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Man threatened to shoot up San Antonio mosque, police say

Though the man vowed to commit such a heinous crime, the law enforcement foiled the plot before it ever materialized.  For this reason alone I categorized this piece as both “Loon Violence” and “Anti-Loons.”


Man threatened to shoot up San Antonio mosque, police say

by Mayra Moreno / KENS 5

SAN ANTONIO — Authorities said a man vowed to shoot up a San Antonio mosque and then turn the gun on himself, but law enforcement foiled the violent plot before it ever materialized.

Worshipers prayed Tuesday night at the Islamic Academy of San Antonio amid an atmosphere of concern.

“Very bad news for us,” said Solomon Hamideh, president of the Islamic Academy of San Antonio.

According to an affidavit, Christopher Bane “had intentions of going to a mosque in the Medical Center area and was going to shoot as many people” as he could, and then shoot himself.

A witness, who police are not identifying for safety concerns, said Bane told him he had a .45 caliber handgun and ammunition.

“We took it seriously. You know, this is a real big problem,” said Hamideh.

Officers also took the threats quite seriously. They notified all three mosques in the city. Some even pinned Bane’s picture on the wall.

“We have done everything possible to make sure we are safe,” said the president of the mosque.

It wasn’t long before police arrested Bane. He’s charged with making terroristic threats.

Hamideh said it brought a sense of relief to the largest mosque in San Antonio but said there are people out there who have warped perceptions about the Islamic faith.

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  • sam

    daily hate from fox news..and hate radio eventually have a negative effect on listeners at some point

  • @Broke

    In addition to any self defense claim by Anders Brevik being ridiculous, How’s Christopher Bane going to claim self defense if he intended to take his own life afterwards? Not to mention the fact that like Brevik, none of his intended victims attacked him first.

  • broke

    He’ll claim “self-defense” like Andres Breivik

  • mindy1

    Glad they were able to stop it before it started, and I hope people will always be vigilant.

  • Chameleon

    Shooting up innocent people in an enclosed space, just like the Colorado massacre. It sounds like this “Bane” has been tuning in to one too many “Dark (Muslim) Night Rises” episodes over at JihadWatch. Fortunately, the season finale was just cancelled.

  • @Amago

    Glad the cops were able to stop this sicko from carrying out his plan.

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