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Sears: Get Your “Sexy Middle Eastern Arab Girl Burka-Halloween Costume”

by Mooneye

For when you want to look like a “savage?”

In a twist to the Islamophobes’ “Halloween Jihad” theme, this year Sears was hawking a “fetishized Islamic ‘Arab girl’ burka-wearing ‘temptress'” costume for Halloween. Clearly, someone in Sears’ sales department thought selling such an “ethnic” costume was a good idea, there is a demand out there for “funny-Ay-rab-Mooslimy-savages” costumes and being the good Capitalists they are Sears wanted to corner that market.

At the time of the capture of the screenshot Sears either sold out or yanked the “product” from its line of Halloween costumes. It can still be found for sale on other sites like

According to tipster Sulayman F. a “student on Tumblr noticed it when doing a school project and searching google for images of Burkas.”

Sulayman went on to comment that, “This isn’t necessarily racist, but extremely degrading to the culture when the whole point of the burka is to preserve the modesty of the religious (from what I understand). And to add insult to injury, the description reads ‘Sexy In the Desert’.”

I concur that it is pretty degrading, and another ludicrous example of Halloween gone strangely awry. For some reason it is the one day of the year when people think they can dress up in whatever costume, Native American, Black face, “Arab girl” etc. and think they have a free pass from scrutiny and criticism. The reply goes something like, “get a sense of humor!”

What these people don’t realize is that this is not a costume for the people who actually wear “Niqabs” or “Burkas.”

What are your thoughts?

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  • Zakariya Ali Sher

    Haha… you really think THAT much thought goes into it? I doubt any half naked woman CARES about your silly right wing ideology. As I said before, its more silly than offensive. I’ve seen plenty of Arab and Muslim women wear equally revealing things (sans the veil of course). It’s fairly standard fare in bellydance circles. I’ve also seen plenty of non-Muslim women wear equally revealing things.

    You want to hate on the burqa, that’s fine, but you should at least be aware that the vast majority of Muslim women don’t wear the burqa. Especially not here. I can count on my hands the number of times I’ve seen American Muslimahs wearing the veil. Even overseas its pretty rare. I’ve been to Muslim majority countries like Indonesia where I never saw the burqa at all, and others like Egypt where it was an extreme minority. Most women who wear such garments do so voluntarily, save in a very few places like Saudi Arabia or Afghanistan where they are legally required.

    If you are talking about the hijab (which is not at all the same as the burqa) then you are even more wrong. Hijab is much more common, but its also entirely voluntary. In many countries like Egypt, there is absolutely no law forcing women to wear hijab. Its purely a personal choice. In the US and Europe, you’ll find plenty of women who don’t even wear hijab. And plenty who do. I went to school with women who wore hijab. By choice. They were living away from their families. Nobody held a gun to their head and forced them to do it.

    I should also point out that many Muslim countries have actively discouraged women from wearing burqa or hijab in public. They are often banned in government buildings, including schools. This is the case in Turkey, Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia, Syria, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan and several others. Women who wear hijab face discrimination. No doubt you approve of that. You probably also know that men who wear traditional clothing face discrimination and ridicule. Too many of our brothers and sisters have been taught to be ashamed of our heritage.

    As for rape, well nobody here approves of that. I believe that rape is a vile crime worthy of capital punishment, and incidentally shariah backs me up on this. When Dominic Strauss Kahn sexually assaulted a hotel maid, I was one of the ones calling for his blood. I was ashamed when my country let him go. Apparently when a rich and well connected white man rapes an African Muslimah, the world is silent. What do you have to say about that?

    Again, you are free to believe Islam is ‘antithetical to your values,’ whatever the hell that means, but more likely you are a simple Islamophobe. Plain and simple. Do you feel the same way, I wonder, about Christianity? Judaism? Atheism?

  • sir David (aged 13 3/4)

    Ok Emily
    You wear it then

    Sir David

  • Emily

    Lots of you see this costume as “hateful.” I, on the other hand, see it as condemnation of the hate that the burka represents. Many Muslim women in both Islamic and Western countries are forced against their will to wear this very creepy and inhuman costume. The reason for this is so that men do not look at them lustfully and rape them. Men are not held accountable for their own sexual urges.

    Think about this. I’m sure most of you are outraged when some chauvinistic pig suggests that women are responsible for rape because they “dressed slutty.” But this kind of claim is exactly the kind of thing the burka legitimizes. So I think this costume deserves to be ridiculed intensely and relentlessly.

    And before any of you call me a right winger or an “Islamophobe,” I’ll have you know that I am extremely liberal on almost all issues, and I see Islam as antithetical to my beliefs and values. It is anything but liberal or open-minded.

  • bin dead awhile

    ‘dont you wish your girlfriend was hot as me’, thats america

  • AJ

    Look at this poll.

    I voted “yes, think of something else”. 42% care about not offending other people. That is an impressive number. BTW it also has a rabbi costume for those who want equal opportunity offence opportunities. Although I think they didn’t risk with the Jews and Muslims – the groups that raise more noise when they get offended. Everybody is free to make fun of the Christian as much as they wish.

    Go to the Muslim woman costume in the slideshow. Now I wonder which Muslim woman (from which part of the world) wears this. This seems more like a bee keeper clothing or perhaps designed for someone dealing with hazardous materials.

  • Just Stopping By

    @AJ: LOL! Your post made my day.

  • Géji

    “So, yeah, “Get a sense of humor” seems like an appropriate response to me.”

    True, if the bases where only to object making fun of niqabis, one should “Get a sense of humor”, just like the nuns or the Mexican do ‘get’ the sense of humor ridiculing them. But the niqabis are facing bans all over the place, precisely in some of those places that claims they’re ‘free & allowed’, to make whatever ‘innocent fun’ of people that differ. But unlike the innocent fun’ made of Mexican or nuns, the fun made of niqabis is not so ‘innocent’ I would say.

  • AJ

    I assume this costume is banned in France, well at least publicly.

  • Sam Seed

    @ Sir David,

    Unfortunately it does exist and it’s pretty vile trash that Islamophobic zombies love to watch. I have seen clips of it via TYT.

  • HGG

    Google ‘Sexy nun costume’ and you will find many, many examples. Or just ‘nun costume’. And obviously, for nuns, those aren’t costumes.

    This is one of the results I got for ‘Mexican costume’:

    I can assure you, we don’t really use burros as transport that much.

    I found it funny, though.

    So, yeah, “Get a sense of humor” seems like an appropriate response to me.

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