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“Sam Bacile” Produces Hate Movie about Prophet Muhammad Provoking Protests and Violence

by Garibaldi

The Daily Beast reports that an Israeli-American real-estate developer by the name of Sam Bacile produced a movie about the Prophet Muhammad meant specifically to provoke a reaction of rage–he succeeded. The Atlantic tells us that not much is known about Bacile, and that there are doubts about his true identity. Amongst those involved in promoting the film is the goofball Pastor Terry Jones,

Earlier on Tuesday, scholars at Egypt’s influential Al-Azhar mosque condemned the film ridiculing Prophet Muhammad produced by an Israeli-American real-estate developer in California, Sam Bacile, and promoted by among others Florida-based Christian evangelist Terry Jones, whose burning of a Quran sparked riots in Afghanistan in 2011. The condemnation and news about the movie moved like wildfire across Islamist Facebook pages. Salafi preachers took to Islamist satellite channels to add their fury.

The two-hour film of a symbolic “trial” of the Muslim prophet has not been shown yet, but a 14-minute trailer of the movie was posted on YouTube both in an English version and another dubbed into Arabic. The movie, Innocence of Muslims, depicts Muhammad as a fraud and a womanizer. Bacile told reporters that he doesn’t know who dubbed the film. Terry Jones said that the film shows “the destructive ideology of Islam,” adding that the attacks in Benghazi and Cairo demonstrate that Muslims “have no tolerance.”

The trailer for the movie can be viewed here: The Innocence of Muslims Movie Trailer.

Lets just say that Sam Bacile is no Salman Rushdie.

The movie is of a quality that is several degrees below horrid, the amateur and crude nature of the production render it devoid of any artistic value. Forget about any real, accurate, historical basis for the depiction of Prophet Muhammad, he is assigned all the usual Orientalist, Islamophobic characterizations: child molester, murderer, forcibly converting non-believers, bastard seed of an unknown father, sadist and oddly as having a homosexual relationship with the second Caliph Umar.

The fact that the intent behind the film was a bigotry laced attempt at provocation rather than a critical or irreverent look at the life of Prophet Muhammad is confirmed by Bacile himself,

[A]ccording to one of Bacile’s consultants on the film, Steve Klein, the two knew full well that their incendiary movie would provoke violent reprisals…Bacile told The Wall Street Journal’s Matt Bradley and Dion Nissenbaum that “Islam is a cancer” adding that “The movie is a political movie. It’s not a religious movie.”

The movie was produced several months ago, screening to a mostly empty theater in Hollywood and elicited no reaction. This trash movie would have been relegated to the garbage bin of history if it weren’t dubbed into Egyptian Arabic. The dubbed version went viral on Egyptian and Libyan Facebook pages and networks, resulting in the protests that we witnessed yesterday and today.

The movie feeds already existing anti-Western sentiments as well as narratives in the region of an American-led Western War on Islam, an overall disrespect and intolerance for Muslim culture and symbols, and a sense that the West is a bastion of hypocrisy, decadence and uncivilized conduct. Opportunistic Egyptian media outlets, politicians and preachers have exploited the video for their own causes, in effect generating and energizing a movie that should simply have been ignored, or at the most mocked and scorned for how over-the-top terrible it is.

The protesters reaction on the other hand will fuel perceptions in the West that Muslims (though there were only several thousand mostly fundamentalist protesters) cannot distinguish between the free speech of its citizens and the positions and actions of governments. It will also fuel the perception that Muslims cannot properly handle offensive speech directed against those personages or symbols they hold as sacred without reacting irrationally and violently.

This mutual miscomprehension will continue so long as both sides remain wantonly ignorant of where the other side is coming from, and as long as those voices vested in promoting hatred and bigotry on both sides are amplified.

In a turn for the worst we have also learned that tragically, the US Ambassador to Libya, Christopher Stephens along with three members of his staff have died in an attack on the US consulate,

The US ambassador to Libya, Christopher Stevens, has died from smoke inhalation in an attack on the US consulate in the eastern Libyan city of Benghazi, the country’s interior ministry and security sources have said.

The ambassador was paying a short visit to the city when the consulate came under attack on Tuesday night, Al Jazeera’s Suleiman El-Dressi reported from Benghazi.

He died of suffocation during the attack, along with two US security personnel who were accompanying him, security sources told Al Jazeera. Another consulate employee, whose nationality could not immediately be confirmed, was also killed.

Two other staff were injured, El-Dressi reported. The deaths were confirmed by Wanis al-Sharif, the Libyan deputy interior minister, to the AFP news agency.

According to several reports the attackers used the protest as a “diversion” to launch an attack on the consulate that had been planned well in advance,

U.S. officials say the embassy attack in Libya may have been a coordinated attack planned ahead of time. That follows a report by CNN citing sources that say the attackers used the film protests as a “diversion” to reach the embassy.

There is no excuse for violently reacting to such a poorly made and clearly incendiary movie, ever; in fact it is surreal, like something out of a salivating Islamophobes wildest dream.

There is a lot here that is oddly coincidental, why is this happening right around the time of the 11th anniversary of 9/11? Once again a movie is the center of attention during a tight presidential race involving Barack Obama and his Republican opponent; in 2008 it was Obsession, this year it seems to be The Innocence of Muslims.

Finally, I want to add that we should not be surprised that violence based in ignorance has surfaced. If rampant and ignorant anti-Muslim Islamophobia expressing itself violently can rear its ugly head in a stable, prosperous and wealthy nation like the United States, how can we expect that hateful anti-Muslim propaganda won’t lead to emotional and violent anti-American protests in countries that have weak, transitioning governments, poor economies and significant levels of illiteracy?

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Looks like Sarah Abdurrahman’s suspicion that the actors in the Muhammad movie were deceived has turned out to be true. (h/t: BBoyBlue)

The story of the Muhammed movie which sparked deadly protests in Libya gets weirder. The actors who appeared in it had no idea they were starring in anti-Islam propaganda which depicts Muhammed as a child molester and thug. They were deceived by the film’s director, believing they were appearing in a film about the life of a generic Egyptian 2,000 years ago.

Cindy Lee Garcia, an actress from Bakersfield, Calif., has a small role in the Muhammed movie as a woman whose young daughter is given to Muhammed to marry. But in a phone interview this afternoon, Garcia told us she had no idea she was participating in an offensive spoof on the life of Muhammed when she answered a casting call through an agency last summer and got the part.

The script she was given was titled simply Desert Warriors.

“It was going to be a film based on how things were 2,000 years ago,” Garcia said. “It wasn’t based on anything to do with religion, it was just on how things were run in Egypt. There wasn’t anything about Muhammed or Muslims or anything.”

In the script and during the shooting, nothing indicated the controversial nature of the final product. Muhammed wasn’t even called Muhammed; he was “Master George,” Garcia said. The words Muhammed were dubbed over in post-production, as were essentially all other offensive references to Islam and Muhammed.

Update II: Israel says filmmaker not an Israeli citizen. (h/t: Markorov)

By AP and Times of Israel staff September 12, 2012
Consultant on film says producer uses fake name and identity as part of disinformation campaign.

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  • Leftwing_Muslim_Alliance

    No one has seen the film , the reason being it does not exist . Its all a great con by the producers. The trailer exists , the money for the full length feature yup that was there but now its long gone .

  • It is interesting to see all these replies to a moovy that no one has tried to be objective and analyse its contents to see if it has some verasity with the Coran,the Hadith,the Sunna or hayat el rasoul(the life of the prophet.(BECAUSE 95% OF ALin a terrible mess.L MOSLEMS do not have access to these books and many do not know except what the sheikh or imam says(for many of them it is a profession and they are well paid and even if they know the truth they do not care to say any thing) and blindly they beleive what is said without looking for the proof.Many in= the USA have read all these books and if there is truth in what has been said this will open the eyes of every one but they have to determine exactly which soura , Hadith or other.And this will keep the leaders of the demostrators

  • shin

    just can say shame on this producer that disrespect to muslem`s believes

  • ovais kangda

    saltanat-e- muhammadi to saltanat-e- usmania and forward to saltanat;s
    any war win the muslims in history and any war lost the non-muslims
    and the world end of days win muslims before and after really thats the history

    for example russia and afghaistan war and another war in economy in politics in business and etc

  • Damn distasteful – but it was no surprise and in fact typical that some mentally retarded Americans would deliberately produce a movie that would obviously cause outrage in the Muslim World.
    There are other factors that are not listed in this article- for example: Who in their right mind would make a movie like this in a time when hundreds of thousands of Muslims have lost family members, lost their homes and businesses in bombings and attacks.
    Many Muslims have been displaced from Iraq, Afghanistan,Palestine Pakistan and Syria, and have had to flee to neighbouring countries who are not so welcoming to other Muslims from those countries. Also consider that this might be the REAL TIPPING POINT, where attacks on inncoent people in multiple countries might happen.
    Many Muslims who are ‘moderates’ will also be targets of Al-Qaeda who attack other Muslims not aligned with extreme Islam, and many Muslims will be forced or sucked into the violent outrage.
    Finally people have to remember that you cannot teach tolerance to millions of impoverished Muslims who only have a few possessions and who are raised into purist Islamic teachings, and who love their Prophet more than any other religion. Those Muslims don’t know about humour or freedom of speech because they don’t have access to schools like in the Western World, nor are they allowed to watch television or listen to music- and there is nothing anybody can really do to slowly introduce the most loyal Muslims to the Western World.
    Purist Muslims are aware that the western World is disgusting, full of pornography and greed for riches,and don’t want to be part of the slime and filth that the Western World wants impoverished Afghanis to accept. How can anybody expect people in a completely different World of their own to accept the multiple demands and ‘standards’ that we in the West have been born into ???
    There are millions of racist Islamaphobics across the World who will use this Muhammed movie to start fights and wars for many years to come, and if Muslims start more revenge attacks, then you can’t blame them- blame the movie producer for manufacturing a piece of media that extremist Muslims and extremist Islamaphobics will use at their own timing to hurt and kill people- but the producer of the movie made the dumb movie, so the blame will all head Sam Bacile’s way. Better to put a bullet in his head- that might calm the situation down considerably. It’s not a movie- it’s a weapon that so many people could use to bring conflict and bloody violence.

  • Jim

    Hate to bear the bad news but echoing the voices of sanity on here, no loony movie, hurtful words or insults “provoke violence”….

    They provoke a response.

    Those who choose to escalate that response from counter-argument to murder are the scum of the earth and are first class loons themselves.

  • Sikander Ali

    How can someone play with feeling of almost 1.5 billion. I mean I get the freedom of expression but International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights does not just talk about freedom of expression,
    Where the article 19 says

    1. Everyone shall have the right to hold opinions without interference.

    2. Everyone shall have the right to freedom of expression; this right shall include freedom to seek, receive and impart information and ideas of all kinds, regardless of frontiers, either orally, in writing or in print, in the form of art, or through any other media of his choice.

    3. The exercise of the rights provided for in paragraph 2 of this article carries with it special duties and responsibilities. It may therefore be subject to certain restrictions, but these shall only be such as are provided by law and are necessary:

    (a) For respect of the rights or reputations of others;

    (b) For the protection of national security or of public order (ordre public), or of public health or morals.

    Agreed but the very next article, article 20 says,

    1. Any propaganda for war shall be prohibited by law.

    2. Any advocacy of national, racial or religious hatred that constitutes incitement to discrimination, hostility or violence shall be prohibited by law.

    how can someone miss the very next article and says its freedom of expression.

    By the way thanks for such an unbiased article. I believe if more of such sane voices are heard then Muslims all around the world won’t feel that the whole west is out to get them. A clear law against making hatred speech about any persons religion would really help. The The Racial and Religious Hatred Act 2006 brought by labour party in Wales was appreciated by all minorities.

    In last, the death of ambassador Stephens and all other because of violence over this movie is really sad. The loss of innocent lives is really sad, not to mention the majority of Muslims try their best to present the peaceful image of Islam that is missing from the media and then such a thing happens. For what ever its worth, my sympathy for the families and personal sorry for their loss.

  • Steve

    @Jeff, why would people who don’t practice islam be upset to the point of violence about a ridiculous film about mohammed?

    The first amendment is open to abuse, most laws are. However the alternative is even worse.

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