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Canada: “Walk Your Dog In Front of the Mosque Protest” a Miserable Failure

An update to a previous feature we wrote about anti-Muslim groups organizing a” Canada: Walk Your Dog in Front of the Mosque Day” protest, it has turned out to be a miserable failure. Only 20 demonstrators showed up with about three dogs. They were greeted by a few Muslims who brought their own dogs, as well as other Muslims who engaged them in conversation.

The biased anti-Muslim news network the Toronto Sun reports that,

 A much anticipated dog walk protest outside an east-Toronto mosque Friday turned out to be a hopelessly neutered event.

Around 20 demonstrators turned up outside the Salahuddin Islamic Centre for the Walk Your Dog in Front of a Mosque protest.

Around 20 humans and three dogs – two retrievers and a pomeranian — turned up for the two and a half hour event and converged at the entrance of the mosque, located on Kennedy Rd. south of Eglinton Ave. E.

Hindu nationalist and promoter of anti-Muslim violence Ron Banarjee blamed the low turn out on the “weather and traffic,”

“We wish we had a better turnout, but there were extenuating circumstances,” said organizer Ron Banerjee, citing traffic and rain for the poor attendance.

It seems some of the protesters are still under the impression that only Westerners are kind to animals and tolerant of other people,

One Catholic demonstrator turned up with his pomeranian.

“Being kind to animals and being tolerant of other people shouldn’t be limited to the West,” he said.

Muslims at the mosque were of course bewildered by the protest, saying they don’t see the point, except to cause “friction” between communities,

A group of Muslims belonging to the mosque — men dressed in long thobes and women in burkas – met the demonstrators.

Tabasum Hussain, a Muslim woman, called it pointless.

“I don’t really see the benefit or what it’s supposed to achieve, other than cause friction,” said Hussain, who claims to have had dogs as pets. “There is nothing in Islam to say that we should ill-treat dogs.”

Towards the end, one Muslim arrived with two friendly Siberian Huskies. All the while, both sides bickered about religious and cultural differences, at several points reverting to name calling.

Funny how the Toronto Sun tries to equivocate and say both of these groups are equally at fault. They do point out that there was a rabid anti-Muslim at the event though they characterize Eric Brazou as “anti-Islamist,” I don’t think he makes a distinction,

The event also attracted its share of rabid anti-Islamists. Eric Brazau, a convicted felon once arrested for allegedly harassing a group of Muslim women, turned up to make “a stand.”
“If we look at what is happening around the world today … how is it that we can say that there is no problem with Islam?” he said, referring to recent attacks on U.S. embassies in countries such as Libya and Sudan.

See video of the protest, you can see two Muslims with their dogs as well (h/t: ArabFury):

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  • Sir David ( Illuminati membership number 5:32)

    Have you been reading the Daily Mail ? Its the source of most of these lies .Can you provide any evidence for this rubbish ?
    If you read the Mail in the 1930s it was saying similar things about jews.
    get with the program not with the propaganda !

    Sir David

  • carol hayden

    In Britain, they’ve had so many problems with Muslims citing dogs and pigs as offensive to them because of their religion, people have lost jobs from children objecting to the ‘three little pigs’ story and getting native culture like ‘Piglet’ banned from an office and taxi drivers and bus drivers refusing to allow blind people on board because they were accompanied by seeing eye dogs.

    Why are the British Muslims creating such a fuss if it’s not a big deal?

  • Jean

    Ron Banerjee is a disgrace to his community. He seems to hate Moslems and Sikhs. A man who defends Hindu nationalists who killed thousands of Moslems and maimed and made more homeless and uses every opportunity he can to attack Canadian Moslems is nothing but a hate monger. I just wonder what made him this way. He certainly does not represent most Hindus though I have seen postings that claim he is the only leader of the 500 000 Hindus in Canada. From what I understand, he just had 2 people, including himself, in his group. Now it might be more, but hopefully not much more.

  • khushboo

    LMAO So funny! 😀

  • Ibn Mikael

    @ common sense

    Fairly certain you’re allowed to own a dog as long as it’s for protection/hunting/or shepherding. I love dogs myself, but I probably wouldn’t get another in the future–they’re too much of hassle (walks, playing with them, etc.) and make too much of a mess. Cats are just so much easier to deal with in addition to being far more independent.

  • Common Sense


    Don’t call them dogs. Dogs don’t go around hating on minorities.

  • Octane

    According to Ron Banarjee the traffic and the weather had an impact on the turn out…..

    Good thing there is video proof and photographic evidence of the apparent blizzard that struck Toronto preventing all those protesters from coming out. The weather really impeded their ability.

    Ah Loons who needs to watch a Will Farrel movie when we have you.

  • NurAlia

    I love the photograph at the top of this page. A Muslim woman (not wearing a burkha) debunks part of the reporting by the outlet, petting a dog (debunking another part of the reporting by the media outlet) and capturing the sign in front of the masjid to make it clear that the event was a total failure.

    Romney…got anything to say on this foriegn policy issue? I am sure that Alaska might be angry that a breed of dog was viciously petted by Muslims.

  • Abbey

    They won’t be trying that again.

  • Xithurel

    How sick they are actually using mans best friend as a political tool – that’s disgusting.

    In Egypt cats AND dogs were revered that why you see on ancient Egyptian art men with dog heads – guardians.

    Also, most of the muslims I know – own wolf husky hybrids, and golden retrievers. So I don’t know where these idiots got the idea that Muslims hate dogs – utterly ridiculous.

  • mindy1

    Bahaha, what did they expect, that the moooosssllliimss would turn into ash at the sight the dogs?? 😆

  • Common Sense

    Hahahahahaha. Hilarious. This is something many Islamo-phobes think. They think that Muslims are afraid of dogs or pigs. They don’t get the fact that we just aren’t allowed to own them or eat them. I have no problem with petting a pig or a dog, as long as I don’t have to eat them.

  • DrM

    You should be more specific. 20 two legged dogs did show up with 3 four legged ones. Now, onto the local synagogue.

  • @Emperor

    This is an good sign. The less support the “counter jihad” has the better.

  • Crow

    Being tolerant of other people shouldnt be limited to the west said a man who was attending am anti-Islam rally…hey dumb ass while youre looking up the word hypocrite, why dont you look up the forgien policy of the west towards the Middle East? Why not read about the Wests meddeling in the Middle East and maybe you can understand the anger…but its just to easy to be an ignorant bigot, right?

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