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Top Sweden Democrat quits after racist film

Recently an LW commenter by the name of  Benjamin Taghiov drew our attention to the rampant Islamophobic, racist and misogynistic culture within Sweden’s Far-Right Democratic Party:

“The Sweden Democrat Party (SD) suffered a major political blow today, when the party’s economic policy exponent had to resign due to leaked racist slurs, caught on tape. Erik Almqvist has been viewed as the Party chairman, Jimmie Åkesson’s, crown prince. He will likely not be inheriting any political assignments after this. The film shows how Mr. Almqvist, in the company of two fellow SD members, attacks a heavily intoxicated man, by kicking him and calling him racially degrading names.

Just prior to this, Mr Almqvist gets into a discussion with a known Swedish comedian, Soran Ismail, calling him a “dark skinned foreigner” and that “he will get in trouble in the future”: implying that SD, at some point in the future, will gain the political strength to crack down on him (and his peers- i.e: immigrants).

He then ends the whole charade by calling a female witness a “whore”, which no doubt, will effect the party’s female constituency.

The Sweden Democrats has also publicly maintained that “Muslims are the biggest threat to Sweden”.

Top Sweden Democrat quits after racist film

Sweden Democrat MP Erik Almqvist will step down as the party’s economic policy spokesman over racist statements he made on a film clip and his subsequent denials, party leader Jimmie Åkesson announced on Wednesday.

“I’ve spoken with Erik Almqvist today and he’s accepted leaving his position as our economic policy spokesperson as well as his place in the executive committee,” Åkesson told reporters.

“I’ve also urged him to consider leaving his position in the Riksdag.”

Åkesson called the day “the worst day in his political life”, emphasizing he thought it was important the party react forcefully to the incident, which follows just weeks after the Sweden Democrat leader unveiled plans to clean up the party’s image as a group of “angry young men”.

The announcement comes after Swedish tabloid Expressen published a film clip from 2010 which features Almqvist, along with justice policy spokesman and MP Kent Ekeroth, as well as Christian Westling, who sits on the Stockholm city council.

In the clip, Almqvist is heard making racist comments to an inebriated man, using words like “darkie”, “cunt” and “darkie-lover” in connection with a scuffle involving the three prominent Sweden Democrats.

The episode was filmed by Ekeroth – a clip later obtained by Expressen.

Almqvist then proceeded to call a 21-year-old woman who tried to get the three men to stop harassing the drunken a man a “little whore”.

When Expressen confronted Almqvist with allegations about his statements, he denied everything.

But after Expressen published the complete footage of the incident in which Almqvist’s statements can be heard clearly, the party leadership called a crisis meeting which resulted in the decision for Almqvist to step down.

“We’ve seen statements and behaviour which are totally unacceptable,” Åkesson said of the film clip, adding that he no longer has confidence in Almqvist

Åkesson added that Ekeroth will keep his leadership positions within the party for the time being, but hinted the party may review Ekeroth’s place in the Sweden Democrats in the future.

He also said that Almqvist’s future as a member of the party was also in question, but that the issue would be decided later.

At his own press conference later on Wednesday, Almqvist said it was “the worst day of my life”.

“I’m incredibly regretful. I’m going to take a step back,” he told reporters.

While explaining that he has agreed to abandon all of his leadership posts within the party, Almqvist said he wasn’t going to leave the party or give up his seat in the Riksdag.

“I am a Sweden Democrat,” he proclaimed.

“I have no ambition to be a political independent.”

In explaining the incident caught on film, Almqvist said he was “very drunk” at the time. He claimed he had hazy memories of the confrontation and that he has never seen the clip in its entirety.

“I wasn’t doing very well at the time,” he said, admitting that he had been drinking too much for months prior to the incident.

“I had a lot of anger inside me. I’d been subjected to violence and had my home trashed. I lost it in my drunken state.”

He described his behaviour in the film as “stupid” and “drunkenness” and admitted that the statements he made could be described as racist, although they weren’t intended to be so.

Almqvist also claimed that he “never lied” to reporters about the incident, defending his previous denials by explaining he didn’t remember the incident and hadn’t seen the footage.

“If I’d known of the film I would have known what was there and then I wouldn’t have responded to questions about the film as I did,” he told reporters.

Despite Almavist’s intention to stay in the Riksdag, University of Gothenburg political scientist Johan Martinsson doubted the Sweden Democrat could remain an MP.

“If the film is right, it’s going to be very hard for him to remain in the Riksdag,” he told TT prior to the press conferences with Åkesson and Almqvist.

“It’s enough with the line ‘that little whore’. But denying it makes it even worse.”

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  • Truth Hurts

    In the superficial world, image is all > Racist thug puts on a suit & he is an electable defender of Western Civilisation?

  • Yeah, that would be nice Skeptic, if we weren’t stopped every time through military means when we attempt to unite and our countries weren’t being held prisoner by larger nations right now.

  • Anon

    Waqas, thanks for the lengthy explanation/rant. Though what I said was what I hoped, not what I knew. It helps to be a little optimistic about humans. We should have faith in humanity, otherwise we would constantly live in a dark world of hate.

    I see your point now. Thanks for the point of view.

  • Waqas

    @Anon: “The holocaust was a big atrocious mistake, and mistakes that big tend not to be repeated.”

    I bet someone said that after the first world war, and lo and behold just a short few years later they were at it again in an even bloodier and brutal war with the worst genocide in history thrown into the mix. Of course it all ended with a bang as WMD were deployed against Japan by the self-proclaimed defender of peace, the good old US of A. The UN and EU projects started seemingly to bring peace to Europe and end the bloody conflicts this continent had since time immemorial.
    “Never again shall there be war and genocide, at least not in Europe” I bet someone said. Of course they failed miserably during the wars in Former Yugoslavia when mass murder was yet again on the menu. The mighty NATO was on watch as people were getting massacred in the next village. Once most of the Muslims were driven out there was peace yet again. Job well done NATO. Must have been easy with the help of one sided UN weapons embargos on the Muslims. All the while Russia of was supplying truck- loads of weapons to the Serbs. Of course Russia had its own little genocidal run in Chechnya but that’s outside of Europe so who cares…

    Let’s not skip over the Cold war which was on even as the last Nazis were being hung. Boasting a WMD piling contest and enough firepower to wipe the human race 50 times over. Of course The Cold war wasn’t all that cold for those nations caught between the two superpowers now fighting their brutal proxy wars. All the while the CIA was funding Bin Laden and his gang who would later, along with every Muslim on earth, be the scapegoat for 9-11 and all thing terrorist. They created monsters they couldn’t control and now they blame the Muslims all the while bombing them while smugly taking the moral high ground. Of course, for every bomb dropped new monsters keep popping up. I wonder why?
    Throw into the mix the greedy and broken Capitalist system causing economic downfalls, it’s only a matter of time before Europeans find it’s all the Muslims fault.

    So here we are in 2012 thinking we have learned from past mistakes. “There will never be genocide”. To which I reply “just you wait. Give them time and they will come around to it soon enough”. Greece is already well on its way to reviving the good old Nazi symbols. Don’t you worry, There will be blood…

    End of rant….

  • Skeptic


    On the bright side, the holocaust will make the muslims learn strength through unity and be smarter and probably create an “Israel-like” attitude to compete with the jews.

    Jews are like what, 12 million? But per capita their economic wealth and educational levels just outshine any muslim countries right now around the world. Muslims gotta learn how to survive without oil and crying to western countries/leftists for help and learn how to solve problems themselves.

  • Anon

    Guys! Chill out, okay? I doubt there will be another holocaust. The holocaust was a big atrocious mistake, and mistakes that big tend not to be repeated.

    Though I wonder how do people get away with calling themselves civilized and spout such hate speech at the same time.

  • Just laying the groundwork for another holocaust in europe this time against muslims

  • mindy1

    Yah know in this age of twitter, facebook and youtube why do people do dumb things and act surprised when they get caught? 😛

  • moraka

    Haddock, yes and considering that there are nearly two billion muslims in the world. That day will backfire very violently at Europe. It wont be fun being annybody that day.

  • Haddock

    I fear that Europe is going to have another “Final Solution”, this time with “the Muslim Problem.”

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