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Stephen Yaxley-Lennon Arrested, Will Pamela Geller Be Next?

Stockholm, 8/4/12: US Islamophobes, Robert Spencer and Pamela Geller proudly stand shoulder-to-shoulder with co-founder and EDL thug, Stephen Lennon, aka Tommy Robinson.

(h/t: Jai)

SION’s closest UK allies are in deep water. On top of 53 EDL activists being arrested, EDL leader Stephen Yaxley-Lennon (aka Tommy Robinson) was also arrested by Met police for entering the USA illegally.

Following yesterday’s police operation that saw 53 EDL activists including EDL leaders Tommy Robinson and Kevin Carroll arrested, things are looking a little bleak for the tiny tinpot racist.

Tommy has been released on bail pending further enquiries and he has taken to Twitter to reveal how much trouble he is actually in.

Not forgetting several court cases that are pending with Robinson, he appears to be on the point of being remanded in prison for entering the USA illegally last month.

Tommy writes “Been arrested for fraud for flying to America for invitation to speak in new York on Sept 11th. Met police are a joke …#political policing”

He also claims he has been arrested on suspicion of assaulting the Luton based Islamic extremist Sayful Islam.

Tommy isn’t happy, but if his Twitter claims are true I am !!

For more on the arrests of Yaxley-Lennon and his comrades, see: “Tommy Robinson Remanded: In Custody for Entering the US Illegally“, “Tommy Robinson and 53 EDL supporters held after Police Motorway Sting,” and the “Statement by the Met Police.”

This may bode ill for Pamela Geller considering the fact that (according to an article by the British anti-racism organisation “Hope Not Hate”) at the time Geller is also on record as claiming that she was involved in “sneaking Yaxley-Lennon into the country,” it will be interesting to see if she is arrested/prosecuted by the relevant US immigration authorities too. Yaxley-Lennon appears to have been aware that he was in trouble about all this, as last week he tweeted Geller about his recent trip to the US and expressed his wish to privately discuss matters further:

Pamela Geller is going hysterical at the moment on her blog ranting with the usual verbal diarrhea about the UK government being “dhimmis” and “weak” and how this is an unprecedented attack on “freedom fighters” like herself, etc. Sounds like she is scared that she will be exposed  in this mess as well.

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  • Jai

    “New Europe” have published an excellent article summarising recent events, cross-published by Hope Not Hate. I’ve highlighted a few key areas in bold below.


    Full article:

    British far right collapses
    New Europe by Andy Carling | Tuesday, 23 October 2012

    Stephen Yaxley-Lennon, leader of the English Defence League (EDL), has spent years in a controversial campaign to see “extremist Muslims” imprisoned and is now complaining that the prison he is now in is “full of Muslim extremists.”

    Yaxley-Lennon and 52 others have been arrested in a dramatic police swoop as they travelled to London for an unofficial demonstration outside a mosque. The far right extremists, including candidate for Bedfordshire Police Commissioner, Kev Carroll had hired trucks for the extremists to hide in as they attempted to reach their destination unnoticed.
    The police were aware of the operation and stopped the vehicles and arrested the occupants.

    Yaxley-Lennon has been charged with assault and using a false passport to attend a demonstration in New York in September, which carries both the risk of being extradited to the US or a sentence of up to 10 years in the UK.

    This may be the same false identity he used to enter the European Parliament earlier in the year for a covert meeting of extremists, including several repeatedly praised by Norwegian killer, Anders Breivik.

    Sajjad Karim MEP, whose house was invaded by EDL thugs, three of which were imprisoned for the demonstration said, “It is deeply alarming to hear that such a high profile extremist figure was able to enter and exit America with false documentation. And this comes after his anti-Islam speech in the European Parliament in July where again he entered by using false documents. This lunatic is a danger to society and must be reprimanded.”

    The fortunes of the EDL have faded over the last year, to a point where they can no longer bring people to demonstrations in significant numbers. A high turnout now is around 10% of their peak.

    They have also failed to transform themselves into a political force. Not only have they failed to articulate a policy agenda, in May Yaxley-Lennon and his cousin Kev Carroll became vice-chairmen of the British Freedom Party, an organization with a tiny membership, founded by Paul Watson, formerly of UKIP.

    [Yaxley-Lennon] resigned from the party in October, after a disastrous EDL demonstration in Walthamstow in London. The poorly attended rally was halted by local people and the EDL leaders ran back to Luton, leaving their members to be arrested and held for hours.

    The EDL members have not provided a boost to the BFP membership. However, Yaxley-Lennon has been courted by American ‘counter-jihadists’ like Pamela Geller, whose demonstration he attended in New York, which has now landed him in trouble.

    Paul Weston has tried to stand by the EDL leader. He visited Wormwood Scrubs prison in London demanding to meet Yaxley-Lennon but was arrested for causing a breach of the peace. The ineptitude of the far-right party can be seen from the fact that Yaxley-Lennon was actually in Wandsworth prison, some distance away.

    The EDL have promised to return to Walthamstow, but with all 53 of those arrested barred from the area, it is hard to see how it will be anything but another failure.

    However, as the EDL collapses into chaos, and there is further trouble coming as they search for the informer behind the latest arrests, members’ attitudes have hardened, with more open threats of violence and even acts of terrorism are debated between them, not only privately but on social networks.

    The decline is mirrored in the British National Party, who now only have one MEP, Nick Griffin after his colleague, Andrew Brons quit the party. Many were surprised that Brons was still a member, having been at odds with Griffin for some time. Brons claims that “80% or 90% of the party’s membership, activists and former officials have left it and disappeared in several different directions.”

    Griffin may be joining the EDL leader in prison. After a recent court ruling where a gay couple were compensated for being turned away from a guest house, run by Christians, the BNP leader sent messages over the social media service Twitter, spreading the couple’s home address and promising that they would be visited by “a British Justice team.”

    Griffin has announced that he was prepared to go to jail over the issue, telling a Christian radio station, “I don’t want to, but the fact is that we are in, now, a totalitarian society where the indigenous majority of Christians and heterosexuals are the oppressed majority and I’m prepared to go to prison to protect their rights.”

    With the EDL and BNP, who detest each other, short of funds, having their political ambitions thwarted and the membership dissolving into competing splinter groups or giving up entirely, the far right in Britain is dying.

    This is not surprising. They are convinced that Islam is about to enslave the world. In the real world, people are concerned over the financial crisis and the effects of austerity. Instead of addressing this, the far right has been living in a paranoid fantasy world, completely disconnected from the hopes and fears of ordinary people.

    Yaxley-Lennon is due in court 7 January 2013.

  • Rights

    I am certainly pleased on account that the law enforcement agencies are willing to arrest those potential terrorists who are not Muslims and whose only association with Muslims and Islam is their hatred of Muslims and Islam.

  • Heinz Catsup


    Animal? Really? Okay, humans may be mentally superior & all but I feel comparing Geller to an animal is an insult as animals are far better than humans like her as they do not wish to hurt you unless they feel threatened or abused and wish to defend themselves as a result.

  • Nevermore

    “I guess that Geller and all these arseholes believe they are above the law.”

    They only like the law when it manages to find ways to club Muslims over the head. Whenever the law doesn’t work in their favor, they’ll shriek about ‘liberal enablers’ and ‘creeping shariah law.’ It’s a remarkably schizophrenic attitude, all things considered.

  • moosern

    It is illegal to aid someone into the US illegally. The penalty is a fine and/or 5 years in prison. Unless it was done so for financial gain then it’s 10 years. Oh, the irony of someone who wants to deport immigrants going to prison for being a coyote.

  • wajjpuff

    Dear oh Dear… can you takes loons like tommy robinson seriously when he pulls stunts like this.

    his joke of a movement the EDL gets their ass’s handed to them whenever they make a public appearance in the UK……..long may that continue

    as for tommy lets hope the americans are not gentle on him at all 🙂

  • rookie

    I`m pretty sure y`all get it after you read what that insane woman says to her flock:

    >>We need to try and raise enough funds to help Tommy legally…<<.

    She first tried her luck illegally, and now legally…
    It seems that zonist faucets are getting dry…

  • Xithurel

    Geller broke not just a regular law she broke federal law; that is also strengthened under the NDAA. Not only is illegally smuggling in a suspicious person(s) a federal offence, it’s one of the most enforced laws in America – and Geller basically broke the law of the Land. Now she’s angry that having broke the law – her lot are being brought to answer for it?

    Pamela Geller has just proven that she cares not for law and order. She is very much an animal, even a savage has more integrity. For what separates us humans from the rest of the lower animals? Law.

  • Seems very dangerous having these loose cannons crossing into countries without proper ID. Especially with their violent reputation. Who knows what illegal activity they get up to.

    I guess that Geller and all these arseholes believe they are above the law.

    This keeps getting more dangerous. I hope they are stopped in their tracks.

    @Sir David

    “So how did this known offender bypass all this high security?”

    With all the anti Muslim conspiracy videos fed to the police and security, who knows? Maybe they have secret supporters that help them break the law? I dunno it sounds crazy but anything is possible with the way these stories are unfolding.

  • Sir David ( Illuminati membership number 5:32)

    Thanks Jai
    This story just gets better and better .
    First of all Steven Lennon claims to be unemployed . So being a senior member of both the EDL and BFP are both unpaid positions and he does it for the love of his country ( insert irony emoticon of choice) .Is he claiming the dole then ? Did he inform the Dole office he was going abroad . Has he being fraudulently claiming the dole while visiting the USA ? Is he available for employment while being a senior member of the EDL and BFP? Does the tax man know? Can someone in the UK ring the Fraud line for the social security . Its free and you will be doing your country a service.
    Secondly , Whose passport did he use ? Obviously not Pam Gellers as much as the thought cheers me up on a grey autumn day . Where did he get it ?
    From whom ? The obvious answer is Pammy . Was the passport freely given ? or was it stolen ? Charges of knowingly handling stolen property could be added to the list . Saying “I did not realise it was stolen, a bloke in the pub whose name I have forgotten lent me his friends passport ” will get laughs all round in court
    Thirdly . I have seen on this site loons claim that the only reason why not more 9/11’s have taken place is due to the hard work of Homeland security etc . So how did this known offender bypass all this high security?

    I predict this story will run and run

    Sir David

  • Jai

    Here’s the statement issued by British police yesterday (via:

    “Stephen Lennon, (29 – 27/11/82), unemployed, of Bedford appeared in custody at Westminster Magistrates’ Court on Monday, 22 October charged with possession of a false identity document with improper intention (contrary to Section Identity Documents Act 2010).

    He was remanded in custody to appear at Southwark Crown Court on a date in January 2013.”

    BBC News have subsequently provided further details (see:

    EDL leader Stephen Lennon in court on false passport charge

    Stephen Lennon appeared at Westminster Magistrates’ Court earlier
    The leader of the English Defence League has appeared in court accused of travelling to the United States last month using another person’s passport.

    I believe this is quite a major criminal offence in the US. It’s also a major criminal offence for American citizens to help foreign nationals sneak into the US using a false passport, especially when it involves air travel to New York.

    Pamela Geller is now making threats against the British Government: Her latest rant is effectively lifted wholesale from the British Freedom Party’s own ridiculous article about Yaxley-Lennon’s incarceration.

    Speaking of which: BFP leader Paul Weston was arrested yesterday for causing a disturbance outside the prison where he believed Yaxley-Lennon was incarcerated. In yet another blunder, it wasn’t even the right prison. Details:,

  • Wanderer

    Christian-friend, so all other crimes don’t count then? She shouldn’t be incarcerated for anything besides murder or attempted murder? Seems the law is a much simpler animal than people give it credit for..

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  • Sir David ( Illuminati membership number 5:32)

    Is aiding and abbeting illeagal immergration into the USA a crime ? If it is not then I am sure its on Mit Romneys list to do 😉
    Listen for the knocking at the door Mrs MacBeth , its the FBI and they want a chat 😉

    Sir David

  • Abbey

    Throw away the key..we Brits don’t want him.

  • Christian-Friend

    WHEN Pam has a gun pointing to a defenless person, THEN you can wish for her incarceration. Until then, she must be free

  • Nevermore

    Sorry Pam, it’s the authorities doing their job for making sure you follow the law. Guess maybe you should’ve thought about that before actively aiding, apparently, someone get into the country who wasn’t supposed to. Granted, both could probably get enough for bail, but still, it’s a huge egg on both their faces.

    Sometimes we don’t even have to do anything. Their actions by themselves alone are already too ridiculous for words.

  • Heinz Catsup

    Good riddance to bad rubbish is all I can say.

  • Sam Seed

    Great find Jai! The Karma strikes back.

  • mindy1

    Bahaha vengence is sweet 😆 😛

  • JD

    All I have to say about that is

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