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SIOA/SION/AFDI & JihadWatch’s Robert Spencer Exposed: The Facts

Original guest article by Jai Singh

Robert Spencer’s pivotal role in the international anti-Muslim propaganda network has been extensively documented. In conjunction with Pamela Geller and a range of anti-Muslim allies, Spencer’s actions are continuing to escalate, particularly via his SIOA/SION/AFDI organisations. Furthermore, Spencer was one of the most heavily cited sources of “information” on Islam in the mass-murdering terrorist Anders Breivik’s manifesto; in fact, Breivik explicitly stated “About Islam, I recommend essentially everything written by Robert Spencer”. Spencer & Geller are also closely affiliated with the California-based filmmakers whose anti-Mohammad film has triggered numerous protests across the world. (Also see here).

It is therefore worth summarising the following facts about Robert Spencer, for the public record:

1. Robert Spencer has repeatedly made false statements about Islam and Muslims. A lengthy selection from a very long list of examples highlighting Spencer’s misinformation is available here, here, here, and here.

2. As a result of an interview he gave to the Washington Times in 2003, Robert Spencer is on record as publicly admitting that his actions are heavily motivated by his agenda for the dominance of the Catholic Church.

3. Considering that Pamela Geller heavily bases her claims about Islam & Muslims on Robert Spencer’s writings, it is presently unclear whether Geller is complicit in Spencer’s agenda or whether she has herself been tricked by Spencer.

4. Current official Vatican policy on Islam & Muslims is actually the complete opposite of Robert Spencer’s own claims, despite Spencer’s unilateral actions in the Catholic Church’s name.

5. Robert Spencer’s anti-Muslim propaganda is identical to the Third Reich-era Nazi Julius Streicher’s anti-Semitic propaganda.

6. As detailed in #10 of the article above, even Robert Spencer’s disingenuous argument in his own defence is identical to Julius Streicher’s statements at the time.

7. Due to the nature and horrific consequences of Julius Streicher’s propaganda, during the Nuremburg Trials the United States convicted Julius Streicher of crimes against humanity.

8. Robert Spencer is now formally allied with European neo-Nazis, and has even begun organising joint public demonstrations with them.

9. Robert Spencer is also now formally allied with the English Defence League/British Freedom Party, who are themselves now allied with the aforementioned European neo-Nazis.

—– The EDL have been forcefully condemned by a very long list of British Sikh temples & organisations, including the two largest Sikh temples outside India (see: here and here). One of those organisations, the Guru Nanak Nishkam Sewak Jatha, is headed by an internationally respected British Sikh leader who represents the global Sikh community at the Parliament of the World’s Religions and is himself very closely affiliated with the global Sikh authorities at the Golden Temple complex in Amritsar; he was also invited to address the UN General Assembly in New York. Furthermore, not only has the Sikh leader concerned been given an award by England’s Queen for his organisation’s exemplary humanitarian activities, but he has also recently received the rare honour of formally being declared a Knight by the Catholic Church due to his numerous interfaith bridge-building efforts, a fact that must be particularly galling for Robert Spencer himself.

—– In November 2011, the EDL leadership released a public statement on their official Facebook page, in which they confirmed that their agenda is racially-motivated, repeatedly using terminology prevalent amongst “white nationalists”, including neo-Nazis. Screenshot here.

—– EDL leader/BFP deputy leader Stephen Yaxley-Lennon (aka “Tommy Robinson”) has repeatedly promoted neo-Nazi material, including European neo-Nazi groups along with Hitler-supporting, anti-Semitic, white supremacist neo-Nazi websites; full details of the most recent incident available here.

—– As a result of an interview he gave to the Norwegian media, in April 2012, Yaxley-Lennon is on record as publicly praising Anders Breivik, promoting Breivik’s manifesto, and claiming that Breivik’s mass-murdering terrorist attack would have been “easier to justify” if the people killed had been Muslims. Full details here and here.

—– After the recent verdict in Anders Breivik’s trial, Yaxley-Lennon has continued to publicly endorse Breivik’s propaganda. Full details here, here, and here.

—– In March 2010, BFP leader Paul Weston wrote an article published on the virulently anti-Muslim website Gates of Vienna, titled “The Ethnic Cleansing of the English”. Weston’s article is openly racist. The article also repeatedly implies that anyone non-white is automatically “Muslim”, whom Weston proceeds to caricature & demonise in the worst terms.

—– Along with Robert Spencer, Gates of Vienna was of course one of the most heavily cited sources of “information” in Anders Breivik’s manifesto.

—– Robert Spencer’s claims about the Prophet Mohammad allegedly being a paedophile are well-known; the EDL leadership have publicly confirmed their intention to promote such propaganda, which Yaxley-Lennon himself has publicly promoted numerous times. The accusation is also being used to caricature & demonise Muslims en masse. However, it is worth noting that one of the EDL’s main founders, Richard Price, is a convicted criminal for multiple counts of downloading child pornography; at the time, Yaxley-Lennon initially tried to excuse this, and then launched a campaign to try to free Price from prison. Details here and here. The EDL leadership also released an official statement defending Price, written by Yaxley-Lennon (screenshot here). Multiple screenshots of EDL members defending/supporting Price online here.

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  • Stoned Gremlin

    @Grizzly Joe Oh please, do tell us about how much you don’t hate Muslims but hate everything about everything that makes them Muslims. It’s not like we’ve heard this cop out hundreds of times before.

  • Grizzly Joe

    This article is about the quality I would expect from Islamic appaesers/apologists/deflectors. I’ll just touch a few points. Mr. Spencer is NOT anti-Muslim anymore then I am. He is anti JIHAD/sharia/ Islamic suppression of free speech. That you folks paint these viewpoints as Islamaphobic reveal your own ignorance of the very real danger practicionors of medieval Islam present to our civilized society.

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  • sam muhammad

    talmud sannhedrin 55a 55b ‘jews may marry 3 yr olds ..sleep with 9 yrs olds’….yeshiva teaches the midrash that issac married rebecca when she was 3 yrs old’….catholic encyclopedia ‘mary gave birth to jesus when she was 11 yrs old’…europe and america only changed the age of consent from 10 yrs of age in 1858….fight fire with fire

  • Fred

    ‘2. As a result of an interview he gave to the Washington Times in 2003, Robert Spencer is on record as publicly admitting that his actions are heavily motivated by his agenda for the dominance of the Catholic Church.’

    If we had the same stupid mindset of Spencer (God forbid), we would be spreading something stupid called ‘creeping Christianity’.

  • Has

    Brilliant article. Lots of love from your Muslim neighbour.

  • wajjpuff

    Would be interesting to know how much of an impact Loons like spencer/geller really have in real world.

    here in the UK, their counterparts, the hapless EDL are a joke, they really are uneducated bigots and they could not “organise a piss up in brewery” much less anything meaningful to advance their agenda. They are exposed at every turn to the point of ridicule

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  • JD

    Burma acknowledges mass burnings in Rakhine unrest

    Burma’s president has acknowledged major destruction in the west of the country, scene of recent ethnic unrest.
    “There have been incidents of whole villages and parts of the towns being burnt down in Rakhine state,” Thein Sein’s spokesman told the BBC.
    He was speaking after Human Rights Watch released satellite pictures showing hundreds of buildings destroyed in the coastal town of Kyaukpyu alone.
    It says the victims were mostly Muslim Rohingya, targeted by non-Muslims.
    Presidential spokesman Zaw Htay told the BBC the government was tightening security in Rakhine state, which is also known as Arakan.

    Phil Robertson, Human Rights Watch: “The entire area has been burned out; the residents are evidently all gone”
    “If necessary, we will send more police and military troops in order to get back stability,” he added.
    There is long-standing tension between ethnic Rakhine people, who make up the majority of the state’s population, and Muslims, many of whom are Rohingya and are stateless.
    The Burmese authorities regard the Rohingya as illegal immigrants and correspondents say there is widespread public hostility to them.
    ‘Bodies at sea’
    The satellite pictures released by Human Right Watch, a US-based group, show Kyaukpyu district on 9 October, and then on 25 October.
    On 9 October, hundreds of closely packed houses can be seen on the peninsula, as well as scores of houseboats along the northern shoreline.
    But in the image taken on Thursday, few boats remain and the 35-acre district is almost entirely empty of houses.
    HRW said many residents are thought to have fled by boat.

    A local reporter who visited the site told the BBC’s Burmese service the area had been completely destroyed, with some buildings still smouldering.
    In one district, with a population of some 3,000, only burnt out poles from the houses and charred stubs of trees were to be seen.
    The government says the death toll from the attacks this week has reached 82, with a further 129 people injured, and that nearly 3,000 houses have been destroyed.
    It was the first serious outburst of violence since June, when a state of emergency was declared in Rakhine.
    At that time deadly clashes claimed dozens of lives and thousands of people were forced to flee their homes – many are yet to return.
    several hundred thousand refugees from Burma and says it cannot take any more.

    Eid plans cancelled
    HRW said it feared the death toll from the latest unrest could be much higher, based on witness reports and “the government’s well-documented history of underestimating figures that might lead to criticism of the state”.
    Non-Muslims are reporting that this time they too were fired on by government forces during the unrest, and suffered many casualties.
    The government has declared a curfew in the affected areas, but its response since the violence first broke out is being widely criticised as inadequate, says the BBC’s Jonathan Head in Bangkok.
    On Friday six towns were hit by clashes and a night-time curfew is in place in several locations including Min Bya and Mrauk Oo where the latest spate of violence began.
    It is unclear what prompted the latest clashes. The Rakhine Buddhists and Muslims, believed to be mainly Rohingya, blame each other for the violence.
    In Bangladesh, border officials said they believed several boats with Rohingyas on board were waiting to try to cross the river from Burma. One official said 52 Rohingya had been sent back in the last few days.
    Muslims throughout Burma have abandoned plans to celebrate the festival of Eid al-Adha because of the violence.
    In August, Burma set up a commission to investigate the violence between Buddhists and Muslims in the west of the country. Authorities earlier rejected a UN-led inquiry.

  • Reynardine

    Dammit, JD, I wish any of us could make a quarter as much for writing good sense.

    Meanwhile, I’ve been noticing the resemblance to Julias Streicher for some time. I know most of our grntle readers don’t believe in reincarnation, but…how old is Spencer?

  • Stoned Gremlin

    @JD Damn I wish people would pay me to be afraid… 😀

  • JD

    Jai forgott to mention that Professional anti-Muslim bigot Robert Spencer is cashing in a huge paycheck. He makes $132,537 from blogging on JihadWatch, courtesy of the David Horowitz “Freedom Center.” That doesn’t include all the money he makes from advertisements, speaking engagements and book deals.

  • AJ

    I like Jai too. He is fair, concise, directed and keeps emotions out of everything.

  • mindy1

    Too bad he is not like a vampire who dies when exposed to the facts 😛

  • corey

    this is quite a good breakdown of the freedom fighter in name only robert spencer of course what I think should’ve been included is of his probable indifference to those who call for violence against muslims case in point, and how he strangely enough was also indifferent about muslims working with law enforcement to help stop terrorism raving about how media coverage of this is counterproductive which I don’t get why he would be upset about this considering it was in his “steps to end islamaphobia” tirade, but then again this is about muslims doing things that don’t jive with his bigoted views about them so yeah I think I answered my own question there.

  • Christian-Friend

    vvvv the comments defending Spencer below are not worth reading .vvvvvvvv

  • mjasghar

    I don’t think spencer cares about some Sikh guy; also, as a Maronite how close is he to the Vatican?
    What is galling is that the BBC documentary on the prophet pbuh had spencer as an expert – no wonder it was never repeated
    The whole double standards thing is just getting tiring – as has been pointed about Horowitz and his site calling for the overthrow of us democracy – a Muslim who did that would be being tortured in a CIA jail in morocco for that. And if you think that’s an exaggeration, look at the Brits extradited for what they wrote on their blogs
    Spencer is biggish on the blogosphere – but it’s Horowitz and yerushalami that are the big money movers and links between the neocons and Israeli funding. Trust me, if Romney wins he’ll have Bolton in charge of foreign policy and Horowitz will be given a place in charge of policy

  • Sam Seed

    Jai, let me be the first to say thankyou for this wonderful contribution to Loonwatch. We need more people like yourself to expose the hate-mongers and liars. Bravo!

  • Thanks Loonwatch for posting this extremely well written, insightful and informative article.
    The parallels between Julius Streicher and Robert Spencer really are striking.
    Standing up to and speaking out against Islamophobia is more important than ever. History must not be allowed to repeat itself.
    Keep up the good work Loonwatch!

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