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Ugly Racist Act Inspires Beautiful Short Film

Pardis Parker

Comedian, actor, scholar and award-winning filmmaker Pardis Parker

Afghan is an award-winning short film starring Pardis Parker (Halifax Comedy Festival) and Mark Little (Picnicface), two friends who managed to find inspiration in an unpleasant afternoon surprise.

Ugly Racist Act Inspires Beautiful Short Film

by  Neetzan Zimmerman, Gawker

Shortly after 9/11, one of the cars on Pardis Parker‘s street in Montreal was spray-painted with the words “go home Arab.”

The incident deeply impacted the Sri Lanka-born Parker, and inspired him to write his very first film: Afghan.

The award-winning short, which stars Parker (a comedian by trade) and Mark Little of Picnicface, tells the story of a hate crime victim forced to look for humor where none should be found.

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  • Simply a great little film.

  • mindy1

    Fight hate with humor-I like it 😛 haters never laugh

  • @Ilisha

    That’s pretty funny. I’m glad he didn’t let it get to him

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