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Chicken Hawk Eric Allen Bell: NUKE THE KABA

"Can I haz cheeeezeburger?"

Eric Allen Bell‘s genocidal predilections are already well known, we’ve covered his calls to nuke, bomb and destroy before.

Here’s one more for the record. I’m not a fan of the oppressive and repressive Saudi regime, but calling for the nuking of Saudi Arabia is just…loony.

Clearly Bell’s off the meds again:

Bell offers the caveat that the US should give all humans enough warning to leave and then proceed with the nuking. What happens Bell when the “humans” don’t want to leave? Just nuke ’em anyway, right? What about wildlife and nature? Nuke ’em anyway, right?

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  • maqsood sajid

    baby eric you born again then try but fail,born again try but fail,i give you one advise say anything before read your history,

  • Shabir Ali Rizvi

    @The Knocker, as if the Westerners don’t squabble amongst themselves.
    But yes sure. Westerners don’t squabble, they just leave their religions and beocmes agnostic or atheists… ha ha
    and don’t worry about the the Holy Ka’aba. It has been destroyed by worse people than this Bell clown and rebuilt in the same place.

  • Shabir Ali Rizvi

    Mohammed Kamrul;
    I know shias from Hyderabad who have worked for about 30 years and they were deported from KSA just for being shias as they were observeing Moharram. There were about 20+ families who were made to leave KSA heartlessly. some of them were there for 30 years. They were forced to leave. their employers were told not to renew their visas. Later they were told that they were following Moharram and that it was bidah and had to leave. Their children, family grew up there but they were uprooted for following Shia Islam. Worst part is they were not even given any notice or warnings. Some were deported right from their office/workplace and sent directly to airport. They were not even given proper time to collect their belongings. KSA Govt. later sent them their belongings etc.
    Now Kamrul, what kind of leaders of Islam are these Saudi friends of yours. Same thing happened in Qatar as well.

  • Shirin Esfahani


    In all fairness, though I have to correct you. Just a couple of weeks back I read somewhere that Arabs including Saudi will NOT allow Israel to use their airspace in attacking Iran.

  • Well said

    To “Saed”;
    I have actually met an ex-Jewish lady from a Kohen (Jewish priest)family who was just fascinated by Buddhism, went and lived in Thailand for a few years and finally denounced Judaism.
    She claimed that the peace and tranquility and “answers” she found from Buddhism were unattainable in Judaism.
    If you have found “life much better now”, good for you but if you are just parroting what your pa and ma Robbert Spencer and sPam Geller want you to say then you are wasting your time here.

  • MIT_MD/PhD

    Wow! Shirin from MIT? We must have met.
    Anyways I agree with you. The Wahaabist movement does go overboard with their evangelizing.
    If Saudis were so truly concerned for all of Islam, they would not allow US/EU/Israel to rain such heavy, cruel sanctions on Iranians due to which millions of innocents are getting hurt one way or the other.

    However, on a lighter tone I can imagine Robber Spencer sneakily cherry-picking bits and pieces of arguments from both, Shia and Sunni sides. I’ll bet that’s gonna give him fodder for his next crappy, non-peer reviewed book.

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