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Jewish Jihadi Delivers Message of Solidarity and Peace

A beautiful message of solidarity and understanding from Marcia Kannry, a Jewish Jihadi and founder of the Dialogue Project! I urge everyone to write to them and thank Ms. Kannry for her effective and bold statement.:

On Yom Kippur, I am fasting and reflecting. I am a Jewish Jihadi.

Jihad is an Islamic process of reflection and struggle to bring thoughts, words and actions in alignment with prayer and best ethical practices. So too as Jews we practice sleichot (asking for forgiveness), and teshuva (return to good), offering compensation, asking forgiveness from the humans whom we have offended.

Indeed the Jewish month of Elul, comes from a Semitic language of ancient times called Akkadian – and it is also the month of Eylul in Arabic. Our roots are interwoven as is our spirituality. I ask my Muslim brothers and sisters to forgive those Jews whose fear and ignorance only points outward, rather than inward as this day of Yom Kippur asks us to do. To my fellow Jews — G’mar Hatima Tova.


Marcia Kannry

The Dialogue Project

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  • dude

    Nice, but I prefer the original

  • This is good too see we need more understanding of each others spiritually especially those of us in the Abrahamic traditions

  • AJ

    Thanks to all the Jewish Jihadis and Christian Crusaders…we need all of your help!


  • This is so beautiful, I feel tearful…

    This IS humanity, this is REAL Judaism.

    This picture should be spread around the Arab/Muslim electronic media as an alternative picture of ordinary American Jews to counter the image of zero-sum dead-enders.

    This is why our regular Abrahamic cousins here are so important e.g. mindy1!

    Face down those whose drive pushes them to hate, with our own equally stubborn will – Hate the haters.

  • Reynardine

    Pick what you will fight for- and against. That is also the proper meaning of crusade. Crusade against hunger. Crusade against injustice. Crusade against bigotry. Crusade against the doctrine that some people are made for the disposition and use of others. Crusade in valor and peace, as did the first Crusader, two millenia ago.

  • Christian-friend

    This isn’t Vandalism so I thinks its okay.

    By the way I’m not into Jewish Jihad, I’m into Crusading; Crusading against Islamophobes who demonize Muslims.

  • Bob

    I’m for this type of Jewish Jihad too. It’s preferable to the other kind, and a little reflection and introspection might help us all — some more than others, you know who you are, you lying sacks.

  • FYI

    ‘Jewish Jihadi’ conjures up images of Yehoshua, and Samson, and David the giant slayer 🙂

    Whatever happened to warrior Jews? Go Marcia Kannry

  • Just Stopping By

    Count me as one more Jewish Jihadi.

    (Ilisha: Did you email me as you requested permission to on another thread? I haven’t received anything.)

  • mindy1

    I am loving the Jewish anti loons 😀 Way to represent the tribe 😀

  • AJ

    Teary eyed here….. G’mar Hatima Tova to all Jews from me as well and thanks to Marcia!

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