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Another French mosque desecrated with racist and fascist graffiti


Another French mosque desecrated with racist and fascist graffiti

To their bewilderment and bitterness, on the morning of Saturday, November 24, Muslim worshippers at Villefontaine in northern Isère discovered racist graffiti on the walls of their mosque.

When they arrived at the mosque for their morning prayer, the Muslim faithful of Villefontaine found that the walls of their religious enclosure were covered with graffiti. The clearly Islamic slogans “Islam out of Europe” and “This is our home” had been written in black spray paint.

The public prosecutor in Vienne has just ordered an inquiry to be opened into criminal damage aggravated by its anti-Muslim character. This was assigned to the police force at Bourgoin-Jallieu.

In parallel, other slogans were discovered on the walls of the Sainte Marie Catholic boarding school, opposite the train station at Verpillière. These similarly involved Celtic crosses, which are often used by far-right movements.

France 3, 24 November 2012

The French Council of the Muslim Faith (CFCM) has issued a statement condemning the attack. Pointing out that this is just the latest in a long list of such attacks that have taken place since the beginning of 2012, the CFCM calls on the government to devote more resources to finding the perpetrators.

AFP reports that on Sunday afternoon some 300 people gathered in front of the Villefontaine mosque to express their support for the Muslim community. They included representatives of other faiths and political leaders. In his speech the rector of the Lyon Mosque, Kamel Kabtane, repeated the call made by the CFCM for a parliamentary inquiry into the rise of anti-Muslim hatred in France.

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  • Upholder of Truth

    Europeans wiped out other cultures in the Historical past. The French occupied Algeria, changing their language to French from Arabic, now complaining their culture is being “taken over” ???

  • Xithurel

    France, france, france…

    Still waiting to be proven wrong guys!

  • @Amago

    I hope they don’t have to spend a lot of money on the right chemicals to remove the graffiti. I can imagine how the Mosque goers must feel having to look at that.

  • mindy1

    Aww desecration of a house of worship is wrong, no matter the religion 🙁

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