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Islamophobes Re-Title and Re-Package the Beheading of a Shia in Syria as Slaughter of Christian Convert in Tunisia

by Garibaldi

The deception and depths of depravity and lying to which Islamophobes will devolve into knows no bounds. We have covered this specific well-worn Islamophobic pattern of lies and mischaracterizations numerous times; the Gaza Mass Pedophilia Wedding lie, the Nigerian Muslims burn hundreds of Christians lie, the John Hopkins Muslim Doctor Supports FGM lie, the Muslim Brotherhood Crucify Opponents lie and we can go on and on. In fact, at some point I want to collect all these stories and index them for easier Loonwatcher use.

In another such lie, in June, Islamophobes started spreading a video titled: “Graphic video: Muslims slaughter Christian convert in moderate Tunisia”. I won’t post the video itself, as it is too gruesome, but the link is provided for whoever wishes to see it for themselves. This title when searched on Google produces 7,000 results. When one searches “beheading+Christian+Tunisia” or similar search terms one comes across more than 300,000 results.

The Anatomy of a Lie

The video of the beheading actually surfaced in May, not June, and was titled “‘Free Syrian Army’ Behead a Civilian.” For anyone who has knowledge of the region, the video is definitely not from Tunisia. As the original YouTube user who uploaded the video, TimeToFightBack1 wrote in an update to the video, “the dialect, the terrain and the clothing are all suggestive of Syria.” The murderers refer to their victim as “Rafidi” a demeaning term used exclusively to refer to Shias, and in the mouths of AlQaeda and their affiliate extremists is also usually accompanied by proclamations of  being “renegades” and “apostates,” all the more to cheapen the life of their victims and to justify the spilling of their blood. (h/t: MAbdullah)

The perpetrators of this beheading were likely one of the AlQaeda linked or influenced groups who have infiltrated the Free Syrian Army or claim to be part of the Free Syrian Army (a very underreported and undocumented phenomenon in Western media).

The video failed to go viral in its original manifestation, perhaps because it doesn’t jibe with the prevailing narrative of a united, just, and Free Syrian Army fighting for democracy, rule of law and to overthrow the despotic Bashar al-Assad.

In early June, Egyptian T.V. (Masr al-Youm, “Egypt Today”) personality Tawfiq Okasha played part of the beheading video on his TV show. Okasha is well known for his over-the-top animosity and virulent disdain for Islamists, particularly the Muslim Brotherhood. He described the beheading as happening in Tunisia, nowhere did he identify how he came to this conclusion, but in light of his political agenda it is clear why he would forward such a narrative.

Understanding the political context in Egypt gives us some clues. Okasha was using the video, in the lead up to the second round of Egyptian presidential elections to forward a fear-mongering premise to his Egyptian viewers, essentially telling them: look at what is happening in Tunisia as a result of the Islamist party of Rachid Al-Ghannouchi, ‘Al-Nahda’ having won elections, radicals are killing civilians and minorities. If the Muslim Brotherhood wins the upcoming presidential election you can expect the same thing in Egypt.” A few weeks after this aired, on June 24 Mohammed Morsi was declared president. Okasha recently announced the formation of a new political party, Egyptian National People’s Party, presenting himself as Egypt’s “champion against a takeover by the Muslim Brotherhood.”

Raymond Ibrahim (the same individual who forwarded the Muslim Brotherhood Crucify Opponents hoax), a Coptic-American and long time writer on JihadWatch got a hold of the video, and the rest is history. The video that originally was posted in May as “Free Syrian Army Beheads a Civilian” had completely transformed into a viral news story in the looniverse, “Graphic Video: Muslims Behead Christian Convert in ‘Moderate’ Tunisia.”

One can easily discern the motive for such deception on the part of Islamophobes. The manipulated story validates, in one fell swoop, their prejudices against Islam, Muslims and the “Arab Spring,” while at the same time affirming for their audience the narratives of persecution of minorities (specifically Christians), the supposed “unique” violent nature of Islam, and most importantly the idea that changes being brought about by the Arab uprisings will not herald freedom, democracy, dignity, and rights (the slogans of Arab revolutionaries), but “radical Islam” a la the Taliban and Al-Qaeda.


On its own the video is a potent reminder of violent fundamentalist extremism. The re-packaging and re-titling of the video is not only a detriment to factual news reporting and information gatherers, it is an insult to the memory of the poor Shia’ man who was murdered by these extremists.

The damage from this story has already been done, the looniverse has consumed it, reinforcing their own prejudices. It is hoped this article will go some way in dispelling the false re-packaging and re-titling of the video–and may the unnamed, murdered man rest in peace.

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  • Sir David ( Illuminati membership number 16.69

    A good point Nizar
    Never forget how complex things really are

    Sir David

  • nizar.qalb

    Every body simply assumes the man is Shia and the video be taken at face value… it is no wonder Assad’s dehumanizing Islamophobic campaign supported by the oldest and biggest Islamophobic country in the world : Russia…

    gets no attention on loon watch.

  • nizar.qalb

    How do we know this wasn’t one of Assad’s false flag operations… and the victim a Sunni or even Shia member of the opposition being killed by regime propagandists?

    Why assume Assad’s islamophobic propaganda is true?

  • Abdul-Rahman


    “Taqiyya” is not “deceit to forward an ideology” as you claim, this specifically Shi’ite doctrine Taqiyya (as Shi’ites have lived as minority in the Islamic world compared to the majority Sunnis) is according to even Shi’ite scholars “concealment” that is to be used only if one’s life is threatened for their beliefs or they face serious persecution as a minority, etc.


    As others have already responded to you; this article itself ends with them saying “rest in peace” to the person killed in the video. The main reason this article is needed is to give the context of what is happening in the video were the man in question is killed (nobody is “supporting” or saying that the beheading is allegedly “okay” or something you tool). The context changes quite a bit if we know the video in question is from Syria rather than largely currently peaceful and calm Tunisia. So it is not a supposed “Christian convert” in Tunisia, but rather apparently a Shi’a in Syria; Syria being locked in a bloody civil war at the moment. And in civil wars there are often atrocities and crimes committed on all sides.

  • Just Stopping By

    @Amok says, “Let me get this straight: the mislabeling of this video is a hideous act, worthy of a full article but the fact that a Shia is beheaded by Sunnis is not worth to be condemned? Seriously? ‘Oh, it wasn’t a Chrisitan, just a Shia. That’s OK then’.”

    Yeah, if only the article had a Conclusion section saying, “On its own the video is a potent reminder of violent fundamentalist extremism. … the poor Shia’ man who was murdered by these extremists. … may the unnamed, murdered man rest in peace.”

    If only they had something like that to let you whether Loonwatch considered the beheading a crime like murder or something or whether Loonwatch sympathizes with the victim and is saying, “That’s OK then”.

  • amok

    Let me get this straight: the mislabeling of this video is a hideous act, worthy of a full article but the fact that a Shia is beheaded by Sunnis is not worth to be condemned?

    Seriously? “Oh, it wasn’t a Chrisitan, just a Shia. That’s OK then”.

  • Chameleon

    I have included a similar post in the article about Gabriela Mercer, a Congresswoman who wants to keep Muslims out of the U.S. because of all the “drug smuggling, the killings, the beheadings” that they supposedly do. She, like Porky Piglet and others, don’t want to admit the obvious that her own Christian Mexican brethren are doing exactly all those things, including beheadings by the hundreds. I would even be willing to bet, to make this point even more emphatic, that the La Familia Michoacana (“The Family”) Christian drug cartel (and its offshoots) in Mexico has likely killed and viciously beheaded more individuals IN THE NAME OF CHRISTIANITY than the Taliban drug cartels ever did in the name of Islam. Based on her twisted logic, every last Mexican, including herself, should be deported as a potential violent terrorist who could behead just about anyone at anytime in the name of Christianity.

    Here is a teaser quote from Wikipedia on them, by the way (link provided below):

    “La Familia has been known to be unusually violent. Its members use murder and torture to quash rivals, while building a social base in the Mexican state of Michoacán. It is the fastest-growing cartel in the country’s drug war and is a religious cult-like group that celebrates family values. In one incident in Uruapan in 2006, the cartel members tossed five severed heads onto the dance floor of the Sol y Sombra night club along with a message that read: “The Family doesn’t kill for money. It doesn’t kill women. It doesn’t kill innocent people, only those who deserve to die. Know that this is divine justice.”

    I could go on more, by the way, about how the Taliban ceased being a religious group more than two decades ago and is now just a conglomerate of drug cartels using religion as its unifying and justifying imprimatur of moral legitimacy. Or I could even talk about how the Taliban and La Familia BOTH started off with good intentions by many of their members by trying to enforce vigilante justice due to a near lack of state-sponsored justice, and how BOTH then devolved into religious terrorist organizations as power quickly gravitated to those in the organizations willing to morph vigilante justice into mafia and drug profits, along with all the violent injustices that these profits require. However, those topics would be an entire essay on their own.

    The bottom line is that these two regional drug cartels are really no different in how they hijacked religion for their own motives of profit and power. The facts and logic are overwhelming. The motive for both no longer has anything to do with religion whatsoever. And for both, there is no motive, or even remote justification, in either religion for such violent injustice. However, that will never stop those with “TRUTHO-PHOBIA” from trying to claim that there is. It never ceases to amaze me how pig-headed individuals can utterly humiliate themselves in preaching about the “truth” with ZERO facts and logic to support their claims. How humiliating indeed.

    Here are some links, which I omitted from my previous post about Gabriela Mercer: (beheadings done in Mexico in the name of Christianity as a form of “divine justice” by La Familia, whose name epitomizes its staunch belief in Christian family values) (beheadings are apparently quite popular among Christian Mexicans) (search of articles on “thumpandwhip” site highlighting some of the Christian beheadings and other atrocities of La Familia) (17 Christians beheading Muslims in Indonesia too) (Christians slaughter Muslims in Nigeria too, with beheadings and castrations aplenty) (Christians not just slaughtering Muslims in Nigeria, but roasting their bodies and cannibalizing their flesh – should we blame Christianity for this too?)

  • Benjamin Taghiov

    Taqiyyah, the use of deceit to forward an ideology? Isn’t that EXACTLY what this article is claiming that these fraudsters are doing? Lying to make a point. Projection is a word that comes to mind.

  • e

    Well, regardless of who murdered this man & for what reasons, he is still dead. And he died in a savage, depraved manner….offered no dignity…..his head chopped off & the entire sadistic “event” displayed on a YouTube video for the international-cyber community to watch & re-watch & voice opinions on. I do not care if a fellow human being is Muslim, Christian, Jewish, Hindu, Buddist, agnostic, even atheist. God made us all. I pray everyday for God to please help any human being or animal, anywhere in the world, who is suffering in anyway. I’m sincere in this. I did not watch the video. I pray that this poor man is resting in peace with God. I pray for his family. Things such as this beheading are horrific, but to film it & then publish it? This is such depravity! I hope his family never saw it. God said love one another.

  • Reynardine

    That youtube can no longer be opened, for which I think I am glad. But I wish I might now who that poor victim was in life. Do his family members know what became of him? He deserves a proper requiem, not to become a propaganda exhibit.

  • LORD Pork

    Loon watch like Islam suffers from TRUTHO-PHOBIA.Like a dictator,It does not have stomach to hear the truthful opinions.People are bored stiff hearing the same tunes like a broken record.

  • Anj

    I made the mistake of watching that video.
    Upon whose authority are those fools executing that man?
    Judge jury execution anyone? I hope god has mercy upon his soul and judges the people carrying out the crime harshly!

    Secondly, have they drugged that person? He doesn’t move or plead or shake or nothing.
    He just lays there! That is really weird!

  • Géji

    @LORD Pork,

    LORD Pork, what’s with you and ‘Pork’ anyway? is there a sexual fetishism going on with this particular animal or what? you seem to be quite found of it, ‘Halal Pork’,’Lord Pork’ and on, spill the beans made.

  • LORD Pork

    Beheading is a common practice in Islam.It does not matter where a person is beheaded ,there is no excuse for that.Daniel Pearl was heheaded in Karachi by Allah fearing Muslims because he was Jewish.To point out the crimes by MUSLIMS is considered ISLAMOPHOBIA.WHAT A TWISTED LOGIC IN ISLAM!!!!!!!

  • St.Djinn

    Aaaand Solid Snake powerbombs Knowing straight through the canvas! He is out cold! 1-2-3! It’s all over. (Solid Snake’s theme music begins playing)

  • corey

    @dumb bird
    about taqiyya and so it was not worth reading an article about a shia being killed on camera and idiots presenting him as a christian.

  • Solid Snake

    US Foreign Policy Makers: “Hey thats our line!”

    Isnt that what the whole of the United States destructive foreign policy predicated upon? The presence of Alqaida in Iraq necessitated the invasion of Iraq…and the subsequent war crimes but that is beyond the point. The presence of Alqaida in the Arabian peninsula is the excuse the US is giving for drone bombing civilians. And many more exanples.

    Sounds to me like your using or you support those who use the Alqaida excuse only when it benefits you or those who you support with the objective of demeaning, invading, and harming Muslims and Arabs.

    So which is it big guy? Is Alqaida the intergalactic menace that Dear Leader(s) say it is or is it just an excuse as you pointed out above?

    Dont hurt yourself thinking about this one.

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