Geller would have called the firework a “bomb.” (via. Islamophobia-Watch)

English Defence League protesters confront police in Keighley

Protesters gathered in Keighley for a demonstration by far-right campaign group the English Defence League (EDL) this afternoon. About 100 members of the organisation arrived at Church Green off North Street and were shouting and chanting.

Dozens of police officers were at the scene. Mounted police were positioned at one side of the green and officers positioned at other points in the town centre.

Members of the EDL were trying to surge through police barriers, and someone let off a firework. Demonstrators jostled officers, and more police, including mounted officers, attended the site to keep the action contained within Church Green.

Telegraph & Argus, 4 August 2012

Update:  See “Town centre demo passes without serious incident”,Keighley News, 4 August 2012

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  • Khalid

    How quaint.

    Thank you EDL, for costing Britain thousands of pounds with your hooliganism and ignorance and defending us from a non-existent threat!

  • Sarah Brown

    That’s a link to a bomb threat story. I gathered from a Tell Mama tweet that someone has now been reported to the police.

  • Abbey

    I haven’t met one decent EDL member… oh, I forgot, decent people wouldnt join them.

  • Nilofour Zaman

    Brutal thugs. They need to be “off our streets”

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