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Horowitz: Obama ‘Would Never Be President if He Weren’t Black’

(h/t: CriticalDragon)

Spencer’s Boss, mouths off.

Horowitz: Obama ‘Would Never Be President if He Weren’t Black’

Far-right activist David Horowitz has been out promoting his new book, Radicals: Portraits of a Destructive Passion, and told conservative talk show host Steve Deace yesterday that President Obama, much like professor Cornel West, is taken seriously simply because he is black. During an incoherent rant, Horowitz asserted that Obama “would never be president if he weren’t black” as no one with the same “curious background and radicalism would ever have been nominated, let alone elected president if he weren’t black.” “Part of the racism of our society is if you’re black you can get away with murder,” Horowitz concludes.

Cornel West is just symbolic of the corruption of our culture and not unlike Obama who would never be president if he weren’t black, no white person with his resume and his thoughts and curious background and radicalism would ever have been nominated, let alone elected president if he weren’t black. So Cornel West is an empty suit who has twenty honorary degrees and he’s taught at all these prestigious universities but is basically an airhead, most people who’ve seen him on TV they’ve noticed. Part of the racism of our society is if you’re black you can get away with murder.

Later, Horowitz repeated his smear of Huma Abedin and said that she is a “Muslim Brotherhood operative” and the “chief adviser to the American government right now on Muslim affairs.” Not only is patently it absurd to claim that Abedin is a secret agent for the Brotherhood but she is also not a policymaker.

After attacking Obama as someone who “sympathizes with our enemy” and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton as an ally of the Muslim Brotherhood, Horowitz said that conservatives are much nicer and more open minded than liberals. But he couldn’t even make that audacious claim without attacking Obama: “we don’t set out to destroy the character of people. Obama is a Communist.” Not only is Obama a Communist, Horowitz explained, but so are his advisers David Axelrod and Valerie Jarrett, whom he says all serve this “evil cause” with religious zeal.

Obama basically sympathizes with our enemy and Hillary Clinton’s chief adviser, the chief adviser to the American government right now on Muslim affairs is Huma Abedin, who is a Muslim Brotherhood operative. The Muslim Brotherhood, for people who don’t know, that’s the organization that created Osama bin Laden, it’s the parent organization of Hamas, and it’s agenda — well they’re already doing it in Egypt — is to turn it into an Islamic, fascist state, meaning that everybody is under Islamic laws, this seventh century law.

People have to stop thinking of them as liberals. Conservatives are liberal people, we believe in two sides to a question, we don’t shut people up, when we have channels on television there is more than one viewpoint, we don’t set out to destroy the character of people. Obama is a Communist. Stanley Kurtz has written a really good book called “Radical-in-Chief” and his entire life has been spent in the same left that I came out of, which is the radical, Marxist left. Only it’s even worse. [David] Axelrod, his family is all—they’re communists. Valerie Jarrett, I mean literally members of the Communist Party. And I know as somebody who came out of the left, you know if you’re involved with an evil cause and you leave it, you denounce it, you tell people, particularly if you’re a political person, you warn people. These people are really dangerous but they haven’t done that, they are still committed to this cause. I think that’s the main thing, people have to suddenly awaken and realize, and that’s one reason I wrote this book “Radicals” because it’s a portrait of this mentality, it’s a very religious mentality.

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  • AJ


    “in our culture, you’re considered “black” if even one of your parents or recent ancestors was “black.””

    I know it exists and I find it very absurd.

  • AJ


    “Islam will submit to bacon for BACON IS THE KEY TO WORLD PEACE.”

    Actually, it is the other way around. Because of the global bacon shortage, bacon will submit to Islam as the world may get rid of pigs and bacon, completely (insh’Allah)! Praise be to the Lord! Vlad, you might start thinking of switching to Halal 😉 Sharia is creeping….BWUHAAHAHA!

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  • Wanderer


    Love is such a beautiful thing. You should try it sometime:)

  • Zakariya Ali Sher

    @ Crow:

    Actually, the reason David Horowitz is relevant is solely because he has money and political clout (though arguably that’s because he has used his money to buy it). When it comes to anything else, Horowitz is largely irrelevant. He doesn’t seem very bright, he certainly isn’t charismatic… he basically just sits on his ass all day funding anti-Muslim propaganda. It’d certainly be interesting to look at where all of his $$$ comes from, no?

  • @Garibaldi

    Maybe you should consider doing a “What if they were Muslims” on Vlad Tepes. Not the anti Muslim blogger, but the historical figure.

  • @Vlad Tepes

    About you’re suggestion that we have bacon sandwiches. It just so happens I had a grilled cheese sandwich with bacon and tomato for lunch, and I’ve had Bacon lettuce and Tomato sandwiches multiple times, not to mention I often put bacon on my Caesar Salads. Oh now, our stealth jihad is doomed. My Loon Watch/Muslim Brotherhood masters will kill me. Muslims hate pork as much as your kind hates garlic.

    You know, if people like you were actually correct, you could do a much better than coming here and making rather pathetic jokes about pork.

  • @David (not to be confused with Sir David, who I respect, unlike you )

    You wrote
    Guess what, you usefull idiots! he is absoluletly right! and you liberal morons are too in love to realize it!! STOP WHINING AND FACE THE TRUTH!

    Oh such an intelligent rational argument. Yes I would imagine that anti white racists would vote for Obama just because they hate white people, and Obama is not white. Never mind that if Obama’s only supporters were anti white racists, he’d never be able to get elected in the first place. They’re too small of a minority here for them to significant effect on the election. Not to mention the evidence that Huma Abedin is a Muslim Brotherhood operative is a joke, and too my knowledge Hillary has never even endorsed them once.

  • Stoned Gremlin

    *Too bad

  • @Sir David,

    You’re certainly right, no one is expecting Horowitz and company to vote for Obama, to like him, etc. Just that such blatant racism must be documented and puts those who are in Horowitz’s pay: Robert Spencer, Eric Allen Bell, Jamie Glazov, D. Greenfield, etc. in the position of either staying silent (accepting) or condemning their boss. They will never bite the hand that feeds them, more so because they agree with him.

    Spencer was asked about this on Twitter and refused to even touch the subject, i.e. fleeing once again from facts.

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