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Rep. Allen West still refuses to concede, calls recount a ‘sham’

According to Florida election law, if the gap is larger than 0.5 percent, which it was, then no official recount is needed. But yet a recount was still given out to the former, one-term Representative Allen West. In predictable fashion West has called the recount a “sham.”

Rep. Allen West still refuses to concede, calls recount a ‘sham’ 

By Yukio Strachan

Palm Beach Gardens – After a partial recount of early voting ballots on Sunday, Republican Rep. Allen West still refuses to relinquish his Florida congressional seat to Democratic challenger Patrick Murphy, calling the recount a sham.

West gained votes, but Murphy still held a 50.3 percent share of the ballots and an overall lead of 1,907 votes, said the Washington Post.

The gap is larger than the 0.5 percent or less needed for an official recount under Florida election law.

Originally it was thought St. Lucie County election workers would recount all early voting ballots.

Only the last three days of early voting were recounted. Assistant County Attorney Heather Young told WPTV News Channel 5 the recount would only include the last three days of early voting because those were the only days the county encountered problems reading memory cards.

West’s team called the recount a “sham,” arguing that all eight days of early ballots should be recounted and threatening further legal action.

“We’ll pursue every legal action available to us to ensure that every vote is counted fairly and accurately in this election and once we’re satisfied that’s been the case, obviously we’ll be ready to move forward. But at this point and time, there’s a number of questions that need to be answered,” said Tim Edson, the campaign manager for Allen West.

An attorney for Murphy was also present during the recount and said the West campaign is wasting time in pursuing legal action.

“Their ball seems to be continuing to change and it is clear, it is a resounding victory for Patrick Murphy and it is time for us to move forward and do the people’s business and it’s time for Mr. West to take the honorable course, recognized the inevitable,” said Sean Dominick, an attorney for Murphy.

West has been keeping a low public profile since Tuesday’s election. On Sunday, the Palm Beach Gardens Republican posted a statement on Facebook:

Today is Veteran’s Day and I am spending the day at several events with those few who have always answered our Nation’s call. They are the guardians of our liberties and freedoms.

However, on this day I am deeply troubled by the voting procedure issues emanating from St Lucie County. It is unconscionable to me to witness what is transpiring before our eyes.

This is not about who gets a congressional seat, because it belongs to the people. This is about preserving the integrity of the voting process and the fundamental right to free and honest elections, because it is for that which I, and all veterans, have risked our lives.


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  • zionists attempt to make inroads in the black community is why they flooded west’s campaign with money…this recent election means they will begin targeting hispanics…donating money to hispanic causes…have the touring scouts of israel visit their neighborhoods…etc….

  • broke


    I still don’t think he’ll leave. West might try to paint his opponent as un-American and have his opponent’s US Citizenship revoked or maybe have the opponent declared “mentally ill” and try to have him locked up in a psychiatric ward. Don’t underestimate Allan West, he might try to pull any desperate stunt in order to remain in office.

  • @Broke

    Than the police will force him to leave. They won’t let him stay in office if the final outcome of the recount gives it to his opponent.

  • broke

    Somethings tells me that even if the final vote count says he lost, he will not leave office

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  • Xithurel

    What a putz. He has ZERO respect for democracy, or the democratic process. He is a sexual predator, he left the military with his tail between his legs; and now he wants to whitewash it – absolute putz.

    Let him waste money, time, and complain about democracy, how unfair it is that the people can actually choose their representatives; he can always move to Saudi Arabia if democracy offends him so much.

    Pathetic putz.

  • @Garibaldi

    Well its pretty much over now, chances are all he will be doing is complaining about how he was cheated out of his position. Hopefully he won’t be able to take this to court and waste the tax payer’s money.

  • Bob

    There will be other dingdongs to kick around after Allen West has become yesterday’s news. I hope they’re half as entertaining.

  • Garibaldi



    Watching West squirm is priceless and I expect that he will have to be forced out of office kicking and screaming.

  • jawad

    If the tables were turned i wonder how West would respond if his opponent did the same? Claiming he was just “defending” liberty and freedom…

  • Reynardine


  • mindy1

    I respect him and all veterans(including Muslim ones) for their service, but if he really was the good Soldier he says he is, he should act with respect and dignity, and go away with pride.

  • mjasghar

    Nutter – lives in his own delusional world where he won and so any result that says different must be wrong.
    He won’t accept it until it says he won.
    Amazing how Republicans like him were saying get over it on the Bush Florida hanging chad fiasco.

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