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Eric Allen Bell: “Zero Tolerance – DESTROY ISLAM”

"Can I haz cheeeezeburger?"

JihadWatch Zombie Eric Allen Bell (aka Eric Edborg) calls for Muslims to  be excluded from all the “free countries” in the world. Does he have a list of “free countries” in the world? Surely countries that battled Western colonialists and their imperial puppets will be counted as “free”, right?

In a height of irony he forwards his strange ideas about “freedom” only extending to the groups of his ‘choosing.’ He wants to create a test by which Muslims are questioned about Islam, and if they refuse to denounce it are “sent back home.”

Hmmm…I wonder who else advocated such positions? Oh yeah, the Conquistadores who decided to expel all Muslims and Jews from Andalucia, and the Spanish Church, who during the Inquisition burned at the stake, tortured and otherwise killed and or expelled secret Muslims and Jews, known as Moriscos and Marranos.

Of course such sentiments are in the spirit of Bell’s teacher, the self-described Crusader enthusiast and wannabe-Consquitador Robert Spencer, who has expressed his love of the Crusades in writing as well as his desire to annihilate the Turks and recapture “Anatolia” and “Constantinople” for Christianity by joining a Facebook group that advocated such positions.

Eric Allen Bell’s Accusations Typical of Islamophobic Spin Machine – updated 10/13/12

by Sheila Musaji (TheAmericanMuslim) 

On 10/11, Bell posted an article Zero Tolerance – DESTROY ISLAM.  In this truly disgusting screed, he makes the impassioned plea:

…  We cannot wait for some elected leader to get it and do the right thing. They are mostly weak. They are more interested in focus groups than following their moral intuition or even protecting the Constitution. As the saying goes, “When the people lead, the leaders will follow”.  It is the moral responsibility of all free and civilized people to fight tyranny and to end it. And no political system is more tyrannical than Islam. Followers of such an evil political ideology should not be admitted into any free country in the world – and those who refuse to denounce it must be sent back home.  We must end the tyranny of Islam. We must destroy Islam. We must end Sharia in our time. We must absolutely destroy Islam absolutely – and leave the free world a better place for generations to come.Islam appeals to the darkest qualities in the human psyche.  Freedom seeks to evolve. And that which seeks to undermine our evolution must be moved out of the way – by any means necessary.

This is as close as an individual can come to calling for genocide or violent action, and yet possibly remain within the letter of the law. It is hateful, and completely savage.

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  • Sir David ( Illuminati membership number 5:32)

    I have met some too who were sympathetic and I’m not even a muslim 🙂

    Sir David

  • Some random thoughts to this post and some of its comments:

    The terrorist, Eric Allen Bell, is not only very disturbed as I wrote earlier, he is also, like all bigots, profoundly ignorant regarding the “Other.”

    As Ilisha pointed out, how can you send an American home? Most American Muslims were born in the United States. Tens of thousands already lived here in America before the United States was formed; as it is estimated that 30% of slaves brought to America were Muslim.

    Muhammad Ali, named Cassius Clay at birth, was born in 1942 in Kentucky. Send him home? He’s already home! Malcolm Little, perhaps America’s most studied Muslim, was born in 1925 in Omaha Nebraska and later changed his name to Malcolm X. His world travels opened his eyes. To assume that Muslims in America just got off the boat or recently landed in America is, indeed, profoundly ignorant and reminiscent of terrorists of years gone by who threatened to send all black Americans back to Africa. Chameleon is right, to threaten is to terrorize.

    Eric Allen Bell, my name is Geronimo. Show me your papers please!

    MOORISHaM points to the irony of quoting Malcolm X: “By any means necessary,” as a battle cry to destroy Islam. Maybe Bell thought he was quoting the founder of the darkside: Former Vice president, Dick Cheney, who also used the words “by any means necessary” to justify torture.

    The right to free speech is a part of the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution and says that “Congress shall make no law respecting the establishment of religion, or prohibiting the exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech,….” Loonwatch is not the Congress and Loonwatch has every right to create whatever rules for commenting that it chooses. That Loonwatch chooses to moderate comments and sees the making of a comment as a privilege, commenting is a privilege I respect and appreciate.

    I think Sam Seed’s comment that “hate is a disease” is profound, accurate and worthy serious study. Hating the “Other” is in fact hating oneself.Self hate surely leads to disease(s) and a premature death. Projections are the darnest things, you see yourself and think it’s someone else.

    Poor Eric Allen Bell. He’s no human rights activists! He lacks a basic understanding of human rights. He’s a terrorist advocating death to Islam, just as Chameleon has suggested.

    It’s not to late Eric Allen Bell: May your tormented mind heal an Peace be Upon You; in this lifetime.

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