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“Prophet” Kamal Saleem: “Wake up America and smell the hummus!” USA Run By Shadow Muslim Government

Kamal Saleem has his scared face on

Unfortunately many Evangelical’s are in love with snake-oil salesman Kamal Saleem. Hat tip to Critical Dragon who nominates Saleem for “loon of the year.”

I feel sorry for the people who fall for the Bulls*** put forward by Saleem.:

by Brian Tashman (RightWingWatch)

During a speech at Rick Joyner’s MorningStar Ministryphony ex-terrorist and Values Voter Summit headliner Kamal Saleem said that the Obama administration has established a stealth Islamic “shadow government” to control the United States. Saleem repeated many of usual claims in his address, including his belief that Hillary Clinton is planning to shut down churches and that even U.S. military leaders are working on the behalf of radical Islamists, but now he contends that “Islam is creeping into our government and a shadow government has been established by our current government and now they are a leader within.”

Saleem alleged that Obama’s top speech writer and Sasha and Malia’s babysitter are both Islamic fundamentalists that are wielding secret power. “The right-hand of our President today, his name is Hasan Rashad, and he is sworn to destroy the United States of America,” Saleem said (possibly referring to OIC representative Rashad Hussain), “our President’s babysitter wears abaya and keffiyeh just like those ninjas, you don’t see her face everything is covered, that’s the babysitter of his children.”

“America, wake up and smell the hummus,” Saleem warned. He then falsely asserted that the Democratic National Convention invited “20,000 Muslims” and said the convention was filled with “socialism, Islamism, communism, fascism, homosexuality and lesbianism, and Code Pink, which is abortionists and what so have you, and now we kick God out of our nation.”


He also described to listeners his prophesy where two eagles were screaming at each other, which he said it means that: “the Lord said America is in trouble and the Church has cried, and I’ve heard their cry and tell them, help is on the way.” But God also told him “9/11 was a disgrace to me, after I saved the nation they turned their back on me and went back to their vomit,” and it is now up to Saleem to spread this message to America.

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  • Sam Seed

    He gets an applause when he does the eagle cry LOL!What is so astonishing is how gullible his audience are. Kamal Saleem you should be a stand-up comedian, oh sorry you already are one.

  • Stoned Gremlin

    @SGP Nvm I found it hours ago. 😛

  • @ Stoned Gremlin – I don’t know about the Loonwatch article, but would this American Muslim article be one of the links you’re looking for? –

  • @Moses Model

    Did I say it would be easy?

  • @CriticalDragon1177

    It is not that easy. I use a pseudonym for a reason. 🙁

  • @Moses Model,

    If that’s the case maybe you could start an Evangelical Christians Against anti Muslim bigots organization. You’ll of course have to set up your own website, and I think you’ll have to register with the government somehow. Than at least you could point to at least one group of Evangelicals opposing people like Saleem.

  • Stoned Gremlin

    Does anyone remember an article on loonwatch that provided two links to that listed quotes from jewish and christian extremists?

  • @CriticalDragon1177

    As an evangelical Christian who opposes Saleem, I think I should have done a better job conveying my point. I cast the net too broad, while I agree with you that Barry Lynn probably does not identify as an evangelical, a spectrum from George W. Bush to Jimmy Carter does. I was frustrated with my particular evangelical tradition that flirts with TBN and covers up things like Ergun Caner. I would like to see the Focus on the Family, TBN, FRC, LU, and the AFA warn their fellow believers.

  • @Moses Model

    There plenty of Christians who oppose people like Saleem. I don’t think he calls himself an evangelical but Barry lynn would never support someone like him.

    His organization has done a lot to fight the sharia panic.

    Shariah Charade : Politicians Fan Fear To Win Ballot Approval For Oklahoma Ban On Islamic Law

  • It is amazing that his audience just eats this stuff up. I laugh every time. What’s worse is that there is really no one in the evangelical movement warning their parishioners about this guy.

  • Wanderer

    It was a female eagle that went eee-eee-eee-eee and a male eagle that went aarr-aaaaaaarrr. How did the audience manage to not burst out in hysterical laughter at that life-like rendition? This, my friends, is loonery at its ridiculous best.

  • Sarah Brown

    Bob – that eagle clip made me laugh out loud!

  • Bob

    Yup. He’s clearly a contender for Loon of the Year Award with that fake eagle scream, “ee-ee-ee-ee!” Not to mention the manic pacing on stage. But we still have two more months of 2012 to go.

  • @Garibaldi

    Ah, but you forget, there are Greek Muslims 🙂

  • Garibaldi

    @Mindy, I think he wants you to smell, not eat it because then you may really be part of the conspiracy…unless of course it’s Sabra hummus, that’s the safe non-stealth jihad conspiracy hummus.

  • Garibaldi


    If only half those isms were really present at the convention, the debates and discussions we’d witness would beat the real thing.

  • Chameleon

    Frankly, Islamophobia pimps like this just bore me. All they can do is make ever more outlandish claims to keep their sick Islamophobia cash cow alive. Cash cows, as a general rule of business, don’t tend to live too long on a fact-free diet. When “facts” are supplied, they have the same superficial credibility as a tabloid magazine talking about the latest alien abduction — except even worse, because even a Kindergartener could falsify their “facts”. If this guy qualifies as the “loon of the year”, then my response is a very big yawn. I won’t be wasting any more of my time on him.

  • Lawrence of America

    It may be bold for me to say, but if this man is truly from an Arab country (syria I believe), he knows what he is saying is 100% lies.
    the same with Walid shoebat.
    You can ask a kid from the street the difference between the Muslim Brotherhood and PLO. the most ignorant arab in a cave in yemen knows there is no “Grand vizier” of Islam.
    this guy is a slick snake oil salesman, and i feel bad for these ignoramuses( is it ignorami ?)that pay for him to fill their heads with garbage.
    I know some of these poor blighted fools, and have actually been asked questions from them based on crap i know they got from him or Shoebat. Of course they say it in very polite voices, but the look on their faces is like “aha, I know the truth..gotcha”. i usually just shake my head and say “Peace be upon you”.

  • @mindy1

    It might be because, technically Saleem is not insane, he just has insane beliefs, either that or he’s lying, thinking that most of the people he’s speaking to, won’t question him. Its not always entirely clear if he believes what he’s saying or not. We already know he’s a fraud, but unfortunately far too many people do treat him as an expert, even through he clearly doesn’t deserve that designation, except maybe when it comes to conning people out of their money using fear and bigotry.

  • Stoned Gremlin

    Why does he sound like Jeaun Claude Van Damme?

  • mindy1

    Actually, I love fresh hummus, it’s sooo tasty-does that mean I am part of the conspiracy? 😛 But in all seriousness, how are people like him allowed to walk around unmedicated:/

  • Haddock

    “and said the convention was filled with “socialism, Islamism, communism, fascism, homosexuality and lesbianism, and Code Pink, which is abortionists and what so have you, and now we kick God out of our nation.”

    Hahahahaha. That sounds like a hell of a party. We should make a game to see how many other “isms” he can fit in there.

  • @Emperor

    You’re Welcome, and I do hope he wins “loon of the year.” By the way I have to thank Dullahan24 for alerting me to Kamal Saleem’s latest self parody where he attempts to warn us about the non existent dangers of “creeping sharia,” and the “persecution” of Christians in America at the hands of Muslims and Leftist.

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