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Election 2012: Islamophobes Lose Big

by Emperor

Bye, bye to the shining hope of Islamopobes everywhere, Allen West (though he refuses to concede the election) has likely lost his House seat in a close race against 29 year old businessman Patrick Murphy. I’m sure post-Congress West will hit the speaking and right-wing news circuits railing against the infiltration of the USA by the twin phantom menaces known as the “Communists” and the “Mooslims”.

Florida was also the scene of that other darling of the Islamophobia movement, Adam Hasner. You will recall Hasner is good friends with Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer, he also shared the stage with the fascist Geert Wilders, who he praised effusively and hosted at a special event in 2009. Hasner lost his bid for the House to West Palm Beach Mayor Lois Frankel.

Also gone is Tea Party politician Joe Walsh who saw “Muslim terrorists” in all of the surrounding suburbs of Chicago, Walsh was defeated by US Army veteran and double amputee Tammy Duckworth.

Charles Fuqua who advocated the “deportation of all Muslims” from the USA was defeated in Arkansas and Chip Cravaack was ousted by Rick Nolan after just one term .

Michelle Bachmann barely squeezed out a victory in Minnesota and Peter King held on, Mike Pence a possible future Republican presidential candidate won the governorship in Indiana and is an Islamophobe to watch.

Overall it was a bad night for the harbingers of anti-Muslim Islamophobic fervor. No doubt, they will try and come back with vengeance, but the electoral defeats they suffered are a good sign that their blatant displays of hate-mongering and scapegoating can be broken.

Obama’s re-election is not going to change much, we are still going to have a corporatist state that continues the policies of Empire, but just on a basic level Obama’s victory staved off a Romney presidency that would be littered with anti-Muslims heavily invested in attempting to intimidate American Muslims and enhancing a global Neo-Con vision. The next four years could have been one in which the likes of Rudy Giuliani, John Bolton, Walid Phares and others who are intimately tied with the Islamophobia movement would become regular staples of our Loon Politics category.

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  • Truth Hurts

    @Watcher > sorry Freudian slip mwahahaha

    I meant to say > Chill brother, the world is NOT that bad,

    November 9th, 2012 at 11:06 am
    @watcher > I know that power politics hurts when you have so much invested & you suffer a loss.

    I can’t understand what paranoia has driven your fear of Muslims to this extent. I doubt that Muslims have destroyed EVERYTHING good in your world.

    So, take time out from the 2 minute Hate & have an innocent platonic virtual non-dodgy human hug, from someone who is probably on the opposite side to you. Chill brother, the world is that bad, just look at a beautiful natural scene & know that most of us human beings can gaze in awe-struck wonder, despite our genuine differences. Most humans are not extreme & have no wish to wipe out the opposing group…

  • Sir David

    I think the film was a success . One of most daring cons in years. First get funding from rightwing nut jobs to make an outrageous parody of the life of the prophet. Then make only the trailer broadcast the trailer to universal outrage then claim it’s not safe to broadcast the movie . Brilliant. Pay some stooge to take the rap and head for the hills with the money.
    Has anyone seen more than the trailer did the film use the correct production facilities for a feature length film ? I rest my case

    Sir David

  • Sarah Brown

    Certainly – happy to try to coordinate some kind of exchange.

  • mjasghar

    The reason that film failed is simple
    These haters live in an echo chamber where people don’t independently research what they are told, they just lap it up
    I guess the makers aimed it at their funders who have that attitude
    Transferring that to the national stage doesn’t work
    People will criticise and pull it apart
    So the story became about the funding and not the message – regardless of the short term violence from rent a mobs in the Muslim world

  • Just Stopping By


    Ahh, well I never thought that you would mangle someone’s name just for fun. You’re clearly above stooping to that level.

    And I agree that we should evaluate all cases in good faith. I always like to look at articles by others and ask how I would view them if the groups mentioned were reversed. Sort of a “What if they were us?” question.

  • Ilisha


    Unfortunately, I have a real issue that prevents me from consistently distinguishing certain letters, so that isn’t going to help.

    I do think we fundamentally agree, at least on the concept you’re explaining. Where we might not always agree is on specific cases, like MEMRI or even an article on LW. Some cases are certainly stronger than others, but we’re not all going to arrive at the same conclusions, even if we evaluate in good faith.

  • Just Stopping By


    Maybe this can help if you need to think of JSB:

    I’m not sure that we are in complete agreement, but certainly mostly. I was actually thinking a bit about MEMRI, which selectively puts out negative stories about Muslims/Arabs with the “magic words” of “research institute.” Even when those stories are true (and I understand that there are sometimes disputes on translations), I don’t think that their magic words should insulate them from charges of fanning misconceptions under the guise of providing research.

    If they were doing actual research, the stories they cover would be a fair representation of Middle East news, something I could support. In theory, they could have been a fair source of information, leading to the relevant question of what if they were?

  • Ilisha


    Sorry I keep crossing the “B” and “P.” It’s dyslexia, not disrespect.

    Not surprisingly, ultimately it seems we agree. :)

  • Just Stopping By


    “@JSP” :-( I am not Just Stopping Pi.

    “If you want to go dipping in the iffy basket, of course there is potential for the ‘defensive’ angle to be too elastic, and to be stretched to ‘magic words,’ as you suggest. That’s not our intent, nor do I believe that’s happened here.”

    So, we do agree on the principle. And I agree that that is not your intent. Whether that has happened is something that each reader can decide for themselves.

  • Ilisha


    “…the simple claim of something being defensive can stretch from being a basis for intelligent articles toward using “magic words” to “allow one to engage in the juvenile behavior of pointing out unrepresentative instances of bigotry by some member of a group.”

    I think you’re reading too much into my choice of words. The fact is, the very existence of LW is a response to anti-Muslim bigotry. If it didn’t exist, I certainly wouldn’t be here. So the thrust of what we’re doing is defensive, responsive, reactive…whatever word you prefer, though certainly not “solely” defensive. Danios is extremely thorough, and once he starts chomping on propaganda, he can easily take the fight to the loons with his own powerful arguments that may go beyond simply reacting to each specific claim on their side.

    If you want to go dipping in the iffy basket, of course there is potential for the “defensive” angle to be too elastic, and to be stretched to “magic words,” as you suggest. That’s not our intent, nor do I believe that’s happened here.

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