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Counter-Jihad Strikes Again: “Pig’s head found in Islamic prayer centre in Milan”

A favorite tactic of the cowardly bigot brigades is to leave pig heads or other associated pig parts at mosques and places of relevance to Muslims. Just another day in defending civilization and freedom in the Counter-Jihad.(h/t: Fredrick)

Pig’s head found in Islamic prayer centre in Milan

A pig’s head was found on Friday at the PalaSharp Arena in Milan where the local Islamic community holds weekly prayers. The head was found by delegates of the civil protection agency in an area close to where ceremonies are held every Friday.

PalaSharp is an indoor arena, located in the northern Italian city of Milan. It has a seating capacity of almost 9,000 and is also used for concerts and sporting events.

Local authorities have vigorously condemned the incident. Vice-Mayor Maria Grazia Guida called it “intolerable”. “It is light years away from this city of dialogue, of tolerance we are building,” she said. The matter is being closely followed by police.

ANSA, 23 November 2012

See also La Repubblica, 23 November 2012

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  • Stoned Gremlin

    Yet they bitch about animal cruelty by Muslims?

  • mindy1

    @Xithurel 😆

  • Xithurel

    PORK! LMFAO! I meant PORK lol! That was AWESOME.

  • Xithurel

    0_o am I the only one that thinks bacon must grow on grass? I mean it’s everywhere. People are starving and yet bacon is literally flying everywhere! Now it’s heads! These people are unbelievable, I mean think of the food they actually waste just to promote a psychotic political principle!

    On a side note, do you guys think this might be offensive/horrific to PETA and Hindus more than Muslims? I mean really, pigs heads – hardly something meat eaters give two craps about. Even if porn isn’t on the menu – not seeing the ‘shock’ value.

  • sam

    evolution of hate groups….50’s christian kkk hangings…60’s christian kkk burning crosses on lawns…2001 pigs heads…thanx

  • Heinz Catsup


    Agreed. Unless something is done, Hate will continue to bring on more hate. But even if one party manages to renounce it, it still won’t go away. But that’s why it’s best to be the better individual in all of this and say enough is enough to combat it as best as possible.

  • Delberto

    It is good Vice-Mayor Guida spoke in strong terms against these acts it is so important that such issues are not accepted at the state or local level of any country.

  • mindy1

    To this day I do not get why people want to increase hate, rather than eliminate it 🙁

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