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Dundee Man Who Threw A Sword at Muslims and Threatened to Kill Them Faces Jail

Dundee man who threw a sword at Muslims and threatened to kill them faces jail

A Dundee man hurled a sword at three Muslim men as they stood outside a block of flats after escaping from a fire, a court has heard.

Grant Robertson, 28, launched a tirade of abuse at the three men following the incident on 26 January.

At Dundee Sheriff Court, Robertson pleaded guilty to a charge of acting in a racially aggravated manner and to assaulting the men. Sheriff Elizabeth Munro released him on bail ahead of sentencing next month.

The court heard that when he was arrested Robertson told police: “I threw my sword out the window at them, I wish it got them in the throat.”

Dundee Sheriff Court was told that Mahmut Turk had been praying in his flat in the city’s Craigmount Road at about 00:10 on the night of the incident when he smelled smoke.

He woke his roommate Yusuf Akhaya, who called the emergency services, and then rushed from the flat, where they met their other roommate, Emre Sezen. But as they waited for the fire brigade, Robertson climbed out of his first floor window and began his tirade.

Fiscal depute Trina Sinclair told the court: “Police attended with the fire brigade and went in to make inquiries. The accused then came to the window of the property and started shouting at the three men, saying things like ‘I will kill you all’ and ‘Muslim bastards’.” She told the court Robertson then disappeared from the window and came back brandishing the weapon.

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  • Tanveer Khan

    ‘Muslims who threw a sword at dundee man have been jailed’

  • Truth Hurts

    What was the Hate-meme propaganda conveyor belt that led him to this radicalisation?

    Incontinent Free speech is inconsequential is it?

  • Peter Hockley

    This particular idiot is Scottish not an Australian. What rampant stupidity, threatening someone with a sword, whilst the police and fire service are in attendance. That takes a particular brand of moron!
    They should have done this twat for attempted murder, I really don’t understand why they’ve dropped the charges down to the level that they have.

  • Heinz Catsup



  • 15-20 years for him sounds about right..hopefully…

  • @broke

    Oh, wait, this happened in Britain, I should have read it a bit more carefully.

  • @broke

    You wrote,
    He’ll claim “self-defense” like Anders Breivik, and Horowitz will be his defense attorney

    That makes sense, except for the fact that he isn’t licensed to practice law, and the guy is probably too much of a nobody for him to bother with him. Given the fact that he’s an Australian, its quite possible he doesn’t he even know who Horowitz is. Maybe he’s never even heard of him.

  • @Garibaldi

    I’m glad this guy was arrested

  • broke

    He’ll claim “self-defense” like Anders Breivik, and Horowitz will be his defense attorney

  • Firdaus

    @Heinz Catsup
    Is that what the loons have been telling you? Ahh they always draw the story the way they like it. It’s fascinating. 😀

  • Heinz Catsup

    Aren’t we being a little harsh here? I mean, who’s to say he wasn’t just fighting against the evil that is Islam since we should know by now the Muslims caused the fire they were running away from :rollseyes:

  • Xithurel

    Wait, did he actually say ‘ I will kill you all!’ but then say ‘ I never attempted to murder anyone’?

    So.. declaring intent to kill a person, is NOT an intent to commit murder of that person?

    This is like rape Vs legitimate rape logic – completely bonkers.

    Why do we have laws anymore? If we’re going to come up with asinine logic and pathetic attempts to avoid abiding by the law? Why even bother?

    So people can now go rob banks and then say ‘We didn’t steal any bank money. We changed the location of the banks money.’

    Seriously, why have laws if people are going to literally disregard the whole purpose of them – what a travesty.

  • mindy1

    Oh real nice, insulting three people who escaped a fire 🙄 I swear humanity is just getting nuttier

  • Anon

    The nerve of this coward! Brandishing a weapon against three unarmed panicked men! Then shouting insults and profanities and bigoted trash talk before bolting away, fleeing from any well-deserved physical punishment!

    Am I glad he will get his punishment! Too bad for him, the punishment caught up with this running scoundrel!

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