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Russian far right opposes building more mosques

I didn’t realize there was such a strong need to choose between either a “secular or Islamic state” in Russia? (via. Islamophobia-Watch)

Russian far right opposes building more mosques

Nationalist organizations have criticized Moscow Chief Mufti Albir Krganov’s initiative to build more mosques in Russia to accommodate the needs of the large inflow of immigrants from Muslim countries.

“This approach is not totally correct,” chairman of the Russkiye movement’s supervisory board Alexander Belov [pictured] told Interfax on Tuesday.

“It is necessary to decide once and for all – whether Russia will turn into an Islamic state or will remain a secular state, where foreign immigrants come, find jobs and leave after their work is over,” he said.

“If immigrants live no one knows where but want to build a mosque in my yard, this approach is certainly wrong,” Belov said.

Interfax, 16 October 2012

Russkiye is a coalition of various fascist and anti-migrant groups. According to a recent Friedrich Ebert Stiftung report by Alexander Verkhovsky, The Ultra-Right in Russia in 2012, the movement “combines legalistic sounding rhetoric against ‘migrants’, a term used to refer to all ‘ethnically foreign’ groups” with “undisguised neo-Nazism”.

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  • Xithurel

    Joseph Stalin is who these men fantasize of being. The man is an icon for the psychotically driven far right abominations. Little do they know that if Stalin were alive he’d have them all executed – he never suffered rivals. Idiots all the way through; the world learned NOTHING after WW2.

  • Sir David ( Illuminati membership number 5:32)

    I think the sign on the wall may be a clue to the type of nutter he is 😉

  • Right-wing politics and bigotry seem to go together no matter what the country.

  • PaulMOONEY4prez

    Ultra Right = White Supremacy

  • mindy1

    Boy nutters sound the same the world over don’t they…

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